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3 Sims ~ 3:30p CT

3 Sims ~ Noon CT
3 Sims ~ 5:00-6:00p CT

*All-Star Break will be after Day 81 - 72 hour stoppage*
**Trade Deadline will be after Day 99 - 24 hour stoppage**

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Hunter whiffs 8 in 6-5 win

Elvin Hunter struckout 8 Seattle batters in a 6-5 win for the Orioles. | Box

Hernandez delivers in clutch, Angels win

Lucas Hernandez drove in 5 runs, carrying Los Angeles to a 8-2 victory over the Blue Jays. Buddy Mosley struckout 8 Toronto batters in the contest. | Box

Big game for Edwards lifts Athletics to victory

Robin Edwards drove in 4 runs, carrying Oakland to a 11-6 victory over the Red Sox. Gus Archer recorded 4 hits. | Box

Hunt makes history, tosses no-hitter

Hunt made history for the Astros last night, tossing a no-hitter against the Tigers. Houston won by a score of 11-0. Hal Foster hit 2 homers in the game for the Astros. Houston's Lamar Coleman had 4 RBIs. | Box

Ibarra powers Mariners to win over Orioles

Wade Ibarra blasted 2 homers, lifting the Mariners to a 5-4 win over Baltimore. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

W. Ibarra, Mariners .3913 HR11 RBI
T. Heffer, Twins .3533 HR11 RBI
L. Hernandez, Angels .4123 HR7 RBI
D. Flores, Reds .4004 HR5 RBI
T. Walsh, Reds .3501 HR10 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

E. Estrada, Reds 1 for 20 (.050)
B. Gordon, Mets 0 for 19 (.000)
S. Lost, Astros 3 for 22 (.136)
A. Foster, Indians 1 for 18 (.056)
A. Faust, Nationals 4 for 23 (.174)

Leaders: AVG

M. Weeden, Rays .362
D. Lane, Tigers .359
T. Heffer, Twins .359
T. Clayton, Marlins .355
H. Earl, Orioles .350

Leaders: WHIP

I. Banks, Orioles 0.75
I. Hunt, Astros 0.89
S. Stone, Twins 0.90
L. Evans, Cubs 0.93
K. Easley, Astros 0.94

All-Star Teams

American League
C: Daniel Flores (CIN)
C: Tony Clayton (MIA)
1B: Tyrell Smart (TB)
1B: Jesse Fleming (CHC)
2B: Rod Bush (CHC)
2B: Noah Brenner (STL)
3B: Doug Hood (CIN)
3B: Korky Betancourt (HOU)
SS: Akria Maeda-Matsui (TEX)
SS: Harris Meyers (MIL)
OF: Mike Rivers (TEX)
OF: Isaac Woods (TB)
OF: Oliver Price (HOU)
Util: Ahmad Rashad (CIN)
Util: David Justice (CLE)
Util: Damien Lane (DET)
Util: Preston Tucker (STL)
Util: Mack Weeden (TB)
SP: Larry Evans (CHC)
SP: Kenton Easley (HOU)
SP: Irvin Hunt (HOU)
SP: Keenen Meyer (MIL)
SP: Alex Villafuerto (CHC)
SP: Abe Harper (CHC)
SP: Sammy Watson (HOU)
SP: Hideo Nomo (CIN)
SP: Pedro Martinez, Jr. (TEX)
RP: Donny Sarvaila (STL)
RP: Felix Bradley (TB)
RP: Ezra Singleton (CIN)
RP: Blake Treinen (MIL)
RP: Art Talbot (HOU)
RP: Chaz Roby (DET)
RP: Nathan Butler (TEX)
RP: Mariano Rivera (CIN)

National League
C: Boyd Schwartz (MIN)
C: Russ Wilburn (LAA)
1B: Cecil Means (NYM)
1B: Clay Roberts (KC)
2B: Carlos Lopes (NYM)
2B: Billy Bradley (MIN)
3B: Eddie Purdy (BAL)
3B: Edgar Allison (NYM)
SS: Judson Newell (WAS)
SS: Abe Whitehead (TOR)
OF: Ahmad Randall (BAL)
OF: Nick Iverson (SEA)
OF: Bobby Myers (LAA)
Util: Harvey Earl (BAL)
Util: Travis Heffer (MIN)
Util: Rocky Chesters (TOR)
Util: Lloyd Jettison (BOS)
Util: Scotty Molano (NYM)
SP: Sydney Stone (MIN)
SP: Kasey Cooks (MIN)
SP: Cliff Ward (MIN)
SP: Nolan Ryan (OAK)
SP: Archie Newell (NYM)
SP: Denver Mosley (SEA)
SP: Vince Marshall (BOS)
SP: Chris Poole (BAL)
RP: Sid Gilliam (OAK)
RP: Andre Aleman (WAS)
RP: Isaiah Banks (BAL)
RP: Shontei Kamasuda (SEA)
RP: Oliver Cobb (OAK)
RP: Kenton Fleming (LAA)
RP: Craig Neal (NYM)
RP: Huey Allegri (LAA)
RP: Eric O'Flaherty (MIN)

Preseason Strength Ranking

**Rank. Team (Division)

1. Oakland (NLW)
2. Minnesota (NLW)
3. Houston (ALS)
4. Seattle (NLW)
5. Tampa Bay (ALS)
6. Cincinnati (ALN)
7. St. Louis (ALS)
8. Chicago Cubs (ALN)
9. Texas (ALS)
10. Detroit (ALN)
11. Milwaukee (ALN)
12. Los Angeles Angels (NLW)
13. Toronto (NLNE)
14. Boston (NLNE)
15. Miami (ALS)
16. Baltimore (NLNE)
17. Kansas City (NLW)
18. Cleveland (ALN)
19. Washington (NLNE)
20. New York Mets (NLNE)

Trades - Draft Picks

1st Round

2nd Round
HOU trades 2nd Rd Pick to KC

3rd Round
HOU trades 3rd Rd Pick to KC

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