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BLC Rookie Draft 2023

1st Round
1. St. Louis Cardinals
2. Houston Astros
3. Minnesota Twins
4. Cincinnatti Reds
5. Texas Rangers
6. San Francisco Giants
7. Toronto Blue Jays
8. Atlanta Braves
9. Los Angeles Angels
10. Miami Marlins
11. Kansas City Royals
12. Philadelphia Phillies
13. San Diego Padres
14. Chicago White Sox
15. Milwaukee Brewers
16. Oakland A's
17. Detroit Tigers
18. Washington Nationals
19. Seattle Mariners
20. Colorado Rockies
21. Baltimore Orioles
22. Pittsburgh Pirates
23. New York Mets
24. Los Angeles Dodgers
25. New York Yankees
26. Boston Red Sox
27. Tampa Bay Rays
28. Arizona Diamondbacks (Traded to St. Louis Cardinals)
29. Cleveland Indians
30. Chicago Cubs
Traded Picks Rd. 1: D-Backs to Cards
Rd. 2: D-Backs to Cards--Reds to Red Sox--Angels to Red Sox--
Rd. 3: D-Backs to Cards--

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Chicago Cubs BLC World Series Champions!!

Mojomudd and his Cubbies capture crown by defeating the perennial powerhouse Cleveland Indians 4 games to 2 and are now the reigning Big League Chew World Series 2022 Champions!
Trophies have been given out-CY Young and MVP's awarded-Ring Request sent-Draft Order set with overrides to be posted.
Next up as we move forward with Off-Season activities:
1) Clear compiled stats.{Thursday 12/27} *DONE
2) Clear game results.{Friday 12/28} *DONE
3) Deadline for signing contracts{Sunday 12/30} *PASSED
4) Clear Rosters-Age & Retire Players-Apply Progression{Monday 12/31} *DONE
5) Post Draft Order & Turn on Trading{Tuesday 1/1} *DONE
6) Build Schedule *(ST Schedule is set)
7a) Create Rookies {Currently in Creation Phase Will Update When Editing Finalized}
7b) Free Agency Round 1 {CLOSED}
7c) Round 1 Re-Bids Top 3 {COMPLETED}
7d) Move Rd. 1 Players {DONE}
8) Free Agency Round 2 {DONE}
9) Draft {Shortly after FA Round 2 Details Soon}

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2/13/2019Pre-Rank and Slow DraftNettles9
Are turned on Cardinals on the clock. No time limit yet, there will be once everyone is aware that the draft is going on. Poll going up for Live Draft date. We have some teams to fill still. Strength and Conditioning will be addressed once draft is over and Spring Training is set to begin. Good Luck.
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2/13/2019 Player edited
Verrett, Harold edited by Nettles9. Contact your commish for further details.
2/13/2019 Player edited
Whiting, Dustin edited by Nettles9. Contact your commish for further details.
2/13/2019 Player edited
Ballard, Angel edited by Nettles9. Contact your commish for further details.
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2/19/2019 adding players mid draft is ridThEiRoNhOrSe04
it does happen once in awhile. i know last week or whenever mookie betts was added it just becomes a timing thing, and whoever gets there first gets him.

no great way to deal with it.

but in that league i grabbed him right away and just kept him in my minors the last 2-3 weeks of the season.
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