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Diamond Minds 2022

League Schedule and Headlines

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Current Schedule:
Salary Cap yearly raise done-$230 this coming season

This Weekend:
1- Finish draft-done
2- Run Supplemental drafts-done
3- Set-up Spring training games-done
4-Player Request due by Sunday 11pm(eastern)-done
5-Move draft picks back to teams-done
6-Turn on drops-done

Sunday & Monday:
1-Sim Spring training games-done
2-Predictions due By Monday 11pm(eastern)-Locked
3- Turn on waiver claims-done

1-Clear spring training Stats-done
2-Set-up 2022 schedule-done
3-Opening Day


Roster=(25majors/15minors max/ plus draft picks

2021 Awards:
AL MVP- 1B Pete Alonso, Blue Jays
AL CY- SP Mike Mussina,Orioles
NL MVP- OF Yordan Alvarez,Nationals
NL CY- F.Valenzuala,Dodgers

100 game Winners/Losers
2019- 5 winners/7 losers
2020- 0 winners/1 loser
2021- 2 winners/ 1 Losers
League getting much more competitive

2022 predictions will be pick the teams with highest and lowest BA and
Highest and lowest ERA- locked/ 11 teams eligible

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Santana outburst not enough to carry Indians

Carlos Santana blasted 2 homers, but it wasn't enough to lift the Indians over the Athletics. Oakland won by a score of 6-5. Mike Clevinger struckout 10 Oakland batters in the contest. | Box

Waguespack's 8-K performance not enough

Jacob Waguespack whiffed 8 batters, but the Reds managed to beat the Blue Jays, 7-5. Bo Bichette of the Blue Jays had 4 hits in the game. | Box

Goldschmidt jr powers Giants to win over Nationals

Paul Goldschmidt jr blasted 2 homers, lifting the Giants to a 6-5 win over Washington. Tim Lincecum struckout 9 Washington batters in the contest. | Box

Fernandez tosses shutout for Mets

Milwaukee is hoping not to see Sid Fernandez again for a long while. Fernandez went the distance, leading New York to a 1-0 victory. | Box

Acuna blasts off, leads Braves to win

Ronald Acuna blasted 2 homers, lifting the Braves to a 6-3 win over Los Angeles. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

N. Cruz, Redsox .6005 HR10 RBI
V. Guerrero, Nationals .4765 HR9 RBI
M. Conforto, Giants .4214 HR9 RBI
E. Davis, Reds .3334 HR9 RBI
P. Alonso, Blue Jays .3893 HR9 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

S. Castro, Reds 0 for 21 (.000)
W. Wilson, Royals 2 for 20 (.100)
T. Tulowitzki, Rockies 3 for 21 (.143)
K. Lofton, Astros 8 for 25 (.320)
E. Alfonzo, Mets 3 for 20 (.150)

Leaders: AVG

D. Smith, Mets .380
A. Rodriguez, Mariners .340
G. Springer, Astros .339
K. Newman, Pirates .332
F. Parker, Tigers .330

Leaders: WHIP

J. Parrish, Rockies 0.88
Z. Plesac, Indians 0.93
H. Nomo, Dodgers 0.94
S. Bieber, Indians 0.95
A. Voth, Astros 0.95

Season Record Holders

BA-.352 C.Mathis,Royals-2021
Hits-218 R.Devers,Red Sox and J.Polanco,Twins-2019
2B-73 B. Bichette,Blue Jays-2019
3B-28 P. Ervin,Reds-2021
HR-66 Y.Alvarez,Astros-2019/M. Sano,Twins-2021
RBI-166 Y.Alvarez,Astros-2019
SB-111 R.Henderson,A’s-2020
Wins-25 C.Kershaw,Dodgers-2019
SO-331 B.Banks,Rockies-2021
Saves-50 T.Rogers,Twins-2021


2022 predictions- highest/lowest team BA and highest/lowest team ERA.
—�-BA High/BA Low/ERA High/ERA Low
Mets- Nationals/Brewers/Brewers/Indians
W.Sox-R. Sox/Braves/Mariners/Cardinals
Rockies- Nats/Phillies/Angels/Astros
Phillies- Nats/Marlins/Phillies/Rays

Team Selection

Power Rankings/Status/Penalties
1. Tampa Bay Rays/taken
2. Oakland A’s/taken
3. Toronto Blue Jays/taken
4. NY Mets/taken
5. LA Dodgers/taken
6. L.A. Angels/taken
7. Washington Nats/taken
8. NY Yankees/taken
9. Chicago W.Sox/taken
10. Cincinnati Reds/taken
11. Cleveland Indians/taken
12. Texas Rangers/taken
13. Boston R.Sox/taken
14. Pittsburg Pirates/taken
15. Arizona D’backs/taken
16. Colorado Rockies/taken
17. San Diego Padres/taken
18. Minnesota Twins/taken
19. Chicago Cubs/taken
20. Houston Astros/taken
21. Miami Marlins/taken
22. Baltimore Orioles/taken
23. St. Louis Cardinals/taken
24. Milwaukee Brewers/taken
25. SF Giants/taken
26. Detroit Tigers/taken
27. Seattle Mariners/taken
28. Philadelphia Phillies/taken
29. Atlanta Braves/taken
30. Kansas City Royals/taken



1. Colorado Rockies-SP Ryan Rolison
2. St. Louis Cardinals-OF J.D Drew
3. Houston Astros-OF Kenny Lofton
4.Tampa Bay Rays-SS Wander Franco
5. LA Dodgers-SP Hideo Nomo
6. Minnesota Twins-OF Alex Kirilloff
7. Oakland A’s-SP Barry Zito
8. Pittsburg Pirates-3B Ke’Bryan Hayes
9. Philadelphia Phillies-2B Chase Utley
10. Cincinnati Reds-SP Don Gullett
11. Toronto Blue Jays-OF Adam Lind
12.Arizona D’backs-RP Jose Valverde
13.Baltimore Orioles-DH Eddie Murray
14.Chicago W.Sox-SP Michael Kopech
15.Cleveland Indians-RP Rafael Perez
16. LA Angels-OF Tim Salmon
17. Detroit Tigers-RP Bryan Garcia
18. Seattle Mariners-3B Jim Presley
19.NY Yankees-SS Derek Jeter
20.Chicago Cubs-OF Brennen Davis
21. Atlanta Braves-OF Ryan Klesko
22.Boston Red Sox-C Carlton Fisk
23. KC Royals-SP Kevin Appier
24. San Diego Padres-OF Kevin McReynolds
25. Miami Marlins-OF Jeremy Hermida
26.Milwaukee Brewers(2)-SP Trey Supak, RP Clayton Andrews
27. NY Mets(2)-3B Eduardo Alfonzo.SP Jordan Humphreys
28. Texas Rangers(2)-3B Sherten Apostel, SP Joe Palumbo
29. Washington Nats(2)-SS Carter Kieboom, RP Matt Cronin
30. SF Giants(2)-SP Kai-Wei Teng,SS Marco Luciano

Free Agent Demands

RP Cody Stashak- prefer to play in the Northeast, and looking for a $13+/5yr- my client is excited to join the Indians for $16/5yrs and pitch against the Twins

1B Anthony Rizzo-want $13/3yrs with playing time and a shot at a title- my client has accepted the offer from the Indians for $8/3yrs and thinks they give him a shot at a title

1B Paul Goldschmidt jr- looking for $15/10 yrs with playing time and preferably in the southwest- my client accepts offer from Giants for $15/10 yrs- and looks forward to facing D’backs

1B Matt Reynolds jr- $13+++/10yrs- it’s all about the money and playing time- my client is not happy with only receiving 1 offer- but will sign with Angels for $10/5yrs and show the league there mistake for not trying to sign him.

3B Jose Hunt- $8/8yrs- want playing time and city life- small market need not apply!!- my client is willing to go for 3,4 or 5 yrs with a big city team.-My client was considering sitting out, but Toronto
Is a big city and showed there committed to him long term so Canada here I come for $7/10yrs.

Stefan Lamb- $10/4yrs- A’s
Frankie Hernandez- $8/8yrs- Rangers
Tyler Skaggs- $2/1yr- Rockies

Liam Hendricks- $1/1yr- Rockies
Blaine Walker- $4/8yrs- Angels
Owen Sandoval- $15/5yrs- White Sox
Adalberto Meija- $9/3yrs- A’s
Oscar Perez- $8/8yrs- Giants
Luis Perdomo- $2/2yrs- Giants
Scott Bartow- $1/2yrs- White Sox
Chad Sobotka- $1/3yrs- White Sox

Rusty Martin-$7/7yrs- A’s
Jake Rogers- $3/3yrs- Mets

Stacy Wood-$5/7yrs- Pirates
Luther Barragan- $10/5yrs- A’s

Vince Henderson- $10/10yrs- Rangers

Delino Deshields-$1/1yr- Rockies

Stan Whitt- $5/4yrs- Royals

Past Champions

2019- LA Dodgers(Lordhawke)
2020- Houston Astros(pskeane)
2021-St. Louis Cardinals(chubbach24)

Traded Picks/Prospect/Former Players

Astros 1st to Angels(Walker trade)
Astros 2nd to Angels(Walker trade)

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8/3/2020Prediction RockiesBaltimoreChop
High avg: WAS
Low avg: PHI
High era: LAA
Low era: HOU
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8/13/2020 Creating PitchersCrazySauer
BH has it right.

If you've got your main pitching stats where you want them, you'll adjust Innings Pitched (IP) up or down to lower or raise WHIP.

IP is the denominator in the WHIP equation.
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