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Darren (Twins) at 2/27/2020 5:28 PM: Hello all, new here. I guess I have some work to do with the Twins. Good luck to everyone
willbhere (Mets) at 2/24/2020 2:28 AM: No need. I got a catcher in trade that is holding his own while my starter is injured.
bip (Dodgers) at 2/23/2020 5:59 PM: You can play him there, but i expect his D will be atrocious :-)
willbhere (Mets) at 2/21/2020 9:25 PM: I am wondering if Currie should play everyday. A three homer and 8 rbi night. Can I switch him to catcher?
willbhere (Mets) at 2/21/2020 9:24 PM: Thanks for that. Catcher McCartney out 20 games. Yikes, what is the setting? Anyone have a catcher better than Realmuto they can trade?
bip (Dodgers) at 2/17/2020 3:55 PM: The Mets are back!
willbhere (Mets) at 2/17/2020 6:15 AM: Cesar Hernandez singles with two outs in the 9th to break up the nono.
willbhere (Mets) at 2/17/2020 6:15 AM: Juliozach appearing everywhere!
bip (Dodgers) at 2/16/2020 7:47 AM: As are yours, welcome aboard!
JulioZach (Twins) at 2/16/2020 6:36 AM: Oakland please
bip (Dodgers) at 2/16/2020 4:40 AM: Done and Welcome!
Yankees1927 (Twins) at 2/15/2020 10:23 PM: Can I be the Royals?
Electro (Orioles) at 2/14/2020 8:56 PM: Lol must have injuries turned up
bip (Dodgers) at 2/14/2020 7:17 PM: You can view all players currently injured under the Moves menu in the red navigation bar at the top...
electro (Orioles) at 2/14/2020 5:27 PM: How can I see if I lead this league in players and total games out for injuries?
bip (Dodgers) at 2/9/2020 6:20 PM: Enjoy the season everyon!
bip (Dodgers) at 2/9/2020 6:20 PM: Play ball!
electro (Orioles) at 2/9/2020 3:45 PM: Hey I'm new here and want some fun and not being selfish. Let's have fun.
electro (Orioles) at 2/9/2020 3:44 PM: Any trading is welcome..
electro (Orioles) at 2/7/2020 11:22 PM: Yay!! My picks ended up like a backflip on a bike and landing on their heaad result. Let's get on with the season!
electro (Orioles) at 2/7/2020 2:41 PM: Ok. Sounds like the stage is getting set for forward progress. Won't be able to check till late tonight as I'm going to a concert tonight. Good luck with waiver draft success!!!
bip (Dodgers) at 2/7/2020 3:36 AM: Eight teams are already at 40 and some are at 39, so 48 will be plenty
willbhere (Mets) at 2/6/2020 6:35 PM: You might be okay. Perhaps not all teams are drafting.
electro (Orioles) at 2/6/2020 4:26 PM: Sorry. 48 Players
electro (Orioles) at 2/6/2020 3:56 PM: too much clicking for the 3rd time. I can't enter 38 players for 2 rounds. I'll just settle for 1 I guess
bip (Dodgers) at 2/6/2020 3:23 PM: Waivers have not been run yet (tomorrow night). I do see you have a list of claims in tho goodfella
Goodfella (Yankees) at 2/6/2020 5:58 AM: Never mind, i think i looked at the results from the last supplem3ntal draft. Sorry
Goodfella (Yankees) at 2/6/2020 5:57 AM: Hey, i preranked 20nplayers on waiver wire and picked 7th but i got no players, why?
bip (Dodgers) at 2/5/2020 8:31 AM: Same order throughout. Based on last season’s standings.
Goodfella (Yankees) at 2/5/2020 7:31 AM: Is it snake draft or same.order throughout?
bip (Dodgers) at 2/5/2020 6:42 AM: I have updated the sched above to give a bit more time
bip (Dodgers) at 2/5/2020 6:42 AM: Doing manually would take a week. Waivers is simple. Go to the free agent pool. Click on the player you want. Click on Sign Player, and it willtake you to the waiver oage. PM me or Willbhere if you have any Qs. System is relatively easy touse once you know it
electro (Orioles) at 2/5/2020 1:09 AM: Do you still have the previous 2 lists we all have submitted? Was thinking you could use thoem this time around and manually do it. Thanks.. I have to work over late tonight and cannot meet your new deadline.
electro (Orioles) at 2/5/2020 1:06 AM: So how do you want us to submit for waivers? A list,individuallystill free? I'm still learning your league and what format you expect when running waivers.
bip (Dodgers) at 2/4/2020 7:25 PM: Just finished work. Sched updated LM with. Ext steps sent
electro (Orioles) at 2/4/2020 2:53 PM: When will the updated schedule be updated above?
bip (Dodgers) at 2/1/2020 9:17 AM: Right away
electro (Orioles) at 2/1/2020 4:58 AM: So after you clear rank list today how long before we can re-rank?
bip (Dodgers) at 2/1/2020 4:33 AM: :-)
bip (Dodgers) at 2/1/2020 4:32 AM: Electro?
electro (Orioles) at 1/30/2020 4:38 PM: Bip?
electro (Orioles) at 1/29/2020 4:42 PM: Good Luck Everybody!! Glad to be here!!
bip (Dodgers) at 1/25/2020 7:10 PM: As above, re-draft will be 9pm on the 27th
electro (Orioles) at 1/25/2020 6:31 PM: so new deadline?
electro (Orioles) at 1/25/2020 6:30 PM: sheet that's a lot of re work
bip (Dodgers) at 1/25/2020 9:57 AM: Reminder of supplemental draft tonight. Good talent available so do your ranking...
bip (Dodgers) at 1/22/2020 4:50 PM: If you want to participate in the draft your roster needs to be below 40
bip (Dodgers) at 1/22/2020 4:49 PM: Reminder that deadline to reduce rosters is tonight
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/22/2020 9:22 AM: Best of luck to everyone moving forward. I will be moving on.
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/22/2020 9:18 AM: Doesn't need to be a superdraft, but there needs to be a draft for teams to have a CHANCE to get those younger players who are really good and develop them. What you have now is a system that is unfair to owners trying to come in and take pver for teams that were poorly managed. My team has 3 people TOTAL with a rank over 80.......the next lowest team has 8. There commissioner's job is to make sure there is balance and that everything is fair for all players in their league. In this case, I am sorry, but you have not done that
bip (Dodgers) at 1/22/2020 3:19 AM: A rebuild does not happen in one offseason. There will be more players available next offseason, please the 2020 imports when they come in. A contender is not built in a single offseason and it would be unfair to the owners who have invested time and effort in building their teams if others could become overnight contenders due to a superdraft. The draft is also only one tool available for contender-building. Trades are equally important. I am not changing the draft class at this point
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/21/2020 7:58 PM: Stimulating teams and allowing them to rebuild and be competetive again. With the current options, I honestly feel like bad teams will NEVER be able to make up the ground to contend, and I don't know anyone who plays the game who wants to play and lose every season
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/21/2020 7:55 PM: A draft every year would provide 90 players every year, and should have a 1st round where teams could get players with a lot better rankings than the choices provided with the current option
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/21/2020 7:45 PM: There are 77 Players in the Free Agent pool currently available under the age of 27 that can progress yes, BUT......47 of those 77 are relievers, which is not a vital position when it comes to drafting. Also, of the 77, 34 are under the rank of 25, which helps nobody. I have looked and studied this, and unfortunately, this league is not working with it's current setup to provide owners that have come into bad teams with a viable opportunity to improve their teams. There are no contracts, so teams can hold all their younger players as long as they choose.
bip (Dodgers) at 1/21/2020 6:15 PM: I count 56 player from 2016 added to the FA pool who are still progressing upwards. I think that should be plenty for one offseason of imports...
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/20/2020 8:46 PM: I personally wish we were doing a 3 round drft class to bring the youth into the game. Doesn't help the back markers to be drafting 35 year olds that are declining
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/20/2020 8:45 PM: Yes and No.....from what I saw all the good players are too old.....teams like me that need a full rebuild aren't getting a whiole lot of value with this I feel.
bip (Dodgers) at 1/20/2020 6:51 PM: Lotsof good picks in the top 10-15, you should get a very good player...
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/20/2020 6:07 PM: Going to be very interesting to see who falls to me at #6 here
bip (Dodgers) at 1/17/2020 8:28 PM: We have a majority wanting to move to some kind of first crack. I willcastthe deciding voteto say that we will go from 16 backwards with players added to the FA pool. Will try and load them up this weekend...
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/16/2020 9:12 PM: So the deadline passed and we have no clear decision......what do we do now ??
bip (Dodgers) at 1/14/2020 7:41 PM: Too funny
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/13/2020 5:04 PM: 17 now, and still tied lol
bip (Dodgers) at 1/12/2020 7:33 PM: We are at 16,almost there...but still a tie :-)
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/11/2020 3:36 PM: I'm more concerned that the poll has been up for a while now, and only 12 of 30 owners have voted ...more inactivity then activity
Goodfella (Yankees) at 1/11/2020 3:20 PM: I think 3 round draft works best. Can i suggest going to like 1980 and import guys under 23 for a draft and continue from there? Would be cool.to see some old school.players imported...imagine donnie baseball on the yankees again...haha
Goodfella (Yankees) at 1/11/2020 3:18 PM: I broke that tie.....
Ndekar (Cubs) at 1/8/2020 4:16 PM: Cubs have voted. Keep up the good work Bip. Thanks as always.
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/8/2020 4:15 PM: Being one of the newer guys here, I'm in my 1st off-season, so everyone that has been here has more of an idea as to what is best for the league, but after looking at some of the rosters, I feel like there is a very large divide between the have's and have not's here, and trying to find a way to balance it would be nice. As is, I don't have any clue how I am going to be able to improve my team unless there was a draft where the better players would be available to the worse teams. Definitely willing to listen to how others see things
bip (Dodgers) at 1/8/2020 3:54 PM: See league message and poll for possible rule changes
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 1/8/2020 2:01 PM: So can we cut the fat now ?? Have almost half a team I want to get rid of
jwbsavages (Reds) at 1/7/2020 7:21 AM: hi i was wondering if any of you guys want to join aa college baseball league go find college baseball 2020
bip (Dodgers) at 1/6/2020 7:11 PM: Welcome jwbsavages!
jwbsavages (Reds) at 1/6/2020 7:32 AM: hey goodfella could you switch teams with me
jwbsavages (Reds) at 1/6/2020 7:32 AM: hello i just joined
Mike1670 (Diamondbacks) at 1/3/2020 1:10 PM: Congrats brewers! I’m gonna head out of this league. Have fun and good luck all!
bip (Dodgers) at 1/2/2020 4:55 AM: And we have our 9th different WS winner in as many seasons...
bip (Dodgers) at 1/2/2020 4:54 AM: Brewers take the WS in dramatic fashion, scoring the winning runwith two outs in the bottom of the 9th in hame 7...great Series!
bip (Dodgers) at 1/1/2020 6:09 PM: Angels rally from 0-3 to for e game 7! Best of luck to both teams...
bip (Dodgers) at 1/1/2020 11:32 AM: Day off granted after g5
bip (Dodgers) at 12/31/2019 3:23 AM: Day off granted after g2
bip (Dodgers) at 12/29/2019 3:35 AM: Day off granted before WS
bip (Dodgers) at 12/28/2019 5:32 AM: Day off granted after g5
bip (Dodgers) at 12/27/2019 3:26 AM: Day off granted after g2
bip (Dodgers) at 12/26/2019 5:50 PM: Day off granted before LCS
bip (Dodgers) at 12/22/2019 2:07 PM: Day off granted after g2
bip (Dodgers) at 12/21/2019 5:32 AM: Day off granted before LDS
bip (Dodgers) at 12/19/2019 6:10 PM: A number of singke season stat records broken this year...
bip (Dodgers) at 12/2/2019 3:17 AM: No problem. We have made a couple of rule changes recently to hopefully help the rebuilding teams (switched to full imports from new rosters, lowered the nu ber of protectable players before the draft, and switched from open FA to waivers)
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 12/1/2019 9:06 PM: Thank You for the reply. I saw that there is a lot going on, and what happened happened. Was just wondering so I could get caught up more with the past of the league and it totally makes sense , being in many other leagues where this has happened, so again, thank you for the reply and info
bip (Dodgers) at 12/1/2019 5:36 PM: *we have had 8 different champs in each of our 8 seasons...
bip (Dodgers) at 12/1/2019 5:35 PM: Hi joey. W hae different camps in our eight seasons and some of them are definitely teams that have come in and re-built. My Dodgers were pretty mediocre the first couple of seasons. Focus on making the playoffs, once there anything can happen (To respond to your point Topp, i rebuilt my team before i became commish - original commish ryansexpress left PC and randomly put me in charge...appy to hand the reins to anyone who would like to take over...)
Topps (Braves) at 12/1/2019 6:17 AM: How did that happen
Topps (Braves) at 12/1/2019 6:17 AM: Yeah, just joined. The commissioners team is stacked!!
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 11/30/2019 7:38 PM: As the last owner to join here, I do notice that there is a SEVERE lack of talent between the top tiers of teams and the bottom tiers, but, I also do not know what the owners of the bottom tier teams did in the previous seasons to cause that, so I cannot in any way blame the commissioner for that. I can, however, ask if there is any way that this is fixable, as I don't seem to see a lot of competition or chatter going on, which makes me wonder how active and happy owners are here.
bip (Dodgers) at 11/29/2019 4:28 AM: Thanks all!
bip (Dodgers) at 11/29/2019 4:27 AM: This, and i think most of you have heard me say this before...i would actually prefer not to be commish of the league and would love it if someone wanted to volunteer to take over. (The original commish ryansexpress quit PC and just put me in charge because i was an active owner). I will gladly give up the helm if anyone would like to be commish :-)
bip (Dodgers) at 11/29/2019 4:25 AM: Seond, my Dodgers, who seem to be great in the regular season, have NEVER won (hoping that can change this year!)
bip (Dodgers) at 11/29/2019 4:24 AM: Sorry to see deyanksfan go, but i feel i should clarify/respond to a couple of points he raised. Firstly, i think this league does have great parity. It has existed for 8 seasons and we have had 8 different winners.
deyanksfan (Braves) at 11/28/2019 3:48 PM: mlb 2018 needs another fresh start lol, good luck everyone
deyanksfan (Braves) at 11/28/2019 3:47 PM: I never drop a league mid-season but my team lineup is set and I did all that could with the roster, sorry I didn't notice the parity discrepancy earlier
deyanksfan (Braves) at 11/28/2019 3:45 PM: The commish's team is unbeatable, look at all those 90 ratings on the roster, and they're all in their 20s, sorry I'm going to find another league with more parity
willbhere (Mets) at 11/25/2019 10:11 PM: Padres single in the bottom of the 8th breaks up the no-hitter.
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 11/24/2019 11:04 AM: Right now I am just trying to stabelize them but the talent discrepancy between the top and bottom of the league is crazy. KC DESPERATELY needs more talent.
bip (Dodgers) at 11/24/2019 3:29 AM: Offseason will provide some good opportunities to inject talent
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 11/20/2019 2:30 PM: WOW this one is going to be tough.
willbhere (Mets) at 11/18/2019 10:27 PM: Welcome Joey!~
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 11/18/2019 6:04 PM: TY Bip
bip (Dodgers) at 11/18/2019 3:55 PM: Welcome to the league joey!
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 11/18/2019 1:55 PM: Will take me a bit to get acclimated, but will do my best to make sure the Royals are managed daily and will hope to improve them
JoeyT2870 (Royals) at 11/18/2019 1:31 PM: Well.....looks like you have a full league of owners now !!
willbhere (Mets) at 11/18/2019 1:48 AM: Lowe out for 30 games. Ouch.
willbhere (Mets) at 11/14/2019 10:22 PM: Looking for a 5th starter that can hold their own.
bip (Dodgers) at 11/10/2019 7:16 PM: Play ball!
bip (Dodgers) at 11/6/2019 3:43 AM: I stupidly forget to turn ranking on, sorry all. You can now rank players for the draft.
bip (Dodgers) at 10/26/2019 3:57 AM: Depth means a lot for sure and your Mets had plenty of it!
willbhere (Mets) at 10/25/2019 10:31 PM: I have to say adding Realmuto as a third catcher--while the stats do not look great--provided LoDuca-type intangibles, ah, that nasty word. But highly useful in playoffs when one has lost your starting catcher for most of it!
willbhere (Mets) at 10/25/2019 10:28 PM: Thank you! This is a tough league so I promise you will be seeing Alonso added to my lineup.
Tank (Marlins) at 10/25/2019 6:43 AM: Congrats willbhere
willbhere (Mets) at 10/24/2019 9:30 PM: Finally!
bip (Dodgers) at 10/24/2019 3:25 PM: Congrats to willbhere and the Mets on their WS win!
bip (Dodgers) at 10/21/2019 6:48 PM: Day off granted before ws
bip (Dodgers) at 10/20/2019 4:05 AM: Day off granted after G5
bip (Dodgers) at 10/19/2019 5:35 AM: Day off granted after G2
willbhere (Mets) at 10/18/2019 9:43 PM: Thank You McCartney for finding it easy to once again get injured at a crucial point. Thanks.
cajun81 (Rangers) at 10/16/2019 8:46 AM: Rangers b
bip (Dodgers) at 10/16/2019 3:17 AM: Day off granted after g2
ExpatBama (Orioles) at 10/14/2019 7:04 PM: Thx to all and good luck.
ExpatBama (Orioles) at 10/14/2019 7:03 PM: I’m rearranging leagues so will step aside and let someone take over during offseason.
cajun81 (Rangers) at 10/13/2019 8:39 AM: 108??? Not bad I need me about
cajun81 (Rangers) at 9/29/2019 7:03 AM: Let’s go then lol I have 2 big injuries I’m dealing with so on a 5 game skid
francispeters (Twins) at 9/28/2019 9:41 AM: when i set up my team to play we wanna each game hard to win.
cajun81 (Rangers) at 9/28/2019 6:30 AM: Lol I need a sp
bip (Dodgers) at 9/27/2019 4:59 AM: No contracts i this league :-)
cajun81 (Rangers) at 9/25/2019 10:05 PM: Anyone looking for contract relief
cajun81 (Rangers) at 9/20/2019 10:09 PM: 15-1 last 16
francispeters (Twins) at 9/20/2019 9:48 AM: we want to win every game
francispeters (Twins) at 9/20/2019 9:47 AM: acquired Hazelbaker for OF and speed on roster. We have no too much speed. Krys Bryant as a bust in the roster for Twins. Good luck Orioles
francispeters (Twins) at 9/20/2019 9:45 AM: in final no attack to swipe the Royals. But our team perfectly set. Next season Twins dangerous
cajun81 (Rangers) at 9/18/2019 5:37 PM: Hey anyone looking to get rid of a sp
Shadow134 (Astros) at 9/18/2019 1:09 PM: this is awful i'm 3 and 10 in my past 13 games
bip (Dodgers) at 9/13/2019 3:34 AM: Welcome billymac giants are unfortunately already claimed
billymac1960 (Athletics) at 9/12/2019 11:32 AM: Just joined. Would like the Giants since they are available
Jrusso (Athletics) at 9/11/2019 7:24 PM: J can I have the Giants please
cajun81 (Rangers) at 9/10/2019 8:10 AM: Finally playing good baseball
Goodfella (Yankees) at 9/7/2019 5:21 AM: Mikolas and possibly grey can be made available cajun if they interest you
cajun81 (Rangers) at 9/6/2019 8:09 AM: Anyone looking to trade ...wanting sp
treyw33 (Tigers) at 9/5/2019 11:00 PM: Can I have braves
cajun81 (Tigers) at 9/5/2019 4:59 PM: I mean rangers
cajun81 (Tigers) at 9/5/2019 4:58 PM: Can I have astros
bip (Dodgers) at 9/4/2019 6:11 PM: Play ball!
bip (Dodgers) at 8/31/2019 5:49 PM: Chisox yours
Baberuth21 (Tigers) at 8/31/2019 8:34 AM: I just joined. Can I have the White Sox please?
Roadmap (Rockies) at 8/26/2019 3:32 PM: Congrats Rangers !
bip (Dodgers) at 8/22/2019 3:08 AM: Congrats to JHarkins and the Rangers on their WS win!
bip (Dodgers) at 8/21/2019 3:25 AM: Day off granted after game 5
bip (Dodgers) at 8/19/2019 4:20 PM: Day off granted sfter game 2
bip (Dodgers) at 8/18/2019 3:48 AM: Day off gtanted
Zigwiggity (Blue Jays) at 8/16/2019 2:18 PM: Bip*
Zigwiggity (Blue Jays) at 8/16/2019 2:18 PM: Need to drop a league, thanks for all your hard work But!
bip (Dodgers) at 8/15/2019 5:32 PM: Day off granted after game 2
bip (Dodgers) at 8/13/2019 7:37 PM: Day off granted before LCS
bip (Dodgers) at 8/12/2019 6:44 PM: Day off granted
bip (Dodgers) at 8/7/2019 4:32 PM: Only the playoffs matter :-)
wolfie (Indians) at 8/7/2019 1:24 PM: 128 wins for the Dodgers! Holy crap
bip (Dodgers) at 6/5/2019 7:54 PM: No contracts, correct. And welcome!
mattt21 (Red Sox) at 6/5/2019 6:40 AM: No contracts in this league?
bip (Dodgers) at 5/23/2019 3:47 PM: Still a couple of import requests coming in so draft will be delayed one day. Schedule above adjusted
bip (Dodgers) at 5/20/2019 3:37 PM: He will in 2019 :-)
lasershow (Brewers) at 5/19/2019 6:37 PM: If only Freddy Peralta had 100 innings...
bip (Dodgers) at 5/18/2019 11:34 AM: Welcome LTD
bip (Dodgers) at 5/18/2019 11:34 AM: Minimums are 200AB, 100IP (SP) and 25IP (RP)
Jayslater1223 (Braves) at 5/18/2019 7:08 AM: I actually think Im gonna bow out, Bip.. No hard feelings. Let me know,if you ever get 2 Scoops running..
JaySlater1223 (Braves) at 5/18/2019 6:34 AM: Whats the AB/IP threshold? I have like nobody.
bip (Dodgers) at 5/17/2019 4:51 PM: Send your import requests by 05/22
bip (Dodgers) at 5/17/2019 4:45 PM: Progressions run
bip (Dodgers) at 5/17/2019 4:45 PM: Contracts cleared
bip (Dodgers) at 5/17/2019 4:45 PM: Stats cleared
dkiley47 (White Sox) at 5/17/2019 3:53 PM: Sorry guys I gotta drop the league. Way too busy and not a fan of where the leagues going sorry!
bip (Dodgers) at 5/13/2019 6:37 PM: Ok we got 19 votes, that is enough of a consensus. I will post upate ased an a couple of league architecture simplifications. Thanks to everyone who voted
bip (Dodgers) at 5/9/2019 5:21 PM: Would like to get 2/3 of owner voting, so will leave poll up until we hit 20 votes...
willbhere (Mets) at 5/7/2019 6:46 PM: Congratulations!
Tank (Marlins) at 5/6/2019 1:41 PM: Congrats o the CUBS on WS win
Roadmap (Rockies) at 5/6/2019 6:50 AM: Congrats CHcC ! ! 🎉
Bip (Dodgers) at 5/6/2019 3:30 AM: Congrats to ndekar and tne Cubs for their WS win!
Bip (Dodgers) at 5/4/2019 7:00 PM: Day off granted after game 2
Bip (Dodgers) at 5/4/2019 5:06 PM: Never seen that before...
Ndekar (Cubs) at 5/4/2019 6:42 AM: Interesting. Cubs win game one of the world series without the benefit of a hit.
Bip (Dodgers) at 5/3/2019 4:30 AM: Two days off granted after LCS
jageraloha (Angels) at 5/1/2019 8:33 AM: helluva time for Trout to get hurt
Bip (Dodgers) at 5/1/2019 4:21 AM: Day off granted after game 5
Bip (Dodgers) at 4/30/2019 3:11 AM: Day off granted after game 2
ExpatBama (Orioles) at 4/28/2019 7:44 AM: Great pitching Angels! Good luck in Series....
bip (Dodgers) at 4/28/2019 4:01 AM: Day off granted after LCS
bip (Dodgers) at 4/26/2019 4:11 PM: Day off granted after game 2
bip (Dodgers) at 4/24/2019 5:23 AM: Day off granted after wc games
bip (Dodgers) at 4/23/2019 5:19 AM: Divisional trophies and player awards granted
bip (Dodgers) at 4/23/2019 5:04 AM: Sumner hits a two-out, three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth to give the Astros a dramatic 4-3 win in the tiebreaker!
bip (Dodgers) at 4/21/2019 7:40 PM: Tiebreaker to be played Monday 8pm est
JaySlater1223 (Braves) at 4/21/2019 3:59 AM: We putzed around, putzed around.. No dice. No playoffs for Atlanta this year. Time for a retool. Braves are selling this offseason, get your draft picks ready...
bip (Dodgers) at 4/20/2019 7:23 PM: Regular season has come to a close. Rays and Astros will play a tiebreaker for the second AL wildcard. Will set it up tomorrow...
bip (Dodgers) at 4/7/2019 4:53 PM: We are now at the trade deadline. Trades will be turned off tomorrow evening around 8pm est
Jayslater1223 (Braves) at 3/11/2019 4:36 PM: Talk to Guy. Is it still stalled w we shoulda played one more game (I remember because my Yanks are 1 gm back. Lol) Definitely shoot me an invite. Id LOVE to get my Yanks back so I can keep losing to Bip in the end anyway..
Jayslater1223 (Braves) at 3/11/2019 4:36 PM: Talk to Guy. Is it still stalled w we shoulda played one more game (I remember because my Yanks are 1 gm back. Lol) Definitely shoot me an invite. Id LOVE to get my Yanks back so I can keep losing to Bip in the end anyway..
bip (Dodgers) at 3/10/2019 7:11 PM: Awesome! I dont have commish access...
Willbhere (Mets) at 3/9/2019 6:37 AM: I can resurrect it once I get moved abroad. That should happen by late next week. Give some more time for adjustment and I can start on it. Can anyone get me added as vice or commish?
bip (Dodgers) at 3/7/2019 3:51 PM: Not yet. I love that league. I would run it myself if i had any time...
Jayslater1223 (Braves) at 3/4/2019 12:07 PM: Hey Bip, did Coach's old league 2 Scoops ever get resurrected ?
Tank (Marlins) at 2/21/2019 3:12 PM: sounds like a great plan
bip (Dodgers) at 2/21/2019 12:29 PM: Ok by me
willbhere (Mets) at 2/21/2019 11:44 AM: What do you guys think of each owner being able to opt out of one contract each off season?
lasershow (Brewers) at 2/20/2019 9:08 AM: Any combination of P in MIL minors can be had for a pick (minus Gio)
lasershow (Brewers) at 2/19/2019 2:05 PM: Milwaukee needs to drop some roster spots, looking to trade
bip (Dodgers) at 2/13/2019 3:34 AM: Hoping to bet to 20 votes in the poll. If you havent votes, pleasedo
lasershow (Brewers) at 2/12/2019 9:27 AM: Anyone in need of SP, I have Anderson and Chatwood available, maybe some to others too
Roadmap (Rockies) at 2/10/2019 9:54 AM: Thanks !
bip (Dodgers) at 2/10/2019 4:48 AM: I am easy, whatever you guys want will be ok by me. Let’s see where the poll lands
Ndekar (Cubs) at 2/10/2019 4:16 AM: I don't know how the poll is going to go, but can I suggest if we make a change its effective next season? Just don't think it would be fair to make a change in season for those of us who have worked at the 40/$150 premise.
bip (Dodgers) at 2/2/2019 7:58 PM: Welcome rosdmap, great to have you in the league
willbhere (Mets) at 2/2/2019 3:01 PM: Welcome Roadmap. Vote in the poll.
bip (Dodgers) at 2/2/2019 4:48 AM: If anyone voted in the poll btw 715am est and 745am est you will have to revote, apologies
bip (Dodgers) at 2/1/2019 4:41 PM: Sorry for delay gents, couple of crazy days at work. I will get caught up over the weekend. For the record, the 5:00pm bid on bush is after the deadline so does not count (bidding closed At 5:00:00, sorry jageraloha)
Jayslater1223 (Braves) at 2/1/2019 1:38 PM: Yeah with $10 in cap space, I gave up days ago. Lol
dkiley47 (White Sox) at 2/1/2019 10:48 AM: Wow 29 a year for a player who has barely played...
bip (Dodgers) at 1/31/2019 5:04 PM: BIDDING IS CLOSED
jageraloha (Angels) at 1/31/2019 5:00 PM: SS John Bush $29/8=$232
Jrusso (Giants) at 1/31/2019 4:59 PM: SS John Bush $28/8=$224
jageraloha (Angels) at 1/31/2019 4:59 PM: SS John Bush $30/7=$210
willbhere (Mets) at 1/31/2019 3:44 PM: Bidding updated. One hour and 15 minutes till close.
willbhere (Mets) at 1/31/2019 3:43 PM: Martinez bid is too late.
MookieDingers (Red Sox) at 1/31/2019 12:41 PM: Sp Carlos Martinez $8/3= $24
crazza_15 (Astros) at 1/31/2019 8:16 AM: SS John Bush $26/8=$208
crazza_15 (Astros) at 1/31/2019 8:13 AM: RP Bret Stammer $5/10=$50
crazza_15 (Astros) at 1/31/2019 6:19 AM: disregard the last two offers I made I was looking at the free agent list in my other league lol
crazza_15 (Astros) at 1/31/2019 6:04 AM: SP Stevie Mack 10$/6=60
crazza_15 (Astros) at 1/31/2019 5:58 AM: RP Zach Britton $6/3= 18
crazza_15 (Astros) at 1/31/2019 5:45 AM: looking to trade Altuve message if interested
lasershow (Brewers) at 1/31/2019 5:21 AM: RP Bret Stammer $5/9=$45
Ndekar (Cubs) at 1/30/2019 7:09 PM: Whose going to blink first. Good old fashioned pissing match for Bush.
Jrusso (Giants) at 1/30/2019 7:01 PM: SS John Bush $26/7=$182
jageraloha (Angels) at 1/30/2019 4:53 PM: SS John Bush $25/7=$175
NDekar (Cubs) at 1/30/2019 3:59 PM: i think sale was done mookie, but wait for an update to be sure
MookieDingers (Red Sox) at 1/30/2019 12:04 PM: SP Chris Sale $13/4=$52
ExpatBama (Orioles) at 1/30/2019 8:38 AM: SP Carlos Martinez $7/3=$21
ExpatBama (Orioles) at 1/30/2019 8:36 AM: RP Bret Stammer $4/10=$40
bip (Dodgers) at 1/30/2019 3:29 AM: BIDDING WILL CLOSE AT 8PM EST THURSDAY
Jrusso (Giants) at 1/29/2019 5:41 PM: SP Carlos Martinez $6/3=$18
Jrusso (Giants) at 1/29/2019 5:40 PM: SS John Bush $24/7=$168
lasershow (Brewers) at 1/29/2019 3:55 PM: RP Bret Stammer $4/9=$36
willbhere (Mets) at 1/29/2019 3:26 PM: Bids updated above.
jageraloha (Angels) at 1/29/2019 1:53 PM: SS John Bush $21/7=$147
ExpatBama (Orioles) at 1/29/2019 11:45 AM: SP Carlos Martinez $7/2=$14
Jrusso (Giants) at 1/29/2019 8:06 AM: SS John Bush $20/7=$140
ExpatBama (Orioles) at 1/28/2019 10:18 PM: RP Bret Stammer $3/8=$24
ExpatBama (Orioles) at 1/28/2019 10:17 PM: RP David Hernandez $5/1=$5
ExpatBama (Orioles) at 1/28/2019 10:17 PM: RP David Hernandez $4/1=$4
jageraloha (Angels) at 1/28/2019 10:16 PM: SS John Bush $19/7=$133
jageraloha (Angels) at 1/28/2019 10:13 PM: RP Lorenzo Pagliarello $16/10=$160
Jrusso (Giants) at 1/28/2019 8:42 PM: SP Carlos Martinez $4/3=$12
Jrusso (Giants) at 1/28/2019 8:41 PM: SS John Bush $18/7=$126
Jrusso (Giants) at 1/28/2019 8:40 PM: AS John Bush $18/7=$126
Ndekar (Cubs) at 1/28/2019 5:50 PM: SP Chris sale $25/2yrs=$50
MookieDingers (Red Sox) at 1/28/2019 5:06 PM: Sp Corey Kluber $12/4yrs=$48
MookieDingers (Red Sox) at 1/28/2019 5:04 PM: Sp Chris Sale $12/4yrs= $48
willbhere (Mets) at 1/28/2019 3:31 PM: Bids updated above.
MIKEYYY (Rockies) at 1/28/2019 2:25 PM: Lorenzo Pagliarello $15/10=$150
jageraloha (Angels) at 1/28/2019 2:03 PM: Lorenzo Pagliarello $13/10=$130
Ndekar (Cubs) at 1/28/2019 1:52 PM: SP Chris sale $20/2yrs=$40
lasershow (Brewers) at 1/28/2019 1:06 PM: RP Bret Stammer $3/7=$21
MIKEYYY (Rockies) at 1/28/2019 12:43 PM: Lorenzo Pagliarello $12/10=$120
willbhere (Mets) at 1/28/2019 12:25 PM: Bids updated above. Please let me know of any errors.