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After two full seasons where I had been hoping that this league would get back on the tracks I have to convince myself that the concept of this league might not have been the best to start off with. There are still plenty of teams that are ownerless and although we may have a few new owners joining recently I still think that it will be very hard to recruit new quality owners to fill up the available teams.

I have to admit that most of my efforts have been put in the other league that I own, MLB Nation. Some of you are part of that league and know how successful the league has been for a long time. Unfortunately for MLB: The Quest for Superstardom, I have not put in the same time and energy into building a quality league because of a lack of time and interest. It's hard to stay interested in a league where absolutely NO trades have happened for the totality of a season.

Here's what I can propose. I know some of you still want this league to survive and succeed. As I have come to the realization that I may not be the good person to help this league succeed I am willing to step down of my commissioner role and leave the reigns of the league to someone who will put in the time and effort needed to make it a success. I still think this league has potential.

The league is paid off for until May of 2021 so the person who would take over would have two full years to work on it and make it the league it should be. I'm sorry that I failed you guys but my efforts have been way more on the other league I own than this one. Maybe running two leagues was too much to ask for myself, given the time restraint.

I'm sorry I'm letting you guys down. Those of you who are interested in taking over the reigns of the league can contact me through my inbox. I can then ask gbacci to transfer the commissioner duties to the person I will feel is in the best position to make out of this league a success.

To all of my MLB Nation owners, I can guarantee you that the league is safe and will keep on being one of the better leagues on pennantchase. I have no intentions of stepping down from my commissioner job in that league.

I hope one of you will be willing to step up and take the reigns of MLB: The Quest for Superstardom. Being a commissioner is somewhat demanding but can also be very gratifying.


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