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Season 5 has begun!

All-Star rewards:

Warriors - RP Ric Flair 22->21
Or Something - SP Mitch Rapp 23->22

PC has recently begun to keep track of positive and negative defensive plays for individuals. at the end of the season I'll award GOLD GLOVES to 8 position players for the entire league. I think I'll go with this formula to come up with the winners: (FLD*4)+(D/12) For catchers it'll be (FLD*4)+(D/12)+(CCS/20)

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Hearn dominates, No Hits Allowed win 3-0

Jim Hearn was brilliant last night, allowing just 2 hits over 8 innings, leading the No Hits Allowed to a 3-0 win over the Brawlers. | Box

Pumpkins dominates, Warriors win 4-2

Smashing Pumpkins was brilliant last night, allowing just 2 hits over 7 innings, leading the Warriors to a 4-2 win over the Or Something. | Box

Pineiro baffles No Hits Allowed, Brawlers win

Joel Pineiro struckout 9 Green Bay batters in a 2-1 win for the Brawlers. | Box

Bamboo powers Or Something to win over Warriors

Mittens Bamboo blasted 3 homers, lifting the Or Something to a 6-4 win over Road. | Box

Hayes baffles Or Something, Warriors win

Michael PS Hayes struckout 9 Weird Fire Guys batters in a 2-1 win for the Warriors. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

C. Everett, Grays .4292 HR5 RBI
F. Thomas, DirtBags .3682 HR5 RBI
J. Iha, Warriors .2503 HR4 RBI
H. Hogan, Or Something .2382 HR5 RBI
A. Rosen, Warriors .3332 HR4 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

D. Erstad, Thunder 3 for 23 (.130)
R. Campanella, No Hits Al.. 2 for 22 (.091)
T. Fryman, DirtBags 2 for 20 (.100)
E. Ripley, Stars 3 for 20 (.150)
W. Mays, Thunder 3 for 20 (.150)

Leaders: HR

M. Rockatansky, Stars 31
R. Savage, Or Something 28
B. Hart, Or Something 26
G. Hodges, Thunder 24
H. Hogan, Or Something 24

Leaders: SO

P. Martinez, Flying Carp 158
B. Turley, SUCKS 123
M. Hayes, Warriors 118
R. Batty, Thunder 115
I. Montoya, Stars 112

League History

Season 4
MVP - Bret Hart, Or Something
Cy Young - Ric Flair, Warriors
Rookie of the Year - Chief Bender, Whackers
Jobber - Billy Hamilton, Sucks
Gold Glove Team -
CA Sting, Or Something
1b Hulk Hogan, Or Something
2b Arn Anderson, Or Something
3b Randy Savage, Or Something
SS Barry Windham, Warriors
OF Bret Hart, Or Something
OF Axel Foley, Stars
OF Ichiro, Flying Carp
Season 3 CHAMPION: Stars
MVP- Bret Hart, Or Something
Cy Young - Richard Kimble, Stars
Jobber - Johnny Hopp, Sucks
Rookie of the Year-Stu Miller, Grays
Season 2 CHAMPION: stars
MVP- Ellen Ripley, Stars
Cy Young - Pedro Martinez, Picnic
Jobber - Jim Edmonds, No Hits Allowed
Co-Rookies of the year :
Albert Pujols, Picnic
Joel Pinerio, Brawlers
Season 1 CHAMPION: Or Something
MVP- Giant Roid Head, SUCKS
Cy Young- Pedro Martinez, PICNIC
Jobber - Nomar Garciaparra, Brawlers (This award goes to a Hitter ranked 85 or above that appears in at least 100 games and performed most poorly.

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4/2/2020Expansion (please respond/vote!)gossamer
would you object to adding two more teams to league in off season and having an expansion draft?

Each team would protect like 12 players and the two new teams could each select 10 players from current rosters.

The teams that would probably be effected the most would obviously be Stars, Or Something and Warriors.

We'd then have 5 round rookie draft with the expansion teams drafting 1-2 and then 3-12 would be based off of W-L.

Then we'd drop leagues again and have three 4-team divisions and 1 wild card team for playoffs. please

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J.J. Putz dropped by Peoria Flying Carp
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