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MLB Expansion League 1961-1998
Blue Jays
Devil Rays

FA Rd 1 Final Bids Tuesday 6PM

C - Sonny Roberto $2x2=$4 NYM ($1x2=$2 ARZ)
C - Tony Pena $2x6=$12 NYM ($1x10=$10 LAA)

1B - Mike Ivie $2x8=$16 HST ($2x7=$14 NYM)
1B - Derek Lee $5x6=$30 HST ($5x5=$25 TB)
1B/3B - Wade Boggs $15x10=$150 MIA ($10x10=$100 LAA, $5x8=$40 ARZ)
1B - Dale Murphy $2x10=$20 MTL ($1x10=$10 KC)

SS - Julio Lugo $1x1=$1 ARZ
SS - Cal Ripken $$2x10=$20 MTL ($1x9=$9 NYM)

3B - Aubrey Huff $18x5=$90 COL ($16x5-$80 WSH, $12x3=$36 ARZ)
3B - Troy Glaus $2x3=$6 COL ($1x3=$3 TB)
3B - Jared Sandberg $5x6=$30 ARZ ($1x6=$6 LAA)
3B - Aurilleo Rodriguez $1x10=$10 LAA

OF - Harold Baines $1x10=$10 KC ($1x5=$5 ARZ)
DH - Jaime Quirk $1x10=$10 LAA
OF - Jackie Warner $1x10=$10 LAA
OF - Bombo Rivera $1x10+$10 LAA
OF - Joey Gathright $1x10=$10 LAA
OF - Jerry Turner $1x10=$10 LAA
OF - Willie McGee $5x3=$15 WSH ($1x10=$10 LAA)
OF - Ellis Valentine $1x10=$10 LAA
OF - Kirk Gibson $1x6=$6 TB

SP - LaMarr Hoyt $3x4=$12 TB
SP - Randy Johnson $6x2$12 TB ($5x1=$5 LAA)
SP - Joe Coleman $10x4=$40 MTL ($2x6=$12 KC, $2x5=$10 TB)
SP - Scott Kazmir $1x10=$10 MTL ($1x4=$4 KC)
SP - Dave Righetti $2x10=$20 MIL ($1x10=$10 KC)
SP - Ryan Dempster $1x1o=$10 MTL

RP - Mark Littell $8x8=$64LAA ($2x7=$14 NYM, $1x7=$7 TOR)
RP - Steve Bedrosian $7x7=$49LAA ($4x6=$24 NYM, $3x6=$18 TB)
RP - Trevor Hoffman $1x2=$2 TB
RP - Darrold Knowles $1x2=$2 ARZ
RP - Jose Jimenez $$1x6=$6 TB
RP - Chris Zachary $1x3=$3 MIA ($2x1=$2 ARZ)
RP - Casey Cox $1x1=$1 ARZ
RP - Jim Gott $1x5=$5 MIA
RP - Jim Ray $1x5=$5 MIA

Post Season Schedule

Award Team Trophies - Done
Award Player MVP, CY, Fireman - Done
Run Progressions - Done
Import New Players - Done
Turn on Trades and Drops - Done
Free Agency Rd 1 - Open Until Tues 6PM
Free Agency Rd 2
Season Start

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8/28/2018All-Star SelectionsJimMcCoy
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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10/18/2018 Player Removed From Trade Block
Dave Parker removed from trade block by Arizona Diamondbacks
10/14/2018 Player Placed On Trade Block
Dave Parker placed on trade block by Arizona Diamondbacks
10/13/2018 Player Placed On Trade Block
Ross Grimsley placed on trade block by New York Mets
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Latest Public Board Post
10/18/2018 Stop the Insanity ! ragingsol
Slater makes some good points, and I am not disagreeing with him, but the WM is right: A league not run well goes dark quicker than Barry O in a Rowdy Roddy Piper sleeper hold.

I'm going to piggyback on Slater's froth and encourage anyone who is not in a Custom League to take a look at them, and consider joining one or two. Not easy to win, for sure, but when you join a well-run Custom League it is usually a fun and different PC experience.
Or, you can go into the User page of someone you recognize and click thru to the Private League's he/she is in and get a feel for what goes on in a well-run league.

Custom Leagues, even the best ones, are ALWAYS looking for quality GMs, as turnover happens (as life gets in the way) so take the leap and start the insanity.

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