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WildThing (Crawfords) at 5/29/2020 11:18 AM: 3 out of the 4 playoff series go to game 7!
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 5/29/2020 11:10 AM: Going to games 7.
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 5/29/2020 4:38 AM: Day off given for travel
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 5/28/2020 1:38 PM: Day off granted for travel
gossamer (Pirates) at 5/4/2020 9:17 AM: it appears my team is way worse than i thought it would be. my strategy is a failure.
wolfie (Comets) at 5/2/2020 3:08 PM: Shhhhh. Don't jinx me.
WildThing (Crawfords) at 5/2/2020 9:33 AM: plus 77 LOL
WildThing (Crawfords) at 5/2/2020 9:32 AM: 77, that is
WildThing (Crawfords) at 5/2/2020 9:31 AM: Wow! Comits have a 77 run differential...now THAT is impressive!
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 5/1/2020 12:04 PM: That is real nice.
gossamer (Pirates) at 4/27/2020 7:50 AM: nice!
WildThing (Crawfords) at 4/26/2020 8:41 AM: Woo Hoo! My Crawfords have been on a real tear lately 15-2 over the last 17 games! Hope that I haven't jinxed it. Good luck to everybody.
ayj88 (Crawfords) at 4/13/2020 5:42 PM: misclicked and joined the league sorry
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 3/28/2020 6:52 AM: Progression is run
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 3/24/2020 3:27 PM: Thanks Wolfie. Progression is going to be good for a lot of teams this pre season
wolfie (Comets) at 3/24/2020 12:18 PM: Congrats Stan on the sweep in the WS. Never stood a chance.
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 3/23/2020 6:25 AM: How, the home team did not win a game in our series. Not seen that before.
Crackpot (Pacifics) at 3/22/2020 10:19 AM: Home field disadvantage for the Dukes and Pacifics
Gman15 (Bisons) at 3/15/2020 6:18 AM: Okay so I'm officially the worst wild card playoff team two years running. Lol. I need at least one more season before some of my guys hit their better stats.
Gman15 (Bisons) at 2/26/2020 3:45 AM: Ugh, I need some of my people to progress to some decent seasons. This is getting ugly. Lol.
Crackpot (Pacifics) at 2/19/2020 10:14 PM: Crazy how the Pacific's are up by 14 when the pathag says it should be 1 game. Doesn't bode well for the SRP's postseason. I imagine the Royals speed and defensive attack will spell doom for my homer-happy boys in the first round, again.
crackpot (Pacifics) at 2/17/2020 6:30 PM: This is like the NHL, the regular season doesn't even matter when so many teams get into the postseason
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 2/12/2020 5:14 AM: I know exactly what your saying gossamer, my team is up and down like a yo-yo.
gossamer (Pirates) at 2/10/2020 8:36 AM: followed 7 straight losses with 5 straight wins
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 2/2/2020 10:18 AM: Cupid Childs Grand Slam in the top of the 10th beats the Yankees.
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 2/2/2020 5:52 AM: The answer to that is the intentional walk. lol
crackpot (Pacifics) at 2/2/2020 1:20 AM: Gossamer is referring to the Pacifics' RF Wally Berger clobbering his closer Rod Beck for 2 walk off homers on consecutive nights.
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 2/1/2020 5:45 PM: I have been checking ages randomly on teams. If you have a age of a player of a player that doesn't match baseball-reference, let me know so I can change it before next progression. Stan
gossamer (Pirates) at 1/31/2020 8:26 AM: i call BS on these season 2 sims! grr
DukeBlues (Dukes) at 1/30/2020 5:01 AM: Ron Howard 11th inning HR is enough to beat the Bison 1-0