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Powerball: Wednesday 2/26
If the red ball is odd, each team can extend one contract by one year.
If the red ball is even, each team can cut one contract to zero years remaining (which opens up cap space).

Draft 24 hour limit until Sunday, March 1 at 8pm EST

Free agency bidding (see below) wraps up Saturday

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Free Agency Bidding

When sending in your bid, include the player's name, the years and value of the contract, and total contract value.

For example: RF Stan Holloway $20 x 5yrs = $100

The highest bid in total contract value wins. Using the same example, if the Red Sox Bid on RF Stan Holloway $25 x 3yrs = $75 they would lose even though the yearly total is higher. Remember, if you go over the cap you will be punished according to the rules!

**Minimum Bids are $60** Also, note that there is a 7 year limit on all contracts and no annual raises. Bids must be for more than one year.

2055 Bidding
Group 4 due Saturday 4pm est
RF(OF) Sweeney, Ryan >>
2B(SS) Torres, Gleyber >>
SP Velasquez, Vincent >>
2B(3B) Wendle, Joey >>

2055 finished bidding
SP Billingsley, Chad >> DET$12*5=60
RF(OF) Brown, Domonic >>ATL23*6=138, OAK10*7=70, PHI13*7=91, ATL wins
SP Collmenter, Josh >> release to draft
RP Dominguez, Seranthony >> ATL 20*5=100, OAK10*7=70 ATL wins
C(1B) Kendall, Jason >>NAS16*6=96
SP McDonald, James >>DET20*7=140, TAM25*7=175, CHW15*5=75, ATL18*7=126, WAS11*7=77 TAM wins
C(1B) McKenry, Michael >> CHC$11*7=77, PHI14*7=98, BAL27*7=189, ATL20*7=140, WAS12*6=72 BAL wins
SP Ogando, Alexi >> release to draft
SP Parker, Jarrod >>PHI$12*7=84, ATL9*7=63, BOS11*6=66 Phil wins
SP Porcello, Rick >>CHW13*7=91, ATL13*7=91, POR14*6=84, WAS10*7=70 CHW and ATL rebids due Friday 4pm est
RF(OF) Ramirez, Manny >>COL15*7=105
SP Smith, Caleb >>PHI17*7=119, NSH17*7=119, NYM28*1=196, BOS25*7=175, TAM17*7=119, WAS15*7=105. NYM wins

2054 Finished Bidding
SP Barria, Jaime >>NYM32*7=224, MIA15*7=85, POR31*7=217, TAM23*7=161, ATL18*7=126, MIN11*7=77 Nym win
LF(3B) Culberson, Charlie >> Released to draft
LF(OF) Diaz, Matt >> Released to draft
2B(IF) Eckstein, David >> DET$16*4=64
2B(3B) Fletcher, David >> MIN13*7=91, POR$12*6=72, NAS7
10*7=70 min wins
SP Hanson, Tommy >> POR15*5=75
SP Heaney, Andrew >> POR15*5=75
LF(1B) Ibanez, Raul >> return to draft
SP Johnson, Josh >> DET17*4=68, ATL30*4=120, SD26*7=182 SD wins
SP Ogando, Alexi >> return to draft
DH(DH) Ohtani, Shohei >> NAS20*7=140, POR23*7=161 POR wins
SP Sanchez, Jonathan >> CHW20*6=120, ATL15*5=75, SD26*7=182,POR20*6=120 SD wins
CF(OF) Tabata, Jose >>return to draft
RP Torres, Alex >> MIL$12x7=84, MON$15x7=105 MON wins
3B(IF) Turner, Justin >> DET$20x4=80, MIL$11x77, TAM$25x7=175, POR$27x7=189 POR wins
SP Worley, Vance >> CHW$11x7=77, HOU$12x7=84, TAM$20x7=140, LV$10x7=70 TAM wins

League Champions

Season Team No. GM
2012 Philadelphia 1st Fitzgerald
2013 Cleveland 1st chasbo
2014 St. Louis 1st PSKEANE1
2015 Tampa Bay 1st
2016 St. Louis 2nd PSKEANE1
2017 Baltimore 1st
2018 Las Vegas 1st rxk192
2019 Chicago Cubs 1st jim2miller
2020 Las Vegas 2nd rxk192
2021 Jacksonville 1st madballnova
2022 Las Vegas 3rd rxk192
2023 Houston 1st wjmbill8
2024 Houston 2nd wjmbill8
2025 Houston 3rd wjmbill8
2026 Las Vegas 3rd rxk192
2027 Las Vegas 4th rxk192
2028 Washington 1st
2029 San Diego 1st
2030 Las Vegas 5th rxk192
2031 Arizona 1st LOSER63
2032 Oakland 1st madballnova
2033 Cincinnati 1st howematthew
2034 Cincinnati 2nd howematthew
2035 Oakland 2nd madballnova
2036 Oakland 3rd madballnova
2037 New York Mets 1st tswieton
2038 Pittsburgh 1st jhong78
2039 New York Mets 2nd tswieton
2040 Oakland 4th madballnova
2041 Oakland 5th madballnova
2042 San Francisco 1st nettles9
2043 New York Mets 3rd tswieton
2044 New York Mets 4th tswieton
2045 Washington 2nd madballnova
2046 New York Mets 5th tswieton
2047 Tampa Bay 2nd FantasyTease
2048 Portland 1st jhong78
2049 Portland 2nd jhong78
2050 Minnesota 1st willw
2051 Nationals 3rd dalbers18
2052 Atlanta 1st jayslater1223
2053 Milwaukee 1st zigwiggity
2054 Milwaukee 2nd zigwiggity

Traded Draft Picks

Traded Picks (team nickname to team nickname)
3rd Brewers to Twins
4th Mets to Red Sox

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