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BLC Off-Season 2024Timeline Schedule

More steps may follow as we progress through. {*denotes completed task}
1. Winter meetings/Trade Talks {On-Going}
1a. Fill unowned teams with owners. Update Rules {On-Going}
2. Produce list off tagged rookies for each team who need to be signed.* {Deadline Friday 6/21 8pm EST}*
2a. Remove tagged rookie tags. {In Progress}…..*{Just waiting for decisions on teams Under Review}
3. Add unsigned tagged rookies to Draft Pool.* {Can be viewed on Draft Pool team}
4. Turn trades on.* {Any trade involving draft picks must be sent to commish}
5. Create Rookies.
6. Start Slow Draft
7. Live Draft
8. Start accepting players for strength and conditioning Boosts
9. Free Agency bidding
10. Fireball Lottery {To be explained shortly}
11. Create Spring Training Schedule.
12. Spring Training. {Boosts submitted and complete by end of ST}
13. Create Season Schedule

Rookies Who Need To Be Signed Or Lost By Team

Players who have surpassed Rookie Thresholds or Age Limit. {Will be sent back to Draft if unsigned}
Thresholds are located in League Rules, refer to them if you are confused.
ARI: OF Noah Lyles {Re-enters Draft}
ATL: SP Junior Ruff {Re-enters Draft}
BAL: SP Bob White {$igned}
BOS: NONE {Thank You Laser}
CHC: OF Robby Anderson {$igned}
CWS: C Bob Boggs{Re-enters Draft}-OF Laurence Guillen{Re Draft}-UT Ralph Evans{Draft}
CIN: C Byron Lee{$igned}-1B Leo Perez{$}-2B Orlando Wilburn{Back to Draft}-3B Seth Flowers{B2D}-OF Chet Lewis{B2D}-RP Augusto Carr{$}
CIN: RP Jake Wiggins{B2D}-RP Kelly Simpson{B2D}...WOW!! {Currently No Owner}
CLE: NONE {Thank You Mowolfon}
COL: RP Bobby Douglas{$igned}-C Shayne Diaz{$igned}
DET: C Mario Love{$igned}
HOU: LF Nick Brenner-CF Rick Ford-OF Luther Dalton-SP William Patino-SP Juan Lewan{UNDER REVIEW}
KCR: NONE {Thank you Biancardi}
LAA: SP Wayne Wiggins {$igned}
*We're through this far, save for HOU & MIA whose ownerships are pending review.
*dasmashstros(HOU) & Bosocks(MIA) have been messaged for an explanation*
LAD: OF Jaime Nunez{$igned}-OF Ward James{$}-RP Jose Mullins{$}
MIA: C Paul McDowell-2B Weston Martinez-SS Chaz Wiley-OF Royce Conley-OF Ross Parr-SP Darrell Jeans
MIA: RP Carlos Collins-SP Cedric Mora-RP Wally Nash {REALLY Bosocks?}{UNDER REVIEW}
MIL: NONE {Thank You Fuller}
MIN: NONE {Thank You Theurgic}
NYM: 1B Greg Scott{Back to Draft}-OF Lou Gibbs{Back to Draft}
NYY: C Denny Larson{$igned}-SP Evan Ennis{$}-OF Eugene Henderson{$}
OAK: NONE {Thank You Andjarthur}
PHI: C Tyrell Meyers{Back to Draft}-2B Jarod Estrada{B2D}-OF Jessie Dean{$igned}-SP Gino Maxwell{B2D}-RP Jamie Lyles{B2D}-RP Alex Drake{B2D} Some good players B2D
PIT: C Carmelo Duran{Back to Draft}-1B Caleb Pryor{$igned}-2B Jake Sanchez{$igned}-SS Kelvin Cormier{$}
SDP: NONE {Thanks again Theurgic?}
SFG: NONE {Thank You Fuzzy}
SEA: C Larry Saunders {Signed}
STL: 3B Nicky Bates-3B Hector Hartman-RP Arthur Knutsen {NEW OWNER UNDER REVIEW}
*Steve Day has been messaged. As he is a new owner, we're giving him a chance to get his team in order*
TBR: NONE {Thanks Gurunick} *And he hasn't been online since 5/31!!
TEX: NONE {Thank You Mr Bubbles}
TOR: SP Stacy Jackson{Back to Draft}
WAS: C Earl Collier{Back to Draft}-RP Stanley York{B2D}-RP Tony Rangel{B2D}-SP Sterling Knutson{B2D}

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Arizona Diamondbacks 2023 BLC World Series Champions!!

Sgerges and the Arizona Diamondbacks 2023 Big League Chew World Series Champions. The Diamondbacks, who led all of BLC with 116 wins in the regular season as well as sweeping their way through the playoffs, have defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in a hard fought 6 games. Capped off by a masterful 11K Complete Game Shutout Gem from Ace Luis Castillo, who notched 2 wins in the Fall Classic earning him WS MVP honors. Rays GM Gurunick could not be reached for comment, but we hope to see him lurking in the Rays dugout come Spring Training. Looks to be an interesting and busy off-season as BLC teams retool for their own attempts at a run for the title. So enjoy Arizona, but watch your Diamond"backs".

Retired Players

Big League Chew would like to thank the following players for the memories, and wish them the best in the next chapter of their individual journeys. They left it all on the field:
Hisashi Iwakuma
Zack Greinke
Scott Feldman
Doug Fister
Jon Lester
Adam Wainwright
Brandon Morrow
Andrew Miller
Justin Verlander
Yadier Molina
Matt Holliday
Ryan Zimmerman
Cliff Pennington
Ben Zobrist
David Freese
Jose Reyes
Nori Aoki
Shin-Soo Choo
Nelson Cruz

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