MLB GM 2039


- 2 drops for 2039, T. Mancini and R. Gant
- E. Joost +9
- 2 drops for 2039, J. Peavy & C. Gehringer
-SP A.Griffin +5

-SP G.Richards +3
- R. Howard +8
- 2 drops for 2039, K. Keltner & E. Banks
- 2 drops for 2039, F. Hernandez & T. Hoffman
- Hanrahan +1m

MLB GM2039- League Planning for Filling Team Needs!

1. You can drop players to get some immediate additions to your budget prior to the bids. You can have up to 5 total drops at one time. All owners can get 2 immediate drops without any penalty (gain by losing the per year salary of the drops).
2. You no longer need any money set aside per rookie drafted to make them prospects for coming season (by not playing them you get to keep them for next season when they will get progressed and have better stats). You have option of playing them right away and see what the system asks for in salary. Worse case here is they are free for the season and go back to free agency.
3. You spend most for players in Free Agent Round One because the minimums are higher. Go for absolute needs here. Save Round 2 for secondary needs.
4. Free Agent Round Two has no real minimums. You can have maximum of 5 zero bids which must come on first bid. Ties on zero bids can be broken with a dollar bid on final bid. Teams with little or no budget space should use the zero bids, but not on the very top players as they will get monetary bids. Zero bid only works if you are only team to make that bid on that player or win the tie-breaker. Tip is to choose a good player not expected to be bid on for your zero picks.
5. 3 round Supplemental Draft (new- will be run in 3 separate one -round drafts at separate hours during one day. Players are free. Can be signed later (for $1m per yr/ yrs before age 40, new rule) or returned to draft after season. Make sure you rank draftees when that option is available. Teams not ranking anyone will not get any picks. Also, rank enough players for each of the 3 rounds (max needed is 30 ranked draftees per round).
6. Free agent pickups. The pickings here are slim; but it you need a backup catcher for a game or two every so often, it is great.

Season 2039: Upcoming Schedule!

Upcoming Schedule:
A. Deadline for contracts to be signed with players you want to keep. (You can sign them for 50 percent of annual salary the system proposes). Completed.
B. World Series Ends. COMPLETED.
C. Players progressed & contracts progressed, aged and retired. Now this includes Historic players. Completed.
D. Trading turned back on. Completed
E. Retired players converted to Rookies. In Progress.
F. Rookie Draft - 3 Rounds, Round 1 Slow Draft - . Rounds 2 And 3 Live Draft - RANK DRAFTEES, TBD
G. Free Agent Round 1 Bid in 2 parts: TBD
H. Free Agent Round 2 Bid in 2 parts: TBD
I. 3-round Supplemental draft. Will be run 1 round at a time at 3 separate days so trades can be compensated. (You can sign these players for $1m per year, up to 10 years). To come after H. TBD
J. Free agency open. To come after I. Opens 01/08/19 at about 9 pm ET. TBD
K. Position changes, SP to RP conversions, prospect creation, and Stadium renovations are open. (THESE WILL GO IN EFFECT AT THE START OF SPRING TRAINING).
L. 30 Spring Training (10 per day for 3 days).
M. Games 1 - 6, Opening day takes place on announced date with 6 sims 6 per day (9am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm).
N. Position changes, SP to RP conversions, prospect creation, and Stadium renovations are closed UPON THE START OF THE REGULAR SEASON.
O. Game 96- All Star Break.(2 REAL DAYS OFF, All Star Rewards)
P. Game 120- Trade, & Veteran Franchise Tag deadline.
Q. Game 144- Free agency (ability to sign and drop players in free agency) turned off.
R. Game 156-162- Season ends, playoffs follow.

Season 2038: Diamondbacks Win World Series Championship Trophy!

World Series: Diamondbacks @ Yankees
Game 1 Diamondbacks 5, Yankees 2, WP: Cooper, LP: Cicotte, SV: Davis
Game 2 Diamondbacks 3, Yankees 2, WP: Johnson, LP: Osuna, SV: Williamson
Game 3 Yankees 4, Diamondbacks 3, WP: Beck, LP: Bastardo, SV: Bedrosian
Game 4 Diamondbacks 14, Yankees 6, WP: Cooper, LP: Cicotte
Game 5 Yankees 9, Diamondbacks 7, WP: Lopez, LP: Johnson, SV: White
Game 6 Diamondbacks 10, Yankees 6, WP: Coombs, LP: Alexander
Diamondbacks Win Series 4-2

Season 2038: Diamondbacks Win National League Championship Trophy!

Third Round Playoff: Cubs @ Diamondbacks
Game 1 Cubs 8, Diamondbacks 5, WP: Gibson, LP: Cooper
Game 2 Diamondbacks 11, Cubs 4, WP: Coombs, LP: Urias
Game 3 Diamondbacks 9, Cubs 1, WP: Johnson, LP: Strasburg
Game 4 Cubs 7, Diamondbacks 6, WP: Gibson, LP: Cooper, SV: Isringhausen
Game 5 Diamondbacks 5, Cubs 3, WP: Coombs, LP: Urias, SV: Davis
Game 6 Diamondbacks 8, Cubs 3, WP: Johnson, LP: Strasburg
Diamondbacks Win Series 4-2

Season 2038: Yankees Win American League Championship Trophy!

Third Round Playoff: Mariners @ Yankees
Game 1 Yankees 4, Mariners 2, WP: Alexander, LP: Pineda
Game 2 Mariners 8, Yankees 3, WP: Hughes, LP: Cicotte
Game 3 Yankees 4, Mariners 2, WP: Lopez, LP: Eovaldi, SV: Beck
Game 4 Mariners 11, Yankees 9, WP: Wagner, LP: Alexander, SV: Urbina
Game 5 Mariners 9, Yankees 6, WP: Eckersley, LP: Cicotte
Game 6 Yankees 11, Mariners 6, WP: Winters, LP: Urbina
Game 7 Yankees 10, Mariners 3, WP: Alexander, LP: Pineda
Yankees Win Series 4-3

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