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Expansion Teams

2 New teams will be added to the league for next season. I have started looking for 2 new owners now.
When new owners join they will begin looking over the rosters of all the teams. They can choose 7 players from current team rosters. They can choose a max of 1 player from each team. Players with tags or contracts are not available for picking. Players on expiring contracts or no contracts may be chosen. Send the Commish a list of at least 12 players in the order you would prefer them. At the conclusion of the World Series I will action those lists.

Current league owners...please finalize your contract signing to make it easier for the expansion teams to choose their players. Teams have until the end of the World Series to sign their players...but please do it sooner.

Team Cash Positions

Team....................Spent/Total Available
420 95/125, Astros 105/125, Badgers 53/194, Baldknobbers 87/139, Barons 70/211, Cash 95/153, Choppers 119/120
Cowboys 123/130, Demogorgons 113/120, Dragons 89/166, Gulls 30/139, Hammer 99/137, Hoopleheads 86/139
Indians 102/102, Killer Bees 111/120, Legends 102/112, Lobos 8/300, Mardi Gras 46/100, Mets 98/106, Moose 72/159
Oilers 87/157, Pirates 79/92, Sounds 128/128, Swell 100/104, Thunder 80/149, Thundering Herd 142/180
Tigers 69/158, Twinkies 47/163, Vampires 109/116, Warriors 110/141

Remember, you only get 100 million next season plus whatever you don't spend this year. Looking at the above list there will be some teams over budget during the off-season. You have to be careful spending anything over 100 on contracts for more than a year. You can set yourself up for disaster at the end of the season if it is not planned carefully.

League Champions

1990 Nashville Sounds (Hitter)
1991 Hawkins DemoGorgons (buttermaker)

Traded Draft Picks

Moose take Choppers 1993 Round 4 Draft Pick
420 take Swell 1993 Rounds 1,2,3,4 Draft picks
420 take Swell 1994 Round 3 Draft Pick
Tigers take Sounds 1993 Round 1 Draft Pick
Tigers take Thundering Herd 1993 Round 1 Draft Pick
Swell take Moose 1993 Round 2 Draft Pick

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Latest Results
5/24/2020420 @ LobosWatch  Box
5/24/2020Bald Knobbers @ Killer bee..Watch  Box
5/24/2020Badgers @ CashWatch  Box
5/24/2020Sounds @ Thundering HerdWatch  Box
5/24/2020Tigers @ MetsWatch  Box
5/24/2020Oilers @ VampiresWatch  Box
5/24/2020Moose @ DemoGorgonsWatch  Box
5/24/2020Thunder @ PiratesWatch  Box
5/24/2020Choppers @ GullsWatch  Box
5/24/2020Legends @ CowboysWatch  Box
5/24/2020Swell @ WarriorsWatch  Box
5/24/2020Twinkies @ Mardi GrasWatch  Box
5/24/2020Hoopleheads @ DragonsWatch  Box
5/24/2020Astros @ HammerWatch  Box
5/24/2020Barons @ IndiansWatch  Box
5/24/2020Barons @ IndiansWatch  Box

Latest Message
4/28/2020Franchise playerTheBiznatch
The Rules say I can nominate 1 player from my team to be a Franchise player, resetting their age back to 20. I would like to select OF Bernard Gilkey. Does that mean he stays at 92 Rank and would be a Superstar age 20 who can progress even higher? If so I'd like to do this.
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Latest Transactions
5/24/2020 Player Signed
Joe McEwing picked up by Hawkins DemoGorgons
5/23/2020 Player Dropped
Jose Guzman dropped by Toronto Dragons
5/23/2020 Player Signed
Ricky Otero picked up by Toronto Dragons
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5/24/2020 Too many walks in these leaguesBorg3127
they're a coach they know what they're talking about, jeez
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