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Zenith; Punching Upwards

The heck is a Zenith?
By definition, most people look up and see a zenith. But what does the Heartwell Park Zenith see when it looks up?

This season the answer to that question is a handful of other teams on both sides of the UBL. Yet as of late the Zenith are reaching, reaching up and grabbing wins from the likes of Sherwood, Skyline and Motor City. While about half the wins in their recent uptrend were closely contested there has been some remarkable clashes like the Heartwell victories of 11-3 and 9-4 against the Cyclers and Foresters, respectively. Skyline starter Robin Roberts got the hook in that game after giving up 2 homeruns in less than 4 innings. Could the Zenith be in the early stages of a run up the standings? Fans say "Yes!" while the numbers proclaim a resounding "Maybe?" At a -2 run differential and already beating their PYTH projection, they're still 4 games out of a Gold Division lead, though as we all know in the UBL anything can happen.

Bombers' Score - But At What Cost?

In a one-way deal with Sunnydale, the brass in Williamsburg acquired minor leaguer Herb Score in a late night deal. Early reports are that they sent back nearly $10 million dollars as compensation to the Slayers. "Can you really put a price on the future? Well, to get a guy like that they had to." said Willie B. Worthy, a pencil-necked baseball number cruncher who refused to speak anonymously about the deal. Bomber fans are tentatively excited and scooping up armloads of minor league tickets to see Score enter their farm system, as it's widely believed he'll remain in development for at least another year.

"That's so much moolah! A lotta lucre! A bevy of bones!" an ecstatic account for the Sunnydale organization was quoted as saying, though he admitted Score could potentially be worth that much or more as a major league UBL star on the mound someday. Often striking out batters at a double-digit clip, the 23 year old starter has the vigor to pitch entire games and looks poised to bring those numbers with him to the big league someday.

In related news the Marvels issued a press statement estimating the number of years the average sim baseball fan would have to work double shifts at a Maine cannery to see that many clams.

Blockbuster Trade Kicks Off '56

Nobody could have predicted the big trade announced earlier today when Albuquerque sent two young talents, a promising Elston Howard and a highly touted catcher in Steve Korcheck, to Sunnydale. In return, Sunnydale gave up stud reliever prospect Tex Clevenger and their starting catcher Smoky Burgess.

Of all the players brokered in the deal, perhaps Burgess will most welcome the change of scenery as he was seen by some Slayers' fans as under achieving. Clearly Quarks management believe in him, as they wasted no time in declaring him a franchise player hoping he'll tap into their fountain of youth and his own well of potential.

While Elston is not likely to crack the lineup of a top-of-the-crop outfield for Sunnydale, Korcheck is sure to be a presence behind the plate. The Quarks have yet to make a decision on Clevenger's role for the upcoming season but fans can bet their bottom dollar Smoky Burgess will be on the receiving end of any major league pitches he would toss this year.

With only one day left before season openers this was the biggest news the preseason had to offer. Both Albuquerque and Sunnydale have likely circled Game 13 on their calendars, when both teams will meet to begin their first series together.

In oddly quiet news, the team from K-Town was bought and moved to Williamsburg where they will commence baseball business as the Bombers. They took an evenly balanced core of players along with them, featuring veteran faces the likes of Irv Monte and Vic Wertz alongside young stars Ted Williams and Johnny Hopp.

1956 Regular Season

Day 1 - Games begin Tuesday evening, 10/20
Day 5 - Open Free Agency turned on
Day 42 - Games stop for Rookie Draft, Free Agency pause
Day 66 - All-Star Break and Bonus Progression for eligible minors prospects
Day 72 - Foreign Player Auction, Trade Deadline, Open Free Agency ends
Day 86 - Regular season ends

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