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Diamond Minds 2021

League Schedule and Headlines

Trades are On
Current Schedule:
1- Sim the Series-Request Ring for Champ-done
2-after series, set draft order and turn on trading-done
3-Adjust team payrolls to $220-done
1-Finish end of season task- By noon(eastern)
This includes progression- so have your players signed
2-Turn on slow draft and preranking-By 6PM
3-List top tier free agent with demands for bidding-By 9PM
1-List teams being considered by top tier FA’s-By 9PM
1- Rebids accepted on top tier FA’s- if desired, till Wednesday Noon
2- Accepting bids on all remaining free agent till Wednesday Noon

1st Rd.- Wildcard Games- 1 game
Oakland A’s @ Minnesota Twins- Twins Advance
Arizona D’backs @ Pittsburg Pirates- D’backs Advance

2nd Rd.- 5 games- days off after games 2 and 4
T.B Rays@ Houston Astros-Astros Advance
Minnesota Twins@ Cleveland Indians-Indians Advance
Arizona D’backs@ St.Louis Cardinals-Cardinals Advance
Washington Nationals@ L.A Dodgers-Dodgers Advance
Games played Tuesday- 2 before noon, 2 if needed by 2pm, 1 if needed by 6pm

3rd Rd-7 games-3days off granted- 1day off granted after games 2 and 5
L.A Dodgers@ St.Louis Cardinals-Cardinals Advance
Houston Astros@ Cleveland Indians-Astros Advance
Games 1+2 tonight- 3/4/5 Wednesday AM- 6+7 Wednesday PM if needed

World Series- 3days off granted- 1 day off will be granted after games 2 and 5
Houston Astros@ St.Louis Cardinals- Astros are our 2020 Champs
Games 1+2 tonight- 3/4/5 Thursday AM- 6+7 Thursday PM if needed

By the end of the World Series get your players signed
And start thinking about your player request for next season.

Roster=(25majors/15minors max/ plus draft picks)

Stolen Base, Saves and Batting Average records all broke

100 game Winners/Losers
2019- 5 winners/7 losers
2020- 0 winners/1 loser
League getting much more competitive

AL East- Rays
AL Central-Indians
AL West-Astros
AL Wildcards- Twins and A’s
NL East-Nationals
NL Central-Cardinals
NL West-Dodger
NL Wildcards-Pirates and D’backs

Predictions won by Brewers with 26 points

Considering boost points- please vote in poll
If No wins- obviously idea is scrapped
If Yes wins- idea moves to phase 2
Yes/No win means league majority-16 votes
Phase 2
How do we earn boost points?
How many boosts per player?

League Chat Box


Verlander whiffs 10 in 4-2 win

Justin Verlander struckout 10 St Louis batters in a 4-2 win for the Astros. | Box

Jansen delivers in clutch, Cardinals win

Derek Jansen drove in 4 runs, carrying St Louis to a 6-1 victory over the Astros. Gerrit Cole struckout 13 St Louis batters in the contest. Matt Shoemaker was on fire, allowing just 1 hit over 7 innings for St Louis. | Box

Cardinals fall to Astros despite Flaherty's efforts

Jack Flaherty whiffed 12 batters, but the Astros managed to beat the Cardinals, 3-2. | Box

Dozier delivers in clutch, Cardinals win

Hunter Dozier drove in 4 runs, carrying St Louis to a 13-4 victory over the Dodgers. | Box

Simmons sparks 11-2 win for Cardinals

Ted Simmons's hot bat helped the Cardinals to a 11-2 win over the Dodgers. Simmons collected 4 hits in the game. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

D. Jansen, Cardinals .2501 HR4 RBI
C. Murphy, Cardinals .2861 HR2 RBI
T. Simmons, Cardinals .4441 HR1 RBI
A. Bregman, Astros .2221 HR2 RBI
Y. Alvarez, Astros .2111 HR2 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

T. Butler, Astros 1 for 18 (.056)
T. Stafford, Cardinals 1 for 18 (.056)
K. Wong, Cardinals 5 for 22 (.227)
L. Cain, Cardinals 2 for 19 (.105)
M. Brantley, Astros 1 for 17 (.059)

Leaders: OPS

C. Bellinger, Dodgers 1.050
C. Murphy, Cardinals 1.023
P. Alonso, Mets 1.018
M. Ford, Yankees 1.015
Y. Alvarez, Astros 1.003

Leaders: SO/9

C. Sale, Redsox 12.6
G. Cole, Astros 11.8
G. Rodriguez, Marlins 11.4
S. Gray, Reds 11.2
J. Odorizzi, Twins 11.0

Season Record Holders

BA-.332 D. Dahl,Rockies-2020
Hits-218 R.Devers,Red Sox and J.Polanco,Twins-2019
2B-73 B. Bichette,Blue Jays-2019
3B-20 P. Ervin,Reds-2019
HR-66 Y.Alvarez,Astros-2019
RBI-166 Y.Alvarez,Astros-2019
SB-111 R.Henderson,A’s-2020
Wins-25 C.Kershaw,Dodgers-2019
SO-325 J.deGrom,Mets-2019
Saves-47 K.Yates,Padres-2020


2020-won by Milwaukee Brewers

Team Selection

Power Rankings/Status/Penalties
1. Houston Astros- taken
2. Los Angeles Dodgers-taken
3. Tampa Bay Rays-taken
4. Cleveland Indians-taken
5. New York Yankees-taken
6. Minnesota Twins-taken-1
7. Chicago Cubs-taken
8. Arizona D’backs-taken-1
9. St.Louis Cardinals-taken
10. Washington Nationals-taken-1
11. Cincinnati Reds-taken
12. Milwaukee Brewers-taken
13. Atlanta Braves-taken
14. Los Angelas Angels-taken-1
15. New York Mets-taken
16. Seattle Mariners-taken
17. Texas Rangers-taken
18. San Diego Padres-taken
19. Oakland A’s-taken
20. Chicago W.Sox-taken
21. Boston R.Sox-taken
22. Pittsburg Pirates-taken
23. Philadelphia Phillies-taken
24. Miami Marlins-taken-1
25. Detroit Tigers-taken
26. Kansas City Royals-taken
27. San Francisco Giants-taken
28. Toronto Blue Jays-taken
29. Baltimore Orioles-taken
30. Colorado Rockies-taken


Loss of 2nd Rd pick:
Twins- Roster Requirements(25)
Nationals-Roster Requirements(25)
D’backs-Roster Requirements(25)
Marlins-Roster Requirements(25)
Angels- Contract Cut(Skaggs)


1. Houston Astros-1
2. St. Louis Cardinals-1
3. Cleveland Indians-1
4. Minnesota Twins-1
5. Los Angeles Dodgers-1
6. Tampa Bay Rays-1
7. Arizona Diamondbacks-1
8. Oakland Athletics-1
9. Pittsburgh Pirates-1
10. Washington Nationals-1
11. Milwaukee Brewers-1
12. Cincinnati Reds-1
13. Los Angeles Angels-SP Garrett Richards
14. Colorado Rockies-2B Brendan Rodgers
15. Boston R. Sox-3B Wade Boggs
16. San Diego Padre-1B John Kruk
17. Chicago Cubs-1
18. Chicago W. Sox-1
19.Atlanta Braves-1
20. Seattle Mariners-1
21. New York Mets-1
22. Philadelphia Phillies-1
23. Toronto Blue Jays-SP Juan Guzman
24. Texas Rangers-1
25. Detroit Tigers-1
26. Baltimore Orioles-2
27. Miami Marlins-2
28. New York Yankees-2
29. Kansas City Royals-OF Khalil Lee,OF Willie Wilson
30. San Francisco Giants-2

Free Agent Demands

Past Champions

2019- LA Dodgers(Lordhawke)
2020- Houston Astros(pskeane)

Traded Picks/Prospect/Former Players

Giants 2nd to Angels(La Stella trade)
Cardinals 1st to Dodgers(Gonsolin trade)
Royals 2nd to Angels(Goodwin trade)forfeited
Marlins 1st to Orioles(Rodriguez trade)
Blue Jays 2nd to Orioles(O’hearn trade)
Angels 2nd to Marlins(Smith trade)
Cardinals 2nd to Royals(Dozier trade)
Brewers 61st pick(predictions)

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I have lots of 80s and 90s I'm willing to trade. I am hunting for 1st round picks, so propose me trades if ur interested. No one is off limits
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6/4/2020 Player Dropped
Chris Taylor dropped by Oakland Athletics
6/4/2020 Player Dropped
Dominic Leone dropped by Oakland Athletics
6/4/2020 Player Dropped
Jurickson Profar dropped by Oakland Athletics
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Latest Public Board Post
6/4/2020 WowWarrior
Back to basketball strategy, the following is my impression.

I believe the correct strategy is mainly to concentrate on grabbing good defensive players with great rebounding skills and to have the best percentage shooters possible available that meet the first 2 requirements.There are a few players like Barkley and the Greek Strong Forward that are good at all these areas. Using on the front line players such as these with a Center like Jabbar,O'Neal or someone else who can shoot and rebound well it should be possible to win a large percentage of games. So far in my first 3 Leagues I have had Ron Harper and Ben Simmons and adding these 2 to my team has worked well though they do not have the 3 point skills of a Curry.

You could use Curry with some bruisers or you could grab players like Harper and Simmons and combine them with some multifaceted players like Barkley and Jabbar etc.,etc.,etc. and have a real Championship Contender.Be flexible and organized and things should go well.
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