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Playoff Format:
The Around The Horn league will use the 2020 playoff format. 8 teams per league will make the playoffs. 1st and 2nd + 2 wild cards. Classic tournament format #1v#8; #2v#7; #3v#6; #4v#5. Division winners will be #1-#3; 2nd place will be #4-#6; wildcards #7-#8.
*Season ends after Day 183*
***In the case that 2 teams are tied, tie breaker system is:
For Divisional Winners/2nd Place/Wild Cards >
a) Head to Head Season Series
b) Divisional Record
c) Intra-League Record
d) Inter-League Record
e) Tie-Breaker Game

➖Updated following Day 176
American League (current seed)
1- AL 1st Place West > Seattle Mariners
2- AL 1st Place Central > Detroit Tigers
3- AL 1st Place East > Toronto Blue Jays
4- AL 2nd Place West > Los Angeles Angels
5- AL 2nd Place East > New York Yankees
6- AL 2nd Place Central > Chicago White Sox
7- AL Wildcard #1 > Tampa Bay Rays
8- AL Wildcard #2 > Minnesota Twins

National League (current seed)
1- NL 1st Place East > New York Mets
2- NL 1st Place West > Arizona Diamondbacks
3- NL 1st Place Central > St. Louis Cardinals
4- NL 2nd Place East > Atlanta Braves
5- NL 2nd Place West > Colorado Rockies
6- NL 2nd Place Central > Cincinnati Reds
7- NL Wildcard #1 > Los Angeles Dodgers
8- NL Wildcard #2 > Pittsburgh Pirates

1 day off for ALL TEAMS
Tie-Breakers - If Needed
TBA @ Noon cst
TBA @ 2:00pm cst

Round 1 Match-Ups (Best 2 of 3 - better seeded team home team for all games)
AL#8 X @ AL#1 X
AL#5 X @ AL#4 X
AL#7 X @ AL#2 X
AL#6 X @ AL#3 X
NL#8 X @ NL#1 X
NL#5 X @ NL#4 X
NL#7 X@ NL#2 X
NL#6 X @ NL#3 X

4 days off for ALL TEAMS
🔘1st Round (best of 3; best seed host all 3 games)
X @ 8:00am cst
X @ Noon cst
X @ 4:00pm cst
2 days off for ALL TEAMS

Divisional Series Match-Ups (Best 3 of 5)

🔘Divisional Series (best of 5; best seed host games 1, 2, 5)
X @ 8:00am cst
X @ 10:00am cst
1 day off for ALL TEAMS
X @ Noon cst
X @ 2:00pm cst
1 day off for ALL TEAMS
X @ 4:00pm cst
2 days off for ALL TEAMS

League Championship Match-Ups (Best 4 of 7)

🔘League Championship (best of 7; best seed host 1, 2, 6, 7)
X @ 8:00am cst
X @ 10:00am cst
1 day off for ALL TEAMS
X @ 2:00pm cst
X @ 4:00pm cst
X @ 8:00pm cst
1 day off for ALL TEAMS
X @ 10:00pm cst / Day Off
X @ 8:00am cst / Day Off
2 days off for BOTH TEAMS

World Series Match-Up (Best 4 of 7)

🔘A.T.H. World Series (best record host 1, 2, 6, 7)
X @ 10:00am cst
X @ Noon cst
1 day off for ALL TEAMS
X @ 2:00pm cst
X @ 4:00pm cst
X @ 6:00pm cst
1 day off for ALL TEAMS
X @ 8:00pm cst
X @ 10:00pm cst

(All time listed cst)

Traded Draft Picks

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2027 Draft
Yankees 1st - Astros (Garcia Trade)
Twins 1st - Rangers (Tejeda Trade)
Nationals 1st - Angels (Trout Trade)
Diamondbacks 1st - Brewers (Peralta Trade)
Blue Jays 1st - Brewers (Clarke Trade)
Angels 2nd - Diamondbacks (Hume Trade)
Blue Jays 2nd - Brewers (Clarke Trade)
Nationals 2nd - Mariners (Lewis Trade)
Yankees 2nd - Cubs (Alzolay Trade)
Mariners 2nd - Cubs (Buehler Trade)
Twins 2nd - Rangers (Herget Trade)
Pirates 3rd - Rangers (Martin Trade)

2028 Draft
Diamondbacks 1st - Cubs (Happ Trade)
Pirates 2nd - Rangers (Martin Trade)
Yankees 3rd - Cubs (Alzolay Trade)

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6/11/2022All-Star Selectionsjoeyrex
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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6/27/2022 Player Signed
Christian Vazquez picked up by St. Louis Cardinals
6/21/2022 Player Signed
Paul DeJong picked up by Pittsburgh Pirates
6/21/2022 Trade
Brett Martin to Pittsburgh Pirates
Henry Fox to Texas Rangers
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To each his own, but I think the human element that makes baseball great is from the players. Will a guy come through in a clutch spot or will he pull a Buckner? That sort of thing. I don't watch for the human element of umps blowing calls. The calls should ideally reflect what the players actually do on the field, and if robo umps help that I'm all for it.
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