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All-Star Rewards

Warriors: Barry Windham 21-->20
Or Something: SP Minge Exponent 25 -->24
Brawlers : Nomar Garciaparra 30-->29
Thunder: Ivan Rodriguez 31-->30

PC has recently begun to keep track of positive and negative defensive plays for individuals. at the end of the season I'll award GOLD GLOVES to 8 position players for the entire league. I think I'll go with this formula to come up with the winners: (FLD*4)+(D/12) For catchers it'll be (FLD*4)+(D/12)+(CCS/20)

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League History

Season 4
MVP - Bret Hart, Or Something
Cy Young - Ric Flair, Warriors
Rookie of the Year - Chief Bender, Whackers
Jobber - Billy Hamilton, Sucks
Gold Glove Team -
CA Sting, Or Something
1b Hulk Hogan, Or Something
2b Arn Anderson, Or Something
3b Randy Savage, Or Something
SS Barry Windham, Warriors
OF Bret Hart, Or Something
OF Axel Foley, Stars
OF Ichiro, Flying Carp
Season 3 CHAMPION: Stars
MVP- Bret Hart, Or Something
Cy Young - Richard Kimble, Stars
Jobber - Johnny Hopp, Sucks
Rookie of the Year-Stu Miller, Grays
Season 2 CHAMPION: stars
MVP- Ellen Ripley, Stars
Cy Young - Pedro Martinez, Picnic
Jobber - Jim Edmonds, No Hits Allowed
Co-Rookies of the year :
Albert Pujols, Picnic
Joel Pinerio, Brawlers
Season 1 CHAMPION: Or Something
MVP- Giant Roid Head, SUCKS
Cy Young- Pedro Martinez, PICNIC
Jobber - Nomar Garciaparra, Brawlers (This award goes to a Hitter ranked 85 or above that appears in at least 100 games and performed most poorly.

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2/22/2020World Series ChampsGossamer
Congrats to the Stars for winning the series...again.
I will try to run progressions and retirements tomorrow (Sunday)
And import Rookies Monday.

We will have a reallignment based on standings to balance the divisions.

Let's do a slow draft again, last time it didnt take too long. I'm thinking 2 rounds again.

Requests are accepted for boosting players as well (see cheap pop in rules). It is imperative for weaker teams to take advantage
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2/23/202026 man rosterssheikyerboudi
Anyone else notice?

- The Sheik
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