The Best That Never Was

BTNW Chat Box Draft Round 4

From My Home State of Rhode Island...The Chunici Dragons take Rocco Baldelli in Rd 4
Round 4
1) NY Knights-UT 4 Eyes Shottenhoffer
2) WAS Senators--CL Jim Bowers
3) NY Yankees-----RP Mel Clark
4) ATL Braves------RP Sam Malone
5) KC Monarchs---OF Kyler Murray
6) Homestead Grays-RP Ray Riley
7) DET Tigers-----1B Lou Collins
8) Gotham City---2B Chico Escuela
9) CLE Indians---C Ben Petrick
10CHI Kekambas-LF Dale Stewart
11) Gas House Gorillas-SS Alonzo Peterson
12) Chunici πŸ‰'s--OF Rocco Baldelli
13) MB Mermen--OF Joe Charboneau
14) Sandlot Crew-DH Steve Ransom
15) Bad News 🐻's-SP Addie Joss
16) Durham Bulls--OF Pete Reiser

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BTNW Chat Box Draft Round 3

Round 3
Round 3

1) Bad News 🐻'S---UT Kyle Rivers
2) Sandlot Crew-----SP Brett May
3) MB Mermen-----C Ray Fosse
4) Chunici πŸ‰'s----RP Harlan Bowers
5) Gashouse Gorillas-DH Levi Webb
6) Chi Town Kekambas-UT Carlton Watson
7) CLE Indians-Needs to make replacement pick.
8) Gotham City----RF Brett Bailey
9) Detroit πŸ…'s----2B Aiden Sorenson
10) Homestead Grays-SP Mark Fidrych
11) K.C. Monarchs----RP Dom Barr
12) Atlanta Braves---RP Steve Howe
13) NY Yankees------OF Josh Hamilton
14) WAS Senators---3B Ray Mitchell
15) NY Knights------3B Roger Dorn
16) Durham Bulls---LF Marco Gentile

BTNW Chat Box Draft Round 2

#42 The Legend. Definition of perserverence-willpower-strength & humility. And a great ballplayer..
Order Has Been Flipped:

1) NY Knights--OF Rex Pennebaker
2) WAS Senators--SS Monroe Easley
3) NY Yankees--SS Lou Coleman
4) ATL Braves------2B Jackie Robinson
5) K.C. Monarchs---1B Alan Gibbs
6) Homestead Grays- CF Chuck Anderson
7) DET Tigers------C Rod Huber
8) Gotham City----SP Rick Ankiel
9) CLE Indians-----OF Joey Betancourt
10) CHI Kekambas--C Hamilton Porter
11) Gashouse Gorillas-SP Patrick Boggs
12) Chunici πŸ‰'s-----SP Danny Almonte
13) MB Mermen-----RP Aaron Gilbert
14) Sandlot Crew---CL Big Horse Berelli
15) Bad News Bears--C Oliver Hunter
16) Durham Bulls-----SP Quincy Washington


The Captain Thurman Munson. The first Influencer drafted in the BTNW Draft. #15 went #14 to WAS.
*4 Round Snake Style Draft. Enter selection from free agents found in free agent tab into the chat-box using the following format: Team abbreviation or name-position-player name i.e. (NYY OF Joe Schmoe).
*24 hour time limit once 1st pick is made. Pick forfeited after time is up. Will get shorter as we get rolling.
* Keep in mind Ranks are not final as there will be many more players coming in to fill player pool.
1) Bad News Bears >>> Rd.1 OF John Dowd
2) Sandlot Crew >>> " SP Vance Goodwin
3) Myrtle Beach Mermen >>> " SP J.R. Richard
4) Chunichi Dragons >>> " SP Dominique Butler
5) Gashouse Gorillas >>> " OF Gavin Wells
6) Chi-Town Kekambas >>> " SP Sandy Koufax
7) Cleveland Indians >>>. " 1B Ricky Davis
8) Gotham City Knights >>>. " SP Kenji Fukuda
9) Detroit Tigers >>>. " SP Ryan Young
10) Homestead Grays >>>. ". SP Kerry Wood
11) K.C. Monarchs >>>. " SS Jason Davis
12) Atlanta Braves >>>. ". SS Robert Allison
13) N.Y. Yankees >>>. " LF Gavin Matthews
14) Washington Senators >>> ". C Thurman Munson
15) N.Y. Knights >>>. " LF Sandy Means
16) Durham Bulls >>>. " UT Cal Olsen

*{ACTUAL ORDER DETERMINED BY RANDOM.ORG 10-9-14-8-12-4-13-15-1-6-7-16-3-11-5-2}

Team Requests & Keystone Players

The enigmatic Sidd Finch has brought his single boot, wisdom and a sense of serenety to BTNW.
Here we will list team requests and Keystone Players for each team. Teams can be real or fictional preferably with movie TV books etc. connections. There will be 2 Keystone Players for each team. FIRST CHOICE MUST BE A FICTIONAL PLAYER associated with each teams franchise. If you can't find one from your franchise, you can select any fictional player that was not selected by their fictional team. Also fictional players from teams that are unique to themselves are available to all. Second will be any player that had either never made it to the big leagues in real MLB, had a significantly shortened career due to injury or select a 2nd fictional player.

*Denotes Player created.
#1 Gotham City Knights (Ulster) SS Bruce Wayne* SP Arthur Fleck*
#2 New York Knights (dmoney4life) OF Roy Hobbs* SP Sidd Finch*
#3 Atlanta Braves (jeoiv78) OF Darryl Palmer* RP Dick Wantz*
#4 Chi-Town Kekambas (sgerges) SP Miles "Big Poppa" Penfield* SP Steve Nebraska*
#5 Washington Senators (maapearson) CF Joe Hardy(1)* SP Bert Shepard(2)*
#6 Detroit Tigers (Kopasetic) P Billy Chapel(1)* OF Patrick Mahomes II*
#7 Homestead Grays (alddavidson) SP Henry Author Wiggen(1)* C Josh Gibson(2)*
#8 Myrtle Beach Mermen (N9) P Kenny Powers(1)* 1B/LF Reg Mackworthy(2)*
#9 Sandlot Crew (andjarthur) SS Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez(1)* OF Bo Jackson(2)*
#10 Bad News Bears (naplajoie) P Amanda Whurlizer(1)* CF Cool Papa Bell(2)*
#11 New York Yankees (Goodfella) 1B Clu Haywood(1)* 1B Kevin Maas(2)*
#12 Chunichi Dragons (spaniels) 1B Jack Elliott (1)* 1B Sadaharu Oh (2)*
#13 Gashouse Gorillas (jsmathiot) UT Bugs Bunny(1)* SP Brien Taylor(2)*
#14 Durham Bulls (Mojomudd) C Crash Davis(1)* SP Nuke Laloosh(2)*
#15 Cleveland Indians (fuzzywashe) CL Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn(1)* CF Willie Mays Hayes(2)*
#16 Kansas City Monarchs(Ddedwar) SP Bingo Long(1)* SP Satchel Paige*(2)
*# in left column is your draft #. Draft positioning will be determined via random # generator.
Draft Order will be posted soon.

A Brief Summary Of The Best That Never Was


The Best That Never Was:
Inspired by ESPN 30 for 30 episode on Marcus Dupree (even though he was a football player).
The concept here is as the title says and the player pool would consist of both real and fictional players.
What would have been if Brien Taylor never got into that fight or if The Natural Roy Hobbs was real? How about Willie Mays Hayes leading off or the Wild thing coming out of the pen? Or Crash Davis Bull Durham style, Mr. 3000 Bernie Mac style, how about Ginny Baker on the mound and Mike Lawson behind the plate from Pitch? What if Bo Jackson and Neon Deion just played baseball? What if Jose Fernandez never got in that boat? Here he would pick up where he left off and resume his virtual career. What if Satchell Paige-Josh Gibson etc. and Sadaharu Oh were allowed to play in the Majors How many Rookie of the Years never really panned out such as Joe Charboneau for example. He would be here and have a second chance at avoiding the sophomore slump and the opportunity for a full career. There are so many options and ways to go here, I can't possibly list them all now but trust me this will be an extremely thorough league and you all will be able to chime in with players you would like to see. I don't know it all, but I have given these leagues a lotta thought over the years.
Player pool would be MLB players and hopefuls whose careers never happened or were cut short for some reason such as injury-suspension addiction-life. Would also include fictional payers from movies. And what would it have been like if those players who missed chunks of their prime being away at war? Here they would be able to play out those years. As well as players who had lost significant time to injury.
Another pretty ambitious one and the 2nd of the more time consuming to get going.

Thanks for sticking with us and feel free to offer up your opinions. -N9

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