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Quarantine Keeper League

Traded Draft Picks

Rockies 1st to Reds
Red Sox 1st to Pirates
Rockies 2nd to Yankees
Pirates 3rd to Mets
Astros 2cnd to Cardinals
Marlins 2cnd to Cardinals

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11/21/2020Do you need to dump salaryifferun
I am willing to take your bad contracts if they come with rookie draft picks or young players that fit my future.
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11/29/2020 Trade
Danny Jansen to Miami Marlins
Paul Emmerich to Miami Marlins
Blaine Hardy to Miami Marlins
Ed Hoffman to Miami Marlins
Adam Slocum to Miami Marlins
Pablo Lopez to Minnesota Twins
11/29/2020 Player Removed From Trade Block
Jon Duplantier removed from trade block by Cincinati Reds
11/29/2020 Player Placed On Trade Block
Jon Duplantier placed on trade block by Cincinati Reds
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11/30/2020 League 241gbacci
The league is not full so you can quit... go to your My League List, and the Quit League link is at the top of each league.
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