Pete Rose Era Rebuilds

Pete Rose Era Rebuilds, Season 1

Pete Rose Era Rebuilds is a low maintenance custom league where terrible franchises from the 60's, 70's, and 80's get to try and build to respectability. Unique League Features: 1.) Detailed Season Previews, 2.) Mid-Season All Star Update, 3.) Playoff Preview and Summary, 4.) Draft Analysis, 5.) Periodic News Updates.

Season 1 NL Central 1/4 Way Prediction Grade Report

Milwaukee Brewers:

Prediction: They will be in the wild card chase all the way. 85-77, 2nd place.
Current: 22-18 (pythag 21-19), roughly 89-73 Pace: Grade A-:
Best Player(s) are Darrell Porter .328 with 12 HR and Bill Parsons 6-1, 3.49 ERA

Houston Colt 45's:

Prediction: 88-74, 1st place.
Current: 17-23 (pythang 16-24) roughly 66-96 Pace: Grade F
Best Player(s) is Al Spangler, .336, .906 OPS

Chicago Cubs:

Prediction: 80-82, third place.
Current: 27-13 (25-15 Pythag) 110-52 Pace, Grade F
Best Player(s) are Billy Williams, .313 with 14 HR's and Rick Monday .296 with 11 HR's

San Diego Padres:
Prediction: 73-89, 4th place.
Current: 18-22 (22-18 Pythag). Grade C, record is close by Pythag prediction is off.
Best Player(s): Nate Colbert, .263 with 13 HR, Clay Kirby 3-4, 2.67 ERA

Season 1 NL East 1/4 Way Prediction Grade Report:

Montreal Expos:

Prediction: Lots of high scoring games with more wins than losses. 96-66, 2nd place.
Current: 14-26 (15-25 Pythag), 60-102 Pace: Grade F not even close.
Best Player: Marv Staehle or Rusty Staub, both about .900 OPS with 8 and 10 HR's respectively.

New York Mets:

Prediction: Big pain in the big apple, 52-110, 4th Place.
Current: 20-20 (17-23 Pythag), 81-81 Pace. Grade: D-, the Pythag is more indicative of their talent and the lack thereof will catch up soon.
Best Player(s): Full-time, Gus Bell, .995 OPS, Part-time, Frank Thomas 1.150 OPS in 52 AB's but 8 HR.

Philadelphia Phillies:

Prediction: In a top heavy division the Phils are in the bottom half, but no way are they on the bottom, 72-90, 3rd place.
Current: 21-19 (23-17 Pythag). 89-73 Pace. Better than they should be. Grade, D+
Best Player(s): Dick Allen, .359, .413, 1.163, 14 HR, 38 RBI (We're only a quarter done, yikes!)

Pittsburgh Pirates:

Prediction: Pitching beats hitting in the end. The bucs hit enough to outlast Montreal. 102-60, 1st Place.
Current: 25-15 (Pythag 26-14), 101-61 Pace. Grade A+, finally got one!
Best Player(s): There's so many. Don Robinson, 0.73 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, Jason Thompson: .351, 1.008, 7 HR.

Season 1 Days Off:

After Day...

15 granted
33 granted
45 granted
81 x 3 All-Star Break

Franchise Players Season 1:

Angels: Jim Fregosi, 1971 changes to 1964
A's: Vida Blue, 1977 changes to 1971
Mariners: Paul Mitchell, 1977 changes to 1975
Rangers: Frank Howard, 1972 changes to 1970
Blue Jays: Tom Bruno 1977 changes to 1978
Indians: Luis Tiant, 1969 changes to 1968
White Sox: Did not select.
Minnesota Twins: Kent Hrbek, 1981 changes to 1984.
Expos: Maury Wills 1969 changes to 1962
Mets: Gus Bell 1962 changes to 1953.
Phillies: Johnny Callison 1969 changes to 1963
Pirates: Dave Parker, 1984 changes to 1978
Brewers: Darrell Porter, 1971 changes to 1973
Colt 45's: Bob Bruce, 1962 changes to 1964
Cubs: Rick Reuschel, 1974 changes to 1973.
Padres: Clay Kirby, 1969 changes to 1971

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