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Diamond Minds 2029

League Schedule and Headlines

Trades are On
Waiver claims On
Drops are On
✅=Reward Received

Current Schedule

Monday-Opening Day
Prospect Request accepted till Opening day
Manager Rewards accepted till Spring Training

Power Rankings

AL East-
AL Central-
AL West-
AL Wildcards-
NL East-
NL Central-
NL West-
NL Wildcards-

AL MVP- OF Luis Roberts-White Sox
AL Cy - SP Jim Philhower-Orioles
NL MVP- 3B Chris Floyd-Brewers
NL Cy- SP Randy Schoonover-Rockies
ROY(Batter)-2B Luis Cicero-Blue Jays
ROY(Pitcher)-SP Jim Smoltz-Red Sox

Expansion poll was a loud and clear- No
Changing of position poll- approved
Roster Size- No Change
Hall of Fame Voting-

Roster=(25majors/15minors max/ plus draft picks

100 game Winners/Losers
2019- 5 winners/7 losers
2020- 0 winners/1 loser
2021- 2 winners/ 1 Loser
2022- 2 winners/ 1 Loser
2023- 5 Winners/ 0 Losers
2024- 2 Winners/1 Loser
2025- 3 Winners/1 Loser
2026- 1 Winner/4 Losers
2027-1 Winner/1 Loser
2028- 1 winner/2 Losers

2028 Prediction- Team Leaders:
Best ERA/Most S.O/Most Saves/Best BA/Most HR/Most SB
(This is Teams, not players)

2nd Teams:
These teams are available to new owners
NY Mets
San Diego Padres
Boston Red Sox
Arizona D’backs

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Royals fall to Astros despite Hill's efforts

Rollin Hill whiffed 9 batters, but the Astros managed to beat the Royals, 4-2. | Box

Braun jr outburst not enough to carry Rangers

Ryan Braun jr blasted 2 homers, but it wasn't enough to lift the Rangers over the Mariners. Seattle won by a score of 10-9. Seattle's Dave Calaman had 4 RBIs. Robert Marsh of the Rangers had 4 hits in the game. | Box

Fielder powers Brewers to win over Cardinals

Prince Fielder blasted 2 homers, lifting the Brewers to a 9-6 win over St Louis. | Box

Hermida outburst not enough to carry Marlins

Jeremy Hermida blasted 3 homers, but it wasn't enough to lift the Marlins over the Nationals. Washington won by a score of 13-4. Vladimir Guerrero hit 2 homers in the game for the Nationals. Allen Avila of the Nationals had 4 hits in the game. | Box

Honeycutt powers Braves to win over Phillies

Deivy Honeycutt blasted 2 homers, lifting the Braves to a 11-4 win over Philadelphia. | Box

WHO'S HOT - Last 5 Games

V. Guerrero, Nationals .4295 HR11 RBI
R. Braun jr, Rangers .3335 HR11 RBI
K. Morales, Angels .2864 HR10 RBI
W. Franco, Rays .5362 HR7 RBI
F. Tatis Jr., Padres .3893 HR9 RBI

WHO'S NOT - Last 5 Games

C. Anderson, Orioles 4 for 26 (.154)
M. Cabrera, Marlins 3 for 23 (.130)
B. Reynolds, Pirates 3 for 20 (.150)
C. Baerga, Reds 2 for 19 (.105)
B. Anderson, Braves 3 for 22 (.136)

Leaders: AVG

J. Coleman, Angels .433
F. Tatis Jr., Padres .429
W. Franco, Rays .411
M. Dilone, Indians .385
G. Jenkins, Brewers .375

Leaders: WHIP

M. Soroka, Braves 0.71
S. Sanchez, Marlins 0.75
C. Archer, Nationals 0.78
C. Hamels, Phillies 0.85
J. Philhower, Orioles 0.86

Diamond Minds Hall of Fame

SP Justin Verlander(Astros)- 108wins/60Loss/3.65era/1818SO/2X All Star/2X Cy Young Winner

RP Giovanny Gallegos(Cards)-77wins/33Loss/3.08era/1034SO/44Saves/3X All Star

Season Record Holders

BA-.361 J. Hogan,Rockies-2026
Runs-173 C.Floyd,Brewers-2028
Hits-237 J.Hogan,Rockies-2026
2B-83 B. Bichette,Blue Jays-2027
3B-30 B.Helms,Astros/J. Little,W. Sox-2026
HR-73 Y Alvarez,Nationals-2028
RBI-166 Y.Alvarez,Astros-2019
SB-118 K. Lofton,Astros-2022
Wins-27 F. Valenzuela,Dodgers-2025
SO-331 B.Banks,Rockies-2021
Saves-62 D.May,Dodgers-2023


2029 Predictions-Team Leaders
Team——/Best ERA—/Most S.O./Most Saves/Best BA/Most HR/Most SB
Rockies-Braves/Dodgers/Tigers—Blue Jays/Blue Jays/Rangers

Team Manager

1. Tampa Bay Rays
2. Angels/Chuck Finley(P)/179-162/0/0/0/✅
3. LA Dodgers
4. Brewers/Mel Stottlemyre(P)/149-175/2/2/0/
5. Toronto Blue Jays
6. Padres/Dave Duncan(P)/161-163/1/1/0/✅
7. Washington Nats
8. Mets/Mookie Wilson(F)0-0
9. Miami Marlins
10. A’s/Bob Melvin(F)/0-0
11. Pirates/Bob Walk(P)/176-153/0/0/0/✅
12. Rangers/Ray Miller(P)/167-167/0/0/0/
13. Houston Astros
14. White Sox/Ozzie Guillen(F)/81-81/0/0/0/
15. Reds/Jack McKeon(F)/79-83/0/1/0
16. Rockies/Trevor Story(F)/238-110/0/0/0/
17. Baltimore Orioles
18. Detroit Tigers
19. Red Sox/John Farrell(F)0-0
21. D’backs/Bud Black(P)0-0
22. Indians/Frank Robinson(F)/153-171/1/1/1/
23. Twins/Harmon Killibrew(F)/98-79/0/0/0/
24. Braves/Matt Tuiasosopo(F)/174-150/0/0/0✅
25. Cardinals/Al Hrabosky(P)/193-147/0/0/0✅
26. Giants/Manny Parra(P)/170-155/0/0/0/
27. Mariners/Lou Pinella(F)/155-169/0/0/0/✅
28. Philadelphia Phillies
29. Cubs/
30. Royals/Whitey Herzog(F)/169-155/0/0/0/

Fired Managers
Cubs/Ryne Sandberg-66-96
D’backs/Randy Johnson-69-93
Yankees/Aaron Boone-60-102
Red Sox/Joey Cora-54-108
Reds/Johnny Bench-68-94
Cubs/David Ross-67-95
Red Sox/Dwight Evans-58-104
A’s/Dick Williams-65-97
Mets/Leo Mazzone-138-186✅


2nd Rd Pick Forfeited
Angels 2nd-(Ohtani,Correa drop)
Padres 2nd-(Naylor,Mejia drop)
Royals 2nd-(Thompson drop)
Giants 2nd-(Claudio,German drop)
Mets 2nd-(Lewis,Comer drop)


Team-Player Request-Position Change
1. Colorado Rockies-RP Rex Brothers
2. LA Dodgers-SP Tim Belcher
3. SF Giants-
4. Minnesota Twins-OF Torii Hunter
5. St.Louis Cardinals-OF Willie McGee
6. Miami Marlins-
7. Detroit Tigers-
8. Atlanta Braves-OF Dusty Baker
9. Texas Rangers-
10. Toronto Blue Jays-1B John Olerud
11. Kansas City Royals-SP Jackson Kowar
12. Tampa Bay Rays-
13.LA Angels-OF Mike Trout jr
14.Houston Astros-
15.Chicago White Sox-RP Roberto Hernandez
16. Seattle Mariners-RP Carson Smith
17. Baltimore Orioles-
18. Pittsburgh Pirates-OF Al Martin
19.Milwaukee Brewers-
20.Cincinnati Reds-OF Josh Hamilton
21. Cleveland Indians-RP Steve Mingori
22. San Diego Padres-RP Jose Castillo
23. Washington-Nationals-
24. Philadelphia Phillies-
25. NY Yankees-
26.Chicago Cubs(2)-C Rick Wilkins,RP Ben Leeper
27. Oakland A’s(2)-OF Ben Grieve,RP Andrew Bailey
28. New York Mets(2)-RP Roger McDowell,Jacob deGrom jr
29. Boston Red Sox(2)-SS Hanley Ramirez,OF Ellis Burks
30. Arizona D’backs(2)-SP Matt Tabor,1B Travis Lee

Free Agent Demands

Diamond Mind Licenced Agents:
Jerry Macguire(Dock12)-SP Jordan Yamamoto-signs with Tigers
Scott Boras
Dan Lozano(ELGOATO)-RP Josh Hader-Signs with Mets
Steve Veltman(TScholtes)-1B Kent Hrbek-Signs with Padres
J.D. Smart(expatbama)-OF Justin Upton-Signs with Tigers
Drew Rosenhaus(Phenoms)-SS Keith Rider-Signs with Cards
Jay-Z(JayHay412)-SP Jim Smoltz-Signs with Cards
Bob Sugar(Baltimorechop)-2B Manny Freeman-Signs with White Sox
E. Presley Ent-
Joel Wolfe(trading post)-SP Alexander Wells-Signs with Red Sox

Yori Darvish $10/9-Pirates
Tyler Glasnow $7/1-Red Sox
Riley O’brien $5/4-Angels
Keith Gausman $3/10-Rockies

Hank Robles $11/9-Cardinals
Kolby Allard $8/2-Giants
Tim Henke $8/10-Cardinals
Shelton Miller $21/1-White Sox
Eduard Bazardo $10/5-Red Sox
Steve Goff $10/5-Padres
Tanner Rogers $10/8-Mets

Sean Casey $8/1-Giants

Jerry Rollins $8/10-Mariners
Billy Larkin $10/9-Mets

Nick Bartley $21/1-White Sov
Heinie Peasley $1/6-Angels

Willie Wilson $10/1-Tigers
John Jay $6/4-Giants
Chris Blackmon$1/7-Mets
Victor Robles $21/1-White Sox

Victor Martinez $3/4-Padres

Past Champions

2019- LA Dodgers(Lordhawke)
2020- Houston Astros(pskeane)
2021-St. Louis Cardinals(chubbach24)
2022- St.Louis Cardinals(chubbach24)
2023-Tampa Bay Rays(borg3127)
2024-Atlanta Braves(TScholtes)
2025-Colorado Rockies(baltimorechop)
2026-Baltimore Orioles(baltimorehopeful)
2027-LA Angels(Dock12)
2028-Colorado Rockies(baltimorechop)

Traded Picks/Prospect/Former Players

Marlins 2nd to Rockies(Dunn trade)
Rockies 2nd to Marlins(Dunn trade)

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Manny Freeman is taking his talents to the north side of Chicago. The Chisox signed Freeman to a $50 mil deal; $10/yr over 5 years.
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