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1986 Off Season

The draft has started and will run as a slow draft. Teams have 4 hours on the clock to make a pick. Clock is paused at 11pm CST and restarts at 8am CST.

Free Agent Bidding
Players with a team in brackets means that team has the rights to match the highest bidder at the end of the auction. Post your bids in the chat box. Your bids are signing bonus bids like this....Nolan Ryan $20 These players are found on the Free Agent Team. Bidding starts now and closes on 6 June at an unknown time. (Commish bidding ends at 6pm CST)

Fernando Vina
Benito Santiago (stallions)
Rich Gedman (Cobras) $1 Hobbits
Rick Cerone (Spiders
Don Mattingly (Counselors) $5 Burning River COUNSELORS MATCH OFFER
Jerry Browne (Spirit)
Kevin Seitzer (Counselors) $9 Counselors
Dale Sveum (Blues Brothers) $1 Burning River BLUES MATCH OFFER
Joe Carter (Hobbits)
Chili Davis (blues Brothers) $20 Burning River BLUES MATCH OFFER
Ruben Sierra (Hobbits) $1 Yankees
Rafael Palmerio (Blues Brothers) BLUES MATCH OFFER
Randy Milligan $2 Suns
Ron Kittle $5 Samurai
Wayne Gross $1 Cowboys
Ozzie Smith $31 Counselors
Bruce Ruffin (Yankees) $4 Spirit
Scott Bankhead (stallions) $132 Spirit STALLIONS MATCH OFFER
Bobby Castillo (Burning River)
David Cone (Blues Brothers) $130 Spiders
Roger McDowell $6 Suns
Tim Burke (Burning River)
Joe Hesketh (Burning River) $10 Counselors BURNING RIVER MATCH OFFER
Pasquel Perez $25 Counselors
Dave Winfield
Albert Hall $1 Cowboys
Larry Harlow
Ruppert Jones $1 spirit
Chet Lemon
Sid Fernandez $25 Counselors
Brad Lesley $8 Suns
Bill Swift $12 Hobbits
Gabe White $30 Hooligans
Joe Torre
Tony Larussa $1 Elephants
Davey Johnson
Casey Stengal $1 Burning River
Pete Rose
Craig Counsell $1 Yankees
Mike Scioscia

League Champions

1980 Green Bay Spirit (delbaseballfan)
1981 Joliet Blues Brothers (dniemerg)
1982 Philly Elephants (glory)
1983 Joliet Blues Brothers (dniemerg)
1984 Cleveland Spiders (atleskovec)
1985 Springfield Isotopes (dexdumple)

Traded Draft Picks

Hooligans take Isotopes round 2 draft pick
Elephants take Counsellors round 1 draft pick
Elephants take Hobbits Round 1 draft pick
Elephants take Suns Round 1 and 3 draft pick
Elephants take Loons Round 1 draft pick

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The worst part: By pythagorean W-L we would be 2 games ahead of the TOP WC spot.
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