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Around the Horn Winter Meetings

2026 Off-Season Schedule

🔥🔥Sign all players now!!🔥🔥
🔹Trades turned on: Thursday, 1/20 8:00am cst
🔹1 Player Expiring Contract Extended Deadline: Thursday, 1/27 8:00am cst
Pirates > RP Jayson Conn 4/$9

🔲Progressions: Tuesday, 2/1 8:00pm cst
🔲Draft Class: 🚧🚧PENDING🚧🚧

🔲Sunday, 2/13 (8:00pm cst) - 3 round live draft

🔲Monday, 2/14 @ 8:00pm (cst) — Free Agency Round 1 Begins
➖Minimum $25m Total Contract Value

🔲Thursday, 2/17 @ 8:00am cst — Free Agency Round 1 DEADLINE

🔲Saturday, 2/19 @ 8:00am (cst) — Free Agency Round 2 Begins
➖No Bid Minimum
➖Teams May bid $0/1yr on players to fill out roster.

🔲Wednesday, 2/23 @ 8:00am (cst) — Free Agency Round 2 Bids DEADLINE

🔲Friday, 2/25 @ 8:00pm (cst) — Prospect Submission DEADLINE.

🔲Saturday, 2/26 @ Noon (cst) — Free Agency FREE FOR ALL OPEN

🔲Sunday, 2/27 @ Noon (cst) -- 2026 OPENING DAY

Around the Horn Sports Talk Show

🔸2025 Draft Order (without trades)
1) Oakland; 2) San Francisco; 3) Texas; 4) Boston; 5) Washington; 6) Milwaukee; 7) St. Louis; 8) Arizona; 9) Baltimore; 10) Chicago Cubs; 11) Philadelphia; 12) Kansas City; 13) Chicago White Sox; 14) New York Yankees; 15) Minnesota Twins; 16) Seattle; 17) Colorado; 18) Toronto; 19) Cleveland; 20) Pittsburgh; 21) Los Angeles Angels; 22) Miami; 23) Los Angeles Dodgers; 24) San Diego; 25) Cincinnati; 26) Tampa Bay; 27) New York Mets; 28) Houston; 29) Atlanta; 20) Detriot

🔸Time Machine FAs ANNOUNCED (can be viewed on major league roster of 2026 Time FA team)
1B Joe Adcock (1960)
OF Bob Bescher (1914)
SP Clay Kirby (1971)
RP Steven Saurbeck (2021)
▶️Bidding on these 4 free agents will be held during all-star break of 2026 season

Traded Draft Picks


2025 Draft
Angels > 2nd to Rays (Adames Trade)

2026 Draft

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12/12/2021All-Star Selectionsjoeyrex
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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1/14/2022 Player Placed On Trade Block
Charlie Fernandez placed on trade block by New York Mets
1/14/2022 Player Placed On Trade Block
Max Richards placed on trade block by New York Mets
1/14/2022 Player edited
Davenport, Fred edited by joeyrex. Contact your commish for further details.
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1/20/2022 Ballpark Dimension - SetupRitzCards2
It's interesting to see all of the different strategies.

I think it's relatively easy to see in hindsight, which doesn't help you here. But I think you'll find that you often draft similar players in your leagues... Check your season-long ranks in average and slugging. If you tend to rank higher in Average, go with Big Disadvantage. If higher in Slugging, go with Big Advantage.

That said, I've found average to be expensive in drafts and slugging to be cheap. And no matter how much a league values dW, it's undervalued.

My teams always end up pretty high in D plays and SLG/OPS and pretty low in AVE. So I want Big Boost everywhere. Home run or bust on offense with good defense. Try to win 3-1.

Lots of good players disagree, though!
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