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chas75reds (Ball) at 9/18/2020 5:24 PM: Made it! Thanks ... reviewing and planning.
metsrock2011 (Phillies) at 9/15/2020 6:16 PM: I figured. I was confused for a sec but it's ok. I'm sure Biznatch was concerned when he saw that he bid on way more players than he remembered haha
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 9/15/2020 4:18 PM: lol that's exactly what i did, i'll fix it tonight with the bids ending
metsrock2011 (Phillies) at 9/15/2020 9:22 AM: Also note to everyone- I'm pretty sure all the bids that say mets are my bids, I think borg confused my name with my team. I know at least most of them are
lasershow (Marlins) at 9/13/2020 1:10 PM: There's no team next to Cuthbert btw borg
stonemob (Rays) at 9/13/2020 12:43 AM: How did Round 2 shake out? We need some bodies down here in Tampa ... can't demote Franco because I don't even have 11 position players yet, lol.
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 9/10/2020 5:35 PM: gotta spend money to make money i guess :P
stonemob (Rays) at 9/10/2020 5:29 PM: I saw that. I’m like what did I miss?!!! ps Rated Borg a 5, fwiw.
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 9/10/2020 5:22 PM: thank you bip :)
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 9/10/2020 5:21 PM: i did miss you on the first round stonemob, but even your rebid was far too low, san diego went into triple digits for him
bip (Nationals) at 9/10/2020 5:16 PM: I think pace of this offseason is great and commish communications are very clear...kudos to borg3127
stonemob (Rays) at 9/10/2020 4:58 PM: What did we miss with Cotham?
stonemob (Rays) at 9/10/2020 4:56 PM: I’m in one right now that is a month ...
borg3127 (Rockies) at 9/10/2020 9:09 AM: Yeah the deadline shoulda been in the league message. A 2 week offseason is actually quite quick. Some of them go on for months on this site
stonemob (Rays) at 9/10/2020 9:07 AM: can't help it; I'm impatient to start next season and do better than we did last year :)
lasershow (Marlins) at 9/10/2020 5:48 AM: It's only been about two days since the bids were posted...
stonemob (Rays) at 9/9/2020 10:29 PM: Eesh. Thanks, laser. Taking forever.
lasershow (Marlins) at 9/9/2020 8:00 PM: Rebids are due tomorrow night 6pm CST, via borg in LM yesterday
stonemob (Rays) at 9/9/2020 2:10 PM: When is REBID round complete? (And we find out who overpaid for whom?)
sfgiantsfn (Giants) at 9/9/2020 9:15 AM: haha, the Koreans were a lot more exciting!
53080 (Brewers) at 9/9/2020 8:41 AM: thank goodness i got a chance to re-bid
53080 (Brewers) at 9/9/2020 8:41 AM: i did a little too much for cruz lol
lasershow (Marlins) at 9/9/2020 8:24 AM: That's why I didn't even put any bids in lol
Spaniels (Orioles) at 9/8/2020 8:29 PM: bidding for FA must be pretty high. I thought i put in at least a competitive offer for MadBum....not even in top 3! Too expensive for a SP heading for a decline IMO
jimgriddy (Royals) at 9/8/2020 4:14 PM: yes 4 losses is great no doubt. he had an era of 2.92 a respectable 1.200 whip. But remember, his team had 105 wins and was the #3 team in runs scored. Put him on a last place team and he's not 20-4. He had 19 QS in 31 starts. I have a feeling he would have been more like 12-12 on a weak team.
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/8/2020 1:23 PM: ya i mean for me...both teams were playoff teams...both gave up almost the exact same amount of runs and both had almost the exact same amount of QS. I'm with ya Rodriguez pitched better but i feel everyone has skewed W/L to the point they dont mean anything. Pearson had 4 losses in 31 starts...thats incredible.
53080 (Brewers) at 9/8/2020 12:46 PM: lasershow I'm sorry if I confused you. The trade was reversed and I'm just trying to figure custum leagues.
jimgriddy (Royals) at 9/8/2020 7:49 AM: for PC purposes, its whip, and mostly H/9 and K's. I will look a bit at oOBP, cause I agree. W-L doesn't hold much anymore. Through the 70's it meant a little more as good starters went a lot deeper into games. So they were mainly the ones to get a decision either way. When I play in the auto-favs leagues,I see older eras pitchers, and I am talking 60's-70's, with pitchers with double digit wins and losses. I mean like 17-18 wins with ERA's over 4 and WHIPS over 1.350! K rates under 5 our inning. W-L just doesn't mean the same thing any more.
metsrock2011 (Phillies) at 9/8/2020 7:30 AM: Tjmoss if you think that W-L is the most important stat, then its understandable why you believe Pearson deserved it. For me, not only was Rodriguez's era 9 points lower, but his WHiP was 23 points lower. Thats a big enough difference to be significant in voting for me. Wins are completely dependent on the team and kinda pointless to determining how good a pitcher is. Quality starts are better at determining whether a pitcher kept his team in the game. A pitcher can go 5 and give up 6 runs but as long as he comes out up 7-6 and his bullpen holds on he gets a win while another can throw a complete game 1 run gem and lose 1-0. There's too many variables outside the pitchers performance to base awards and valuations on win totals
53080 (Brewers) at 9/8/2020 7:24 AM: I also wanted another pitcher so I could develop one of the younger ones in the minors
53080 (Brewers) at 9/8/2020 7:22 AM: for future reference
53080 (Brewers) at 9/8/2020 7:22 AM: I just wanted to figure out how it worked
spaniels (Orioles) at 9/8/2020 2:52 AM: He’s very new to PC. May not understand what he traded
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/7/2020 5:06 PM: I put him on the block and Milwaukee sent the offer to me? I couldn’t tell ya the reasoning
lasershow (Marlins) at 9/7/2020 4:48 PM: I'm probably missing something, but I want to know the logic behind the HOU-MIL trade. With no picks allowed for trade, all I can think is that Samardzija is more proven? Norton is younger with progressions while Samardzija is already regressing, and they're about the same stat wise. I don't want to be 'that guy', just sorta questioning
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/7/2020 2:56 PM: I'm with Paul after looking that over. Even if his whip was much higher the ERA was almost identical and Pearson had him crushed in the most important stat of wins and losses. Rodriguez only had 1 more quality start. I even might say that Pearson should have won in a landslide
53080 (Brewers) at 9/7/2020 1:14 PM: Just sent in my free agent bids
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 9/7/2020 12:32 PM: Not to mention that Pearson made the All Star team. Rodriguez did not.
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 9/7/2020 12:27 PM: I can see if Peason had lousy stats to go along with that dominating record. But his stats were really good too.
metsrock2011 (Phillies) at 9/7/2020 9:51 AM: Or more recently think 10 win DeGrom
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 9/6/2020 11:33 PM: He got roached.
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 9/6/2020 11:32 PM: I disagree. When is the last time you have seen a rookie go 20-4. It doesn't happen.
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 9/6/2020 8:22 PM: Yeah Flaherty led the AL in wins but didn't win the CY. Was kinda bummed myself. Guessing had too many losses and too high of an ERA?
spaniels (Orioles) at 9/6/2020 6:59 PM: Pedro with the Expos . Great pitching stats but I think he might’ve had a losing record
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 9/6/2020 6:52 PM: yeah it was like king felix's cy young year, was better at everything except win loss
spaniels (Orioles) at 9/6/2020 6:38 PM: Yeah, some baseball stats reflect the team not the individual
hitter (Braves) at 9/6/2020 4:46 PM: Even tho Rodriguez didn’t win 20 games, he was clearly the better pitcher all around. Can let W-L skew that
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/6/2020 11:54 AM: im ready for a sexy offseason! the al west is in need of some owners though. that seattle team has a pretty good core
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 9/6/2020 10:55 AM: You cant even go 20-4 as a rookie nowadays.
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 9/6/2020 10:51 AM: Did Rodriguez really just beat out a 20 Game winner for ROY?
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 9/6/2020 10:30 AM: about 2 weeks, have to do 2 groups of free agents, 2 rounds each. a 2 round draft, prospect creation, rookie ball selections, and then predictions
stonemob (Rays) at 9/6/2020 9:18 AM: In an effort to set expectations, how long does the off-season usually take? So I (for one) don't drive you nuts asking for "when game #1 will be?" Thanks!
dniemerg (Cubs) at 9/6/2020 2:11 AM: Congratulations 🥳
dniemerg (Cubs) at 9/6/2020 2:11 AM: Oh look 👀. I’m in another league where hitter wins it all.
53080 (Ball) at 9/5/2020 7:10 PM: hello
borg3127 (Rockies) at 9/5/2020 4:30 PM: Yes the prediction stat boost is for anyone on your roster this moment
lasershow (Marlins) at 9/5/2020 4:12 PM: Can player stat boost be applied to prospects as well?
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 9/4/2020 5:39 PM: Congrats Hitter!
spaniels (Orioles) at 9/4/2020 4:40 PM: Congratulations hitter!
hitter (Braves) at 9/4/2020 4:11 PM: Thanks man!
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/4/2020 4:10 PM: Congrats Braves
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/4/2020 4:10 PM: My favorite team is the dodgers IRL. I so don’t deserve to go through that again lol geez
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/4/2020 9:51 AM: My WS luck is so bad wow.
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/3/2020 4:46 PM: Bregman is 0 for his last 15 :( he needs to step it up for Houston to have any chance
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/3/2020 4:44 PM: You as well. You got a team built for the playoffs sir I don’t like my chances the rest of the way
hitter (Braves) at 9/3/2020 3:57 PM: Did not expect to make the playoffs let alone play in the WS. Before the reboot, my team was probably 4 seasons away from competing for a WC spot. Good luck Astros!
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 9/3/2020 2:58 AM: Great series TJ! Fun battle until the very end. Good Luck in the World Series!
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 9/3/2020 2:56 AM: Kopech was not quite ready for the big time. Houston hammered Boyd all season (as did most). So just took a shot.
stonemob (Rays) at 9/2/2020 9:25 PM: No doubt! Kopech’s 5 BBs killed them. Astros scored 6 runs on 5 hits ...
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/2/2020 7:59 PM: wow what a series
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 9/2/2020 4:45 PM: Same with Urquidy from Houston
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 9/2/2020 4:44 PM: Yeah I thought we a day off was granted after game 2 and game 5. Basically a 'travel day'. Pretty sure if game is simmed without an offday we will both be starting a tired starter. I can make Boyd my starter but think he will still not be 'fully' rested
sfgiantsfn (Giants) at 9/2/2020 4:36 PM: I think Boyd should be available for you "tomorrow" - Try moving him up in your rotation and see if he becomes the scheduled starter in Game 7.
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 9/2/2020 4:22 PM: Question: I thought playoffs went to a 4 man rotation. Houston and I are going into game 7 with no fully rested starters? Did we miss an off day somewhere?
stonemob (Rays) at 9/2/2020 4:21 PM: Definitely a great series!
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 9/2/2020 3:37 PM: Oooo game 7 in Houston...time to start chewing the finger nails!
sfgiantsfn (Giants) at 9/1/2020 6:20 AM: Nice series Dodgers. Game 1 still hurts - blowing a 7IP 1 hit effort from Sonny Gray
fantasytease (Red Sox) at 9/1/2020 5:27 AM: Good series. Garver had his chances and choked. Good luck to you!
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/31/2020 10:17 PM: im sure ill be seeing you in the future boston! i got lucky holding down your lineup...garver had 2 games on fire and essentially did nothing
borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/31/2020 8:20 PM: On further thought I may continue with no slump buster for post season in the future but I’ll do a poll first
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/31/2020 6:18 PM: Great season Jays! Games 2 and 3 could have gone either way. Could have been a whole different series.
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/31/2020 6:07 PM: Got my butt kicked. Nice work Sox!
borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/31/2020 5:56 PM: Yes I tried to clear stats to allow for easier tracking of post season stats when it comes to find and mvp for the post season. However I didn’t think it through enough about the slumpbuster. Sorry for the short sightedness
lasershow (Marlins) at 8/31/2020 5:30 PM: I don't know the tools too well, lol.
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/31/2020 5:27 PM: Slump Buster can be turned off without clearing stats. Its in the bulk settings in the tools.
lasershow (Marlins) at 8/31/2020 4:17 PM: Stats were cleared, so that means slumpbusters and such are also cleared
sfgiantsfn (Giants) at 8/31/2020 4:17 PM: I think the stats get reset so nobody is eligible for slumpbuster in postseason
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/31/2020 1:27 PM: How come Aquino lost his slumpbuster?
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/31/2020 1:23 PM: 0-2. Not good.
sfgiantsfn (Giants) at 8/30/2020 9:28 PM: Good game Borg. NL West is nuts this year!
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/30/2020 9:24 PM: Did we zero out stats last year?
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/30/2020 9:21 PM: I got Paddack right.
lasershow (Marlins) at 8/30/2020 8:04 PM: Dodgers with 3 correct predictions I believe
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/30/2020 3:19 PM: garver had 16 rbi in the last 7 games so that really helped him lol
lasershow (Marlins) at 8/30/2020 12:13 PM: Gallo gave way to Garver thankfully...I got burned last year not picking Garver for HR, made up for it this year lol
borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/30/2020 11:43 AM: Damn. 2 days ago trout was leading in walks and gallo in rbi and they both fell out of first place :(
stonemob (Rays) at 8/29/2020 11:09 PM: At least we'll have a top 6 pick. Silver lining?
Meuh15 (Pirates) at 8/29/2020 10:24 PM: Good luck to every team in the playoff !!
stonemob (Rays) at 8/29/2020 9:20 PM: Congrats on best record, TJ. GL in playoffs.
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/27/2020 11:09 PM: Aquino has 7 HR’s in the last 4 games and 11 in the last 11.
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/26/2020 4:34 PM: I dont think I have ever seen that. That is insane.
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/26/2020 1:44 PM: Yordan hit FIVE home runs!!! That’s a MLB record
stonemob (Rays) at 8/26/2020 10:45 AM: Not looking forward to the homestretch though ... last 11 games are against NYY and TOR. Looking at a lot of losses there.
stonemob (Rays) at 8/26/2020 9:03 AM: Looking forward to getting players back from Rookie Ball. Perhaps seeing what they can do in a hyper-short data sample.
jageraloha (Dodgers) at 8/25/2020 5:28 PM: Young guys coming thru for the Dodgers so far this year. Too bad nobody picked Urias as their saves leader this year. not even me!
Spaniels (Orioles) at 8/25/2020 2:25 PM: funny game this; losing badly so dealt the league's best pitcher and promptly go on a series of winning streaks to claw nearly back to .500
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/25/2020 9:11 AM: this whole time i assumed joey gallo had gotten slump busted at some point but he hasn't, my goodness, homie on that trenbalone
stonemob (Rays) at 8/24/2020 10:50 PM: League 854 is rebooting and needs one GM. Anyone interested? (Regulus Relegation)
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/24/2020 5:49 PM: This is Park’s third injury this year lol
stonemob (Rays) at 8/24/2020 11:39 AM: Duvall - sometimes a player just needs a change of scenery. Although, can't dismiss the frustration.
stonemob (Rays) at 8/24/2020 11:39 AM: Kevin Newman missed out on a Cycle because he stretched that single into the left corner into his second double of the game. Finished 4-for-4 with 2 2B, 1 3B, and a HR. Too bad trading has passed!
stonemob (Rays) at 8/23/2020 7:55 AM: Lots of players available for that playoff push, not just expiring. Inquire within if anyone appeals to you! (Yes, including players like Bell, Turner, etc. Literally, no one is untouchable that is currently on the major league roster.)
lasershow (Marlins) at 8/23/2020 7:53 AM: Duvall with 8 HRs in 5 games with CHW...wish he'd done that a bit more in Miami lol
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/23/2020 7:24 AM: Kluber didn’t get a single out in his last start!
stonemob (Rays) at 8/23/2020 6:41 AM: We just can't beat Baltimore ... 5-11 against them! Urg.
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/22/2020 1:03 PM: Welcome to the South Side Adam Duvall. 4-5, 3 HRs and 7 RBI not a bad debut.
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/22/2020 8:36 AM: Your gonna be fine Jim. Verlander was dominating as usual just 1 bad inning. I seriously was joking btw
jimgriddy (Royals) at 8/22/2020 6:56 AM: Yawn. Bieber, Montas were our 1 and 2 before Justin. They all lost. awesome. Enjoy those prospects O's.....
stonemob (Rays) at 8/22/2020 1:35 AM: Kevin Newman (who?) is an amazing 9-for-his-last-9. Average jumped 20 points in just two games. Now that I've shared this, he won't get a hit for the rest of the season.
stonemob (Rays) at 8/21/2020 9:49 PM: Buchholz (LAA) comes back to the Trop. Cruz just went 4-4, so this doesn't bode well for the Rays.
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/21/2020 8:31 PM: *Yawn* Justin who? Lol. Just kidding, I Think he just got bored with the 7-0 lead he had.
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/21/2020 8:01 PM: Asher Wojciechowski just no-hit my team what the hell
jimgriddy (Royals) at 8/21/2020 4:25 PM: 1st Royals start coming up at Chicago the division leaders!
spaniels (Orioles) at 8/21/2020 4:22 PM: Orioles cheering for the Royals ! Go Verlander!
sfgiantsfn (Giants) at 8/21/2020 4:10 PM: One of these is Walker Buehler Rank 96, the other is Jacob Waguespack Rk 43
sfgiantsfn (Giants) at 8/21/2020 4:08 PM: Interesting blind resume: Player A 8-11 3.82 ERA 1.21 WHIP 3.05 DICE; Player B 7-8 3.43 ERA 1.22 WHIP 3.28 DICE
Meuh15 (Pirates) at 8/21/2020 8:14 AM: Bumgarner on trading block if a team want him for a push to the postseason
spaniels (Orioles) at 8/20/2020 6:20 PM: Verlander receiving offers
stonemob (Rays) at 8/19/2020 7:28 PM: Cruz and Buchholz finally shipped out. Me thinks the semblance of winning that had been happening in Tampa ends now. Good luck LAA!
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/19/2020 2:44 PM: Dang. Injury after injury.
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/19/2020 7:22 AM: Kendricks average is only up 21 pts since joining the Rockies
jimgriddy (Royals) at 8/19/2020 7:06 AM: Watch out Marcus Semien getting hot! If the bat catches the glove. woo hoo!
borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/18/2020 10:52 PM: Been a tough season here too. I have the best run differential in the NL by a lot and don’t have a wildcard spot, let alone division
metsrock2011 (Phillies) at 8/18/2020 7:56 PM: I can't recreate the first season magic. was staying close but just lost 9 out of the last 10. I need to progress my starters a little faster haha
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/18/2020 10:32 AM: Same thing with Betances. I know he had an age regression but he literally cannot get anyone out??
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/17/2020 7:20 PM: Trey Wingenter is off his steroids or something, by this all star break he already has more earned runs than the entire season last year :(
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/17/2020 5:19 AM: Jack Flaherty with the no-hitter!!!
spaniels (Orioles) at 8/16/2020 11:19 PM: Cellar dwelling Orioles (Art imitates life!) entertaining offers for Verlander: young player two prospects
stonemob (Rays) at 8/15/2020 9:53 PM: I'm happy to trade Cruz or Buchholz. Any contending team want to stock up? Won't give them away, but they could definitely help someone!
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/15/2020 9:35 PM: i agree with y'all but its still surprising at the lack of trades. was hoping the increase in young assets would pick it up. maybe it will take until season 3
metsrock2011 (Phillies) at 8/15/2020 4:40 PM: I'm with scotty. I never take anything personally and always try to wish the other person the best of luck and everything hoping they don't take it personally. It's no fun if it isn't cut throat! haha
lasershow (Marlins) at 8/15/2020 11:42 AM: I don't like being in this division anymore...lol
ScottyPadre (Padres) at 8/14/2020 9:06 PM: Most trade offers won't work. I've probably accepted at the most 10% of offers made to me and the same works vice versa. I try not to take anything personally and hope others don't as well. We're allowed to be blood throat about our teams. This is Pennant Chase after all. There are no participation trophies.... ha!
metsrock2011 (Phillies) at 8/14/2020 6:00 PM: I like trading but I'm one to negotiate. I very rarely take the first deal and I feel many people don't like going back and forth and prefer to just send a trade and then be done with it. I also love youth so I'm hesitant to trade for older players unless I know for certain I'm contending for a title
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/14/2020 4:48 PM: Plus I have lost 6 outta 7 so what do I know anyways
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/14/2020 4:40 PM: 🤣🤣 Honestly it was a shot at nobody. But when I look around to try and make deals I just notice odd roster management is all. But to each their own I guess.
borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/14/2020 3:52 PM: Is that a shot at me mike? :P
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/14/2020 11:02 AM: Seems alot of owners do like to hoard players. If you have 7 good relief pitchers and struggling on offense you could/should probably traded one for a hitter or two. Sometimes you just have to be willing to lose a deal on the surface. But if it overall improves your team who cares what others think.
Run4Fun2009 (Twins) at 8/14/2020 10:42 AM: Has to be the right trade on me end...feel like I’m building towards something with it. I see lots of unbalanced trades sent to me or just trades I don’t like. I love trading though
stonemob (Rays) at 8/14/2020 6:33 AM: I'm happy to trade. Just has to make sense for my failing franchise.
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/14/2020 12:34 AM: I’m surprised this league doesn’t trade more :(
Run4Fun2009 (Twins) at 8/13/2020 7:29 PM: Twins def. Tigers 18-3; Every Twin had at least 2 hits in the game; Calhoun went 5-5 with 2 HRs
Run4Fun2009 (Twins) at 8/13/2020 10:00 AM: 2nd in Runs Scored 😊 Most Runs Allowed 😩
stonemob (Rays) at 8/12/2020 9:01 PM: Are we running double-sims from time to time? Seems Days 49 and 50 ran back to back. Not worried, just checking.
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/12/2020 11:21 AM: The braves go from last pick in the draft to a juggernaut in season 2!
dniemerg (Cubs) at 8/11/2020 6:47 PM: .294 winning percentage and we are only 7.5 back. lol I'm in the right division!
sfgiantsfn (Giants) at 8/11/2020 9:00 AM: nice to know the team that just moved ahead of me in the standings doesn't have an owner.
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/10/2020 8:44 PM: if anyone has anyone they think might want this disaster of a dbacks team let me know. If it stays vacant long enough, I'll have to incentivize the new owner with 2 prospects instead of 1 or something
dniemerg (Cubs) at 8/10/2020 12:48 AM: 😮 wow! We have 5 wins already! Doing better than anticipated!
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/9/2020 11:28 PM: Fun fact: Chris Bassitt has as many wins in 5 starts this season as in 34 last season
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/9/2020 10:52 AM: You know it's gonna be a tough year when you can't win a game when your opponent has a 3bman playing catcher lol.
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/8/2020 9:55 PM: the twins lineup looks awesome
Run4Fun2009 (Twins) at 8/8/2020 9:54 PM: my offense has shown up so far in Season 2...pitching: not so much
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/8/2020 9:08 PM: I put my good young outfielder Victor Reyes on the block. I am kind of looking for a starter. Or open to other ideas.
TheBiznatch (Mets) at 8/8/2020 8:25 PM: And now the Braves look to be the early best team in baseball
lasershow (Marlins) at 8/8/2020 7:29 PM: In Miami, some guys are hitting well, some hitting bad...then there's Carson Kelly lol
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/8/2020 4:46 PM: Two outs bottom nine give up a double to go to extras. Two outs bottom tenth up by one and mike Ford makes an error with .985% then they steal a base and hit two consecutive doubles to win lol. You just can’t tell me momentum isn’t a part of this code
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/8/2020 3:08 PM: Never f*** with the sim!!!!
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/8/2020 1:42 PM: I know I justr lost that last game because I clicked on my team while SIM was in progress. Jinxed.
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/8/2020 12:43 PM: If Mookie Betts gets the same amount of ABs as last year he on pace for about 310 strikeouts!!!
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/8/2020 11:02 AM: What’s in the water in Colorado?
metsrock2011 (Phillies) at 8/7/2020 9:47 PM: Mets swept the phillies with 3 walk off wins. Can't do much about that
TheBiznatch (Mets) at 8/7/2020 9:42 PM: Only two undefeated teams left. Myself and Toronto, but look at the difference in the Standings between AL EAST and NL EAST
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/7/2020 8:43 PM: 3 of the teams who couldn't get their rosters set from being inactive are in the top 5 power rankings at the moment lol
jimgriddy (Royals) at 8/7/2020 2:30 PM: Yaz with the Walk Off!
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/7/2020 8:53 AM: Lol the Astros are legit cursed. First game lose on wild pitch. Second game make one error that leads to 5 unearned runs. Third game lose your best hitter for 8 games. Lol wtf
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/7/2020 5:14 AM: Injuries are wiped clean before season starts
Run4Fun2009 (Twins) at 8/6/2020 11:37 PM: Do ST injuries carry over?
Run4Fun2009 (Twins) at 8/6/2020 3:19 PM: My best players get hurt too much 😩
Goodfella (Yankees) at 8/5/2020 9:40 AM: Sorry was without power all day yesterday.
metsrock2011 (Phillies) at 8/4/2020 3:35 PM: yeah I mean I get if you don't want to take time to do predictions, even though you could just say the same player every time, but at the very least prospects are literally just a free good young player that you have to take 1 minute to find
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/4/2020 8:37 AM: I know, sometimes you just have 1 too many adult beverages and things just accidentally spill out lol
spaniels (Orioles) at 8/4/2020 6:57 AM: You gave away the secret of google!
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/3/2020 8:31 PM: Oops, I gave away my secret championship building formula
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/3/2020 8:29 PM: I concur, seems a little crazy. I know life is difficult but you can find a 30 player prospect list for each team with a 30 sec google search.
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/3/2020 8:19 PM: im all for booting any owner that didnt request a prospect or make FA bids
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/3/2020 8:08 PM: this waiver **** didn't work right last year either, i'm sure i'm doing something wrong, i just don't want anyone getting more than 1 player for each round so I probably turned something off that isn't letting people make claims. so as long as people are pre ranked they'll get players
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/3/2020 8:07 PM: i'm just going to do 1 round supp drafts for each group of sims for ST since almost every owner has already pre ranked. it'll work pretty much the same as waivers
bip (Nationals) at 8/3/2020 7:55 PM: I still cant put innwaiver claims. Is it just me?
spaniels (Orioles) at 8/3/2020 6:25 PM: Orioles have 3 prospect pitchers.... would like to trade 1 so can send 2/2 pitchers/batters to rookieball
ScottyPadre (Padres) at 8/3/2020 3:42 PM: Paul21.... Steve Garvey's home run is what made me a Padres fan! As far as heartbreak, I know nothing of it. My team has never lost a game 6 or 7 in the WS!
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/2/2020 9:58 PM: Could we still do a position change on anyone picked up on waivers? I understand the logic of doing position changes during the offseason. But could be sort of like a veteran non-roster invitee just trying to make a team?
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/2/2020 9:53 PM: Gotcha, that seems more fair 👍
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 8/2/2020 9:50 PM: going to do waivers during the spring training sim times, i['ll put out a message
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/2/2020 8:53 PM: Are we allowed to go 3 P 1 batter given what the Twins are doing?
Bravosmike01 (White Sox) at 8/2/2020 7:48 PM: Also curious about the free agents. Got my eye on a couple roster fillers that could use a position change (which are due tomorrow)
spaniels (Orioles) at 8/2/2020 6:57 PM: When does the free agent pool open up for us vultures to pick through?
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 8/2/2020 5:35 PM: Dodgers here. Im not old enough to have seen the '88 title so all I've known is heartbreak. Still not as bad as the indians tho...that franchise oof some insane heartbreak
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/2/2020 4:52 PM: 2007 was annoying too.
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/2/2020 4:50 PM: Steve Garvey // Will Clark // Steve Bartman // ick
spaniels (Orioles) at 8/2/2020 9:21 AM: Well, my team was the Expos growing up. Defines heartbreak. ‘94 🙁
dniemerg (Cubs) at 8/2/2020 2:52 AM: 1984 was so heartbreaking.....then 1989 I believed....and in 2003 I was crushed. The STEVE BARTMAN Incident!!!!
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 8/1/2020 11:26 PM: I know that feeling all too well.
dniemerg (Cubs) at 8/1/2020 11:04 PM: Yeah...this cubs team is gonna make me fill the pain of my childhood for a while. Needs a lot of work!
metsrock2011 (Phillies) at 8/1/2020 9:24 AM: All I know is every league I'm in with dan he is always competitive which makes me fear the cubs of the future haha
spaniels (Orioles) at 8/1/2020 6:21 AM: Dan loves the Cubs ; aside from a few good recent years, he therefore must be a glutton for punishment
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 7/31/2020 8:41 PM: alright everyone, one of my favorite commishes Dniemerg has replaced Felipe as the Cubs GM. The Cubs ownership had this to say when asked to comment "When you lose the division by 8 and the person in charge of filling your team doesn't bid on a single free agent you have to staunch the bleeding before you can't recover"
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 7/31/2020 6:32 PM: for now
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 7/31/2020 6:32 PM: He is in the 2 hole : )
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 7/30/2020 1:20 PM: And I was gonna vote for Bellinger to win runs but I’m not sure anymore Paul!
borg3127 (Rockies) at 7/30/2020 8:35 AM: It’s okay Paul, we’ve all been there. Luckily we don’t have F progression here so everyone you got can be useful either for your team or trade bait
borg3127 (Rockies) at 7/30/2020 8:34 AM: Larry was my favorite player most of my childhood lol
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 7/29/2020 10:50 PM: I cant believe I was late on this. Sorry Borg. I got caught up, and time got away from me.
spaniels (Orioles) at 7/29/2020 10:29 PM: Larry Walker. Is he in this league? Or, is the Boss honouring Canada’s best baseball player in history?
Run4Fun2009 (Twins) at 7/29/2020 8:58 PM: I can attest...he did
Borg3127 (Rockies) at 7/29/2020 7:15 PM: i waited a long time for you on your turns sir :(
paul21 (Blue Jays) at 7/29/2020 6:58 PM: dammit.
tjmoss86 (Astros) at 7/27/2020 8:50 PM:..