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2004 season is off and running! Good luck everyone!

International Player Auction
Place your bids in the chat box in the form of a signing bonus. Like this...Nolan Ryan $20. Bid as much as you like but within your means Remember, you also need money to offer him a contract or you will lose him at the end of the season. This years player comes from Korea. Robust left handed hurler with plenty of usefulness left in him. Happy Bidding. Bidding starts now and closes on August 3rd at an unknown time. Bidding for the Commish ends at 6pm.

Chi Woong $105 Toros

League Champions

1990 Nashville Sounds (Hitter)
1991 Hawkins DemoGorgons (buttermaker)
1992 Chicago Choppers (dniemerg)
1993 Chicago Choppers (dniemerg)
1994 Huntington Thundering Herd (bigredmachine90)
1995 Huntington Thundering Herd (bigredmachine90)
1996 Minnesota Twinkies (metsrock2011)
1997 Minnesota Twinkies (metsrock2011)
1998 Kalamazoo Clubbers (dexdumple)
1999 Idaho Incels (borg)
2000 Chicago Choppers (dniemerg)
2001 Chicago Choppers (dniemerg)
2002 Kalamazoo Clubbers (dexdumple)
2003 Kalamazoo Clubbers (dexdumple)

Traded Draft Picks

Sharks take Dawgs 2005 round 2 draft pick
Mongers take Spankees 2005 round 1 and 2 draft picks
Mongers take Dixon’s 2005 round 1 draft pick
911 takes Hooligans 2005 round 1 draft pick
911 takes Hooligans 2006 round 1 draft pick
Mongers take Stallions 2005 round 1 and 2 draft picks

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6/20/2021All-Star Selectionsdniemerg
This season's all-stars have been selected. Click the link to find out who was honored.
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8/4/2021 Player Placed On Trade Block
Octavio Dotel placed on trade block by Italian Stallions
8/3/2021 Progression Run
Walla Walla Woodpeckers were progressed by dniemerg. Contact your commish for further details.
8/2/2021 Progression Run
Palmetto Creek Rats were progressed by metsrock2011. Contact your commish for further details.
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8/3/2021 Bizarremrbubbles1967
also , if you think the cat last night was something , this one is the all time best , other than the cubs 69
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