MLB Expansion League 1961-1998

Free Agent Final Bids Update: Sunday 8PM CST

SP R Clemens $16x9=$144NYM/$10x10=$100 LAA (NYM wins)
SP J Rijo $15x10=$150 COL/$12x10=$120 TOR (COL wins)
SP J Smiley $10x10=$100 COL
SP G Maddux $5x10=$50 COL/$4x10=$40 ARZ (COL wins)
SP J McIntosh $2x10=$20 COL
SP T Belcher $2x5=$10 WSH/ $1x5=$5 NYM (WSH wins)
SP D Leonard $7x5=$35 SD/ $6x5=$30 TB (SD wins)
SP J McAndrew $2x5=$10 TB
SP A Strohmayer $1x1=$1 ARZ
RP M Henneman $4x5=$20 TB
RP T Worrell $3x4=$12 TB
RP B Atkinson $1x8=$8 NYM
RP T Henke $1x2=$2 HST
C M Nokes $10x10=$100 COL
C D Porter $2x7=$14 LAA/$3x4=$12 SD (LAA wins)
C B Petrick $1x7=$7 HST
1B W Clark $7x10=$70COL/$5x10=$50 WSH/$5x8=$40 TB (COL wins)
1B R Jordan $8x10=$80 TOR/$6x10=$60 LAA (TOR wins)
2B R Hunt $3x4=$12 COL/$2x3=$6 LAA/$1x4=$4 TOR (COL wins)
2B J Ray $1x4=$4 SD
SS B Larkin $8x7=$56 NYM/$5x6=$30SD (NYM wins)
SS A Trammell $6x4=$24 TB
OF K Daniels $11x10=$110 TOR/$11x8=$88 WSH (TOR wins)
OF M Greenwell $6x10=$60 TOR/$3x10=$30 HST (TOR wins)
OF C Snyder $2x10=$20 COL
OF B Bonds $3x8=$24 NYM/$2x9=$18 AR (NYM wins)
OF J Pierre $1x10=$10 TB
OF G Richards $3x7=$21 LAA/$3x5=$15 SD (LAA wins)
OF R Staub $2x1=$2 ARZ

Post Season

Schedule of Post Season Events:

Award Team Trophies - Done
Player Awards
Progression - Done
Drop Unsigned Players - Done
Import New Players - Done
Trades Turned On - Done
Rd 1 Free Agent Bids - (Sunday 1/13 thru Wed 1/16)
Rd 2 Free Agent Bids

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Dennis DeBarr to Washington Senators
Yorkis Perez to Tampa Bay Devil Rays
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