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egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/21/2020 5:45 AM: Cubs chances of selling are unfortunately getting higher and higher every day
deyanksfan (Dodgers) at 9/20/2020 4:57 PM: Padres look much improved over last season
paul21 (Reds) at 9/19/2020 3:29 PM: I can see the Cardinals are going to be a headache all year.
bragankelly11 (Marlins) at 9/17/2020 9:29 AM: Changing sim times from 5 hours to 4
joshbonds25 (Giants) at 9/16/2020 8:05 AM: Giants are making headlines even as the team predictably struggles.
bragankelly11 (Marlins) at 9/16/2020 7:26 AM: We officially have our first woman in the MLB!
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/15/2020 10:36 AM: Darvish one hit away from a perfect game
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/15/2020 10:35 AM: God ****ING DAMNIT
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/13/2020 6:59 AM: Can't take on any huge contracts, but would be able to probably get the teams at or under the cap
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/13/2020 6:58 AM: Cubs can take on contracts of players.
dmoney4life (Padres) at 9/11/2020 2:28 PM: Hmmmmmm
Chubbach24 (Angels) at 9/11/2020 2:18 PM: looking to dump some cap. message me if anyone (reasonable) interests you!
bragankelly11 (Marlins) at 9/10/2020 5:39 AM: Marlins win (and overpaid) Moronta
dmoney4life (Padres) at 9/9/2020 1:44 PM: Good for hem
bragankelly11 (Marlins) at 9/9/2020 9:42 AM: Giants have won Arroyo
dmoney4life (Padres) at 9/8/2020 11:43 AM: What the bloody hell is going on with Arroyo
bragankelly11 (Marlins) at 9/7/2020 10:05 AM: Looks like the SP are all gone. I'll create some filler players
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 9/7/2020 9:56 AM: Are there any FA pitchers? The $1 versions??
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/7/2020 8:49 AM: Again, Paxton can be had for a 3rd if anyone's interested!
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/7/2020 8:49 AM: Alright, the Public Chat now says the highest bid.
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/6/2020 11:34 PM: Apparently you can't do plusses in the chat but that 1 after $22 is a raise each year lol
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/6/2020 11:33 PM: Sammy is still in the lead for Southpaw...Paul's bid was $40 lower... current leader is pirates with a 10 year/$22 1 = $265
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/6/2020 7:49 PM: 42 Rk SP James Paxton can be had for a 3rd if anyone is interested!
dmoney4life (Padres) at 9/6/2020 7:30 PM: Ehhhhhh....I'm tempted to throw my hat in the ring
beansnap (Rays) at 9/6/2020 7:13 PM: Yeah, I don't have that kind of money.....
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 9/6/2020 4:47 PM: Goodbye
53080 (Holding Team) at 9/5/2020 7:07 PM: hello
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 9/1/2020 2:49 PM: I'm ranked through my picks. Good luck, all.
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 9/1/2020 1:57 PM: Looking forward to our #86 pick. Whoo!
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/31/2020 9:41 AM: In need of a Catcher? C Willson Contreras is available! Hit me up with offers, looking mostly for picks but players could work as well!
bragankelly11 (Team) at 8/29/2020 1:35 PM: Tuesday isn't a good day for me either lol. Looks like we're both SOL
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 8/29/2020 12:14 PM: Please. :)
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 8/29/2020 12:14 PM: Tuesday is the only day I can't do the draft. I can pre-rank if that's the day, but if you don't have a strong preference, don't vote for Tuesday!
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 8/29/2020 12:09 PM: Sorry... I see "Not Yet Moved" below. Got it.
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 8/29/2020 12:08 PM: The guys still on the sheet haven't been moved, right?
bragankelly11 (Team) at 8/29/2020 7:43 AM: which guys are you talking about Jay?
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/29/2020 7:41 AM: There's guys in FA that can't be bid on (Name isn't an option to choose) yet I don't see them signed here. ???
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/28/2020 10:37 PM: But it's almost over so I'd just wait until after the draft so you don't make us wait 2 more days
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/28/2020 10:35 PM: We can get them after the draft. You can place bids on them rn, as FA isn't technically over until the last bid expires or whatever it's called
paul21 (Reds) at 8/28/2020 8:11 PM: we need to get our $1 scrubs yet.
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/28/2020 4:19 PM: How do I obtain any scrubs remaining ?
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/28/2020 4:02 PM: Yes, Trump Pence is all me. :)
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/28/2020 8:37 AM: Wrong league lol
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/28/2020 8:37 AM: Who's gonna claim this as their season goal?
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/28/2020 8:36 AM: Or I guess 20-142 to beat the worst win percentage
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/28/2020 8:36 AM: New goal: team goes 21-141
htennis (Tigers) at 8/27/2020 6:39 PM: I believe it was Jay who created him?
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/27/2020 11:18 AM: When the league first started, we were allowed to create a prospect with a certain archetype. Then you named them. I guess that's what they decided to name him. I don't remember who created him but he's been traded a few times I think.
gordochipmunk (Giants) at 8/27/2020 10:22 AM: just wondering what happened with players names? Who makes the names? just noticed someone named a Trump Pence on the astros and was wondering how that came about...
gordochipmunk (Giants) at 8/27/2020 10:20 AM: yea ik. it’ll be like a 20 year rebuild
htennis (Tigers) at 8/27/2020 10:19 AM: it's...hard to say
gordochipmunk (Giants) at 8/27/2020 10:07 AM: wtf did the other owner do to this team? Horrible! i have 1 starter
paul21 (Reds) at 8/26/2020 10:22 PM: Wasn't thinking. Hence average annual. My bad.
Paul21 (Reds) at 8/26/2020 10:04 PM: I thought is was in total.
Paul21 (Reds) at 8/26/2020 10:03 PM: $12 per year minimum?
bragankelly11 (Team) at 8/26/2020 9:00 PM: That's not a legal bid Paul, so it didn't go through. Minimum AAV on a 6 year deal is $12
paul21 (Reds) at 8/26/2020 8:35 PM: 8/23 at 22:41:41 was his timestamp. $2 / 6 = $12
paul21 (Reds) at 8/26/2020 8:26 PM: that winning bid for Isiah Kiner- Filefa is incorrect. I had an outstanding bid of $12 in total like a few days ago. thans.
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/26/2020 8:10 PM: Cubs are in search of 1 or 2 RPs.
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/26/2020 6:56 AM: Updated thru this morning, check your rosters for the players you have won
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/25/2020 6:49 PM: Also willing to trade up
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/25/2020 6:34 PM: Cubs are willing to trade back. Have 16 and 31st pick for first rounders
bragankelly11 (Team) at 8/25/2020 5:26 PM: 2021 draft order is now visible on the homepage
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 8/25/2020 12:02 PM: @egankelly8, i might be interested in your OF, Egan Kelly, but can you give me a quick run-down of his clubhouse presence? I've heard mixed reviews. Might be a prima donna. Barry Bonds in his prime type player. Can't have that in my clubhouse.
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/24/2020 5:33 PM: Welcome al, will give you the rundown on FA thru PM!
alddavidson (Mariners) at 8/24/2020 5:23 PM: Good evening all--glad to be a part of the league. Hope to do well with the Mariners That being said we are not so good now so if there is anyone on my roster that you might have an interest in let me know. The doors are now open
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/24/2020 12:52 PM: Looking at maybe a 4 or 5 man for the SPs and decent RPs.
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/24/2020 12:51 PM: Cubs are looking at acquiring draft picks; in theory anyone's available for the right price. Cubs are also looking for a backup 1B, Backup OF, 1-2 SP, and 2 RP.
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/23/2020 7:23 PM: I should have drove the price up on Pressly. ;)
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/23/2020 6:43 PM: Updated thru today! Check your rosters for those who have won a player.
(Modified by Commissioner bragankelly11 on 8/23/2020)
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 8/23/2020 4:18 PM: You won't get a comp pick, he signed for $48 and he has to sign $50
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/21/2020 5:30 PM: I had sent msg previously. Letting Presley walk, taking the comp pick.
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/20/2020 12:31 PM: Astros looking to trade for some ca$h money...
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/20/2020 12:22 PM: I think once a player has been won, you can contact one of the commishes to say whether or not you will match that winning bid
eperdue (Braves) at 8/20/2020 10:59 AM: The rules say- If a player is given a compensatory tender, their former team has the option of matching the highest FA offer to retain them. Even if they did not bid on said player in FA process. If they choose to let the player walk, the original team will receive a compensatory pick after the 1st round (if they are signed for $50 ) - was there a window I missed for this?
eperdue (Braves) at 8/20/2020 10:55 AM: How do you match comp tenders that were bid on - for that it means Didi G.
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/20/2020 8:24 AM: All caught up, and do check that your players are actually on your team and on the right contracts.
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/20/2020 6:58 AM: Thanks for that jay, corrected. Will move all of the FA who have been won so far today, been a busy past few days with packing.
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/19/2020 5:01 PM: Astros won RP Joe Smith, not Braves....
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/19/2020 5:00 PM: You can bid as many times as you want!
nikobiko (Phillies) at 8/19/2020 2:46 PM: Damn, i didn't get anybody.
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/19/2020 4:34 AM: Yeah I know. But when you've led on a guy for 47.5 hours.. it's annoying. Didn't say illegal or immoral. Just annoying.
bragankelly11 (Team) at 8/18/2020 6:49 PM: You have 48 hours to top any leading bids Jay
htennis (Tigers) at 8/18/2020 6:49 PM: How so?
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/18/2020 6:41 PM: Last minute bids annoy the **** outta me.
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/17/2020 8:29 PM: this update is really for us commishes, should make this easier when we move the players
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/17/2020 8:28 PM: BBFAN-PC has been upgraded to V2.1; links are the same, just a minor upgrade that features replacing owner names with team names and printing the current leading bid years/aav/raise/total amount details
omar20 (Athletics) at 8/17/2020 12:37 PM: If anybody has a player that’s $2 or less on a one year deal you can have RP Rainey for him
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/17/2020 12:11 PM: 👍
ExpatBama (Cardinals) at 8/17/2020 8:50 AM: Sorry --- you're right. I misread delbaseballfan's bid as $8 rather than $9. My bad.
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/17/2020 6:50 AM: Your bid needs to exceed the previous leading bid to be considered as the new leading bid, as explained in a previous LM.
delbaseballfan (Mets) at 8/17/2020 6:16 AM: I think the Britton bid was the exact same bid I make on 8/13 which is probably why it did not show up
ExpatBama (Cardinals) at 8/17/2020 4:53 AM: Commish, I put in a bid for RP Britton before deadline this AM. Did it not register?
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/16/2020 12:42 PM: Blake Snell becomes an Astro...
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/16/2020 9:32 AM: Houston Reds are taking shape....
omar20 (Athletics) at 8/16/2020 8:00 AM: RP Rainey also available for virtually free, on his final year and we need to clear cap quickly.
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/16/2020 7:52 AM: Houston willing to talk selling both 1st's for additional cash. Cincy the higher pick...
omar20 (Athletics) at 8/15/2020 11:11 PM: Elite hitting C Murphy available, not looking for anything specific. Just good value
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/15/2020 10:58 AM: Form semi-automatically updates such that the players that have been won are excluded from the dropdown list, though you should check the sheet to see if your player has been won yet before submitting the bid. I will also periodically run the script to manually update the form myself.
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/15/2020 10:56 AM: First few players have been won!!
bragankelly11 (Team) at 8/15/2020 9:32 AM: Correct.
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/15/2020 9:20 AM: Can't* win a player last second..
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/15/2020 9:20 AM: I didn't enjoy the case sensitive semicolon b.s., but I like this streamlined process. There's no final deadline right? Meaning an owner can win a player 'last second' ?
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/14/2020 5:22 PM: I said in a LM 2 days ago that we would give a 48 hour extension to bids submitted before today because of the V2.0 update
jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/14/2020 2:25 PM: Looks like quite a few have gone past 48hrs. Isn't it best to clear n move them ASAP?
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/13/2020 9:09 PM: I should hopefully be able to finish and drop the IFA stories tomorrow.
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/13/2020 9:05 PM: Everyone should use the V2.0 links, instead of the V1.0 links. I have closed the V1.0 form for submission and taken down the V1.0 sheet. I updated the V2.0 sheet with only the current winning bids cuz it's efficient that way (except for ritz's edwin diaz bid for the reason i stated above), but I do have the records for all of the bids I received so far to corroborate.
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/13/2020 9:05 PM: All bids received from now on will have the normal 48 hour timer.
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/13/2020 9:05 PM: All the links in the PC links tab, the global message box, and the story below the chatbox have been updated to the latest version.
deyanksfan (Dodgers) at 8/13/2020 6:53 PM: Los Angeles Dodgers immediately fire Dave Roberts and hire defending world champion Roger Clemens!!!
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/13/2020 1:52 PM: Astros announce they will fire Roger Clemens as manager, and will hire Donald Trump, Jr as manager..
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 8/12/2020 11:57 PM: I think I have the following picks in the upcoming draft: 3, 8, 27, 38, 57, 68, 87. Looking to package some to move up.
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/12/2020 6:26 PM: Any interest in Verlander or Greinke?
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/12/2020 6:25 PM: If you want dudes who have bids now, yo better bid before they are won cuz the time is going zoom zoom
htennis (Tigers) at 8/12/2020 6:22 PM: llooks like some dudes are going tomorrow morning
htennis (Tigers) at 8/12/2020 6:21 PM: bids are ongoing, sold at 48 hrs from last bid
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/12/2020 6:19 PM: Looking to trade block, HOU w some big vets available. Send me offers. Need younger SP, solid RP..
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/12/2020 6:07 PM: When are bids due by? I'll try and see what I can do later tonight..
ExpatBama (Cardinals) at 8/12/2020 10:27 AM: Thanks, BK....
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/11/2020 6:01 PM: @everyone, you can send multiple bids in one completed form. Just write on a new line after each bid. You can open up the google sheet, navigate to "form responses" and see how egankelly did his
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/11/2020 5:58 PM: @glory; you are missing a ; after each player name in your bids. Please refer to the instructions listed in the google form for the correct bid formatting.
paul21 (Reds) at 8/11/2020 4:58 PM: That cap space is pretty brutal with increases :
bragankelly11 (Team) at 8/11/2020 4:11 PM: No
ExpatBama (Cardinals) at 8/11/2020 3:43 PM: Forgive the basic question. If we have winning bid on Compensatory Tender player, do I lose draft pick?
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 8/11/2020 7:19 AM: Sorry I've been MIA with work. Looking forward to FA if I don't miss it!
omar20 (Athletics) at 8/9/2020 1:37 PM: OAK needs to clear some cap, could come from role players or stars!
fantasytease (Red Sox) at 8/9/2020 12:30 PM: Ok cool
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/9/2020 11:34 AM: @fantasy, you didn't update the sheet! I updated it myself when I logged on when I woke up, and it was perfectly fine. You did it perfectly
fantasytease (Red Sox) at 8/9/2020 6:07 AM: So I did 3 separate bids, 3 separate lines but on one form. Google sheet doesn't seem to like that.
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/8/2020 11:05 AM: Umm this: "Sarmlb may let you "negotiate" with the totally unbiased/s player/agent/bbfan, but it doesn't have the beautiful automated BBFAN-PC that LoC will now have." Tryna give ya props here fellas. Why get shy about it?
bragankelly11 (Team) at 8/8/2020 10:57 AM: Who is bbfan20013?
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/8/2020 10:52 AM: BBFAN-PC is not meant to poke fun at or pay homage to bbfan20013 or anyone else. It is an entity that has been in development since late april that has bearings solely on LoC and no other league in PC.
htennis (Tigers) at 8/8/2020 9:04 AM: yes, that
bragankelly11 (Team) at 8/8/2020 6:58 AM: It's the same thing that we did last year. The only difference is that it updates in real time instead of whenever I can log on and update it
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/8/2020 1:28 AM: I do, however, thoroughly love the homage and poking fun at Bbfan. :) Still love ya GC..
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/8/2020 1:26 AM: Sounds like a whole bunch of unnecessary steps. You're reinventing the wheel here. PC bidding has worked fine for quite some time. Why complicate it? I'm 36 w 6 kids, all these extra steps make busy guys like me want to say to hell with all of this..
goldencane14 (Orioles) at 8/7/2020 9:26 PM: Today is a historic day. The jesus christ of PC has been born. Welcome to the world, BBFAN-PC.
omar20 (Athletics) at 8/7/2020 4:09 PM: Gold glove worthy 3B Chapman also available
omar20 (Athletics) at 8/7/2020 4:05 PM: 2021 Cy Young, deGrom is available, on a one year deal
Pantherking21 (Royals) at 8/7/2020 1:53 PM: Entire team outside of Cretella, Ellison and Salazar available
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/7/2020 1:12 PM: Willing to bring him back to his creator, Paul, make an offer...I'd love to have my guy back on my squad.. :)
htennis (Tigers) at 8/7/2020 10:16 AM: Jay left his top prospect when he switched teams
paul21 (Reds) at 8/6/2020 10:43 PM: I put the super young S potential Trump Pence on the block. Open to ideas.
paul21 (Reds) at 8/6/2020 10:42 PM: Thank you for the invite.
Jayslater1223 (Astros) at 8/5/2020 5:17 PM: Astros willing to talk trade age 30 and over vets are available, fair market value required.
bragankelly11 (Dodgers) at 8/4/2020 2:42 PM: Astros take it in 6! LM coming tonight, so long as work doesn't keep me out late
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 8/3/2020 7:17 PM: Welcome, eperdue!
eperdue (Braves) at 8/3/2020 12:26 PM: Hi eveyone. New to this game but not fantasy baseball or simulations. Played strat o matin and ptp for years
bragankelly11 (Dodgers) at 8/1/2020 2:26 PM: Stros rattle off 4 straight to advance to the WS. LM to come tonight
Jayslater1223 (Reds) at 8/1/2020 7:11 AM: Congrats Erikito..we'll be back..
bragankelly11 (Dodgers) at 7/31/2020 5:24 PM: Day off granted after G5
Erikito (Nationals) at 7/31/2020 2:46 PM: Solid year for the boys
bragankelly11 (Dodgers) at 7/31/2020 12:14 PM: the Nationals have punched their ticket to the WS!
bragankelly11 (Dodgers) at 7/30/2020 5:21 PM: Nats appear to be coasting to the WS
bragankelly11 (Dodgers) at 7/30/2020 2:07 PM: Day off granted after G2
bragankelly11 (Dodgers) at 7/30/2020 2:07 PM: Only if they've hit the AB/IP threshold
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 7/30/2020 12:35 PM: We don't have to do anything to keep our young guys, do we? It looks like mine are eligible to sign, but I don't think I need/want to sign them... just keep them on the prospect thing, right?
bragankelly11 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 5:27 PM: I'm going to shoot out some messages tomorrow
bragankelly11 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 5:27 PM: Definitely the perfect team for someone to fall into
omar20 (Athletics) at 7/29/2020 4:10 PM: Had 5 aces and 5 elites in the pen, absolutely nothing to complain about. Other than it being frustrating that he got knocked out the playoffs
omar20 (Athletics) at 7/29/2020 4:06 PM: Had to complain about the rule first tho lmao
bragankelly11 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 3:55 PM: It would appear so
Glory (Indians) at 7/29/2020 2:34 PM: Let me guess,Dodgers lost in the playoffs and quit?
Jayslater1223 (Reds) at 7/29/2020 2:26 PM: 13 K's for Castillo in G5..my man.. anyhoo. Idk how the hell we got past them. I'm sure our mojo will burn out in the B-of-7 w WAS..
omar20 (Athletics) at 7/29/2020 2:21 PM: LAD 4th starter would be CIN 2nd starter and many teams 1st lmao
omar20 (Athletics) at 7/29/2020 2:18 PM: SMH....
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 1:00 PM: thanks for putting together the league, as i mentioned in other leagues im cutting back. was waiting for the season to end here, but i guess that happened already without my 4th starter being able to face his 4th starter. good luck the rest of the way jay
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 12:59 PM: guess not
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:56 AM: and dont change rules for me. im not sure ill be here after this season is complete. just asked because i dont believe it was like that last year and it obviously affects playoff matchups this year to just be thrown in
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:54 AM: that should say im not sure it was implemented last year
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:54 AM: im not doubting it was in the rules last year, im not sure it was changed last year. i am pretty sure rich hill played a big role in the playoffs and he was my 4th starter last year
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/29/2020 7:53 AM: I copied most of the rules over from another league and it seems to work fine in there. If you feel strongly about it then we can hold a vote to change it after this year. And yes it was used last year as well
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:51 AM: also, did this happen last season? im sure i wouldve noticed
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:51 AM: in MLB those days are given off so that you can pitch with a 4 man rotation in the playoffs. here u are essentally making it a 3 man rotation
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:50 AM: why would days off needed change in the playoffs? ur already giving days off
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/29/2020 7:45 AM: Scroll back to my 1st comment
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:44 AM: is this league set to 4 man rotations? im utterly confused
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:43 AM: unless im missing something
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:43 AM: he needs 4 days off after pitching
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/29/2020 7:41 AM: If your #1 starter pitches G1, then he now needs 3 days off. After game 2, he needs 2 days off. Then a day off is granted so that number goes down to 1. Then comes game 3. After game 3 he's down to 0 days off. It all checks out unless I'm missing something
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/29/2020 7:38 AM: I'm the only one who has run sims in the LDS but I can ask the other guys if an additional day off was granted
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:31 AM: im not talking about the day off after game 4
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:30 AM: but our number 1 starters pitched, which means that 2 days off were given
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:30 AM: but if pnly 1 day off was given after game 2, then our 4th starters should have pitched game 4
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 7:30 AM: yes i undestand that
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/29/2020 7:18 AM: Days off needed is 3 for the playoffs. A day off was granted after games 2 and 4
Glory (Indians) at 7/29/2020 4:42 AM: Thanks omar, just hot enough out of my pitching in that series.
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 4:20 AM: The only thing I can think of is y’all gave an extra day off somewhere. What can be done about that?
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 4:19 AM: Should’ve been our 4th starters pitching, with game 1 starters pitching game 5.
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/29/2020 4:19 AM: Why were game 1 starters pitching game 4?
omar20 (Athletics) at 7/29/2020 12:03 AM: Well that’s frustrating, good series Glory
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/28/2020 9:49 PM: Game 5s will sim tomorrow afternoon
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/28/2020 9:47 PM: Indians and Astros will square off for the AL crown. NLCS matchup will be decided tomorrow
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/28/2020 8:55 AM: Everyone will see a game 5
Jayslater1223 (Reds) at 7/27/2020 11:35 PM: We've been held to 8 hits, made 3 errors in G2..getchur brooms ready..
Jayslater1223 (Reds) at 7/27/2020 10:35 PM: Haven't scored yet. Whoohoo. Pitching a shutout thus far MC.
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/27/2020 7:00 PM: ;)
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/27/2020 2:27 PM: What is love anyway
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/27/2020 2:00 PM: Haddaway, i asked him not to hurt me but he did anyway
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/27/2020 12:12 PM: So cynical MC. Who hurt you?
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/26/2020 12:11 PM: Don’t worry u probably have at least another month until we play
Jayslater1223 (Reds) at 7/26/2020 7:04 AM: Yay we get to be clubbed by the monster Dodgers as a reward for winning the WC game. Good game Niko, I'm not far behind on the way out the door. Lol
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/23/2020 7:24 AM: ...
Jayslater1223 (Reds) at 7/21/2020 6:20 PM: Damn no breakout love for Aquino.
sammy-z (Pirates) at 7/21/2020 4:49 PM: Yeah Baez was a huge let down for me. SS Newman, who I traded for Baez, raked for the Cubs
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/21/2020 4:37 PM: Just making sure it’s still working. Had been several days at a time without any chat
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 7/21/2020 12:22 PM: .-- .... -.-- / -.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / -.- . . .--. / - -.-- .--. .. -. --. / ... / --- ...- . .-. / .- -. -.. / --- ...- . .-. / .- --. .- .. -. ..--..
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 7/21/2020 12:20 PM: .... --- .-- / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .. -. --. ..--..
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 7/21/2020 12:19 PM: .... . .-.. .-.. --- / -- -.-. ...- -. -.-.--
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/21/2020 12:15 PM: I think he's learning morse code
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 7/21/2020 11:46 AM: Are you wanting to say something MCVN?
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/21/2020 9:59 AM: ...
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/17/2020 11:49 AM: ...
htennis (Tigers) at 7/16/2020 6:56 PM: wow Baez sucked this year
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/14/2020 9:04 AM: ...
htennis (Tigers) at 7/13/2020 2:27 PM: gc recommended the name to bbfan
beansnap (Rays) at 7/11/2020 2:46 PM: Is the Orioles pitcher Kanebayashi Seikoin a copy of SAR OF Kanebayashi Seikon?
Jayslater1223 (Reds) at 7/11/2020 4:15 AM: Not bad. Nailed down 8 of 10 playoff teams. Halos rather than the Sawx in the AL, and close w Cards, but it's the Cubbies tied w the Phils for the final slot...good work.
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 7/10/2020 6:52 PM: A lil bit maybe
htennis (Tigers) at 7/10/2020 4:02 PM: egan thinking about his date tonight?
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/10/2020 7:36 AM: so probably doesnt apply to most teams in here
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/10/2020 7:36 AM: got it thanks. makes it tough for teams up against the budget wall, unless they can somehow trade for cap for free
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/10/2020 7:25 AM: That's how home field is decided
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 7/10/2020 7:15 AM: Fate* stupid autocorrect
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 7/10/2020 7:15 AM: Hey woah woah woah, why does a game 163 hold the date of our season? We went 5-1 against Philly, why can't that be the tiebreaker?
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/10/2020 6:37 AM: Check the rules mc.
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/10/2020 6:18 AM: I couldn’t add a free agent. It said add player to draft list
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/9/2020 6:46 PM: Free agency is still open mc
Chubbach24 (Angels) at 7/9/2020 11:00 AM: Great timing Mike, looks like our playoff dreams are done. Trout's out for 39 games
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/9/2020 11:00 AM: i need to pick up some SPs so i can put my other SPs int he minors
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 7/9/2020 11:00 AM: has free agency not been open all season?
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/8/2020 8:06 PM: aaaand there goes the Nats
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/8/2020 12:34 PM: Indians have clinched. Pirates and Nats each a game away from doing the same.
Jayslater1223 (Reds) at 7/7/2020 4:57 PM: 4*
Jayslater1223 (Reds) at 7/7/2020 4:57 PM: These damn Pirates.. we win, they win. We lose, they win...0.5 gap now games.
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 7/7/2020 11:24 AM: Rays and Dodgers have clinched
RitzCards2 (Rockies) at 7/6/2020 2:39 PM: mcvn better not get complacent. I have my sights set on him. And in 12 seasons.... he's gonna be in trouble.
omar20 (Athletics) at 7/6/2020 4:25 AM: Yes it is Sammy.. I traded my next 7 picks and we still can’t catch them 😅
htennis (Tigers) at 7/3/2020 2:23 PM: hey, welcome!
ncook44 (Braves) at 7/3/2020 12:49 PM: Just took over the Braves. Looks like a fun league.
sammy-z (Pirates) at 7/1/2020 12:27 PM: Dodgers run differential is ridiculous
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 7/1/2020 11:21 AM: And still won't have our best player for 20 games
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 7/1/2020 11:20 AM: * 2 games back you mean?
htennis (Tigers) at 6/29/2020 7:01 PM: -- he says, as his team is 1.5 games up in the WC race
egankelly8 (Cubs) at 6/29/2020 2:14 PM: Wtf is wrong with this team. Come off of the deadline and our starting C, SS and backup SS are gone. Goodbye playoff hopes
Derek (Mets) at 6/25/2020 3:28 PM: Gentlemen, I'm afraid this league is not for me. I was going to wait til the season ended but since I have 4 1st round draft picks coming up I should probably leave now so you have plenty of time to find a new owner before the draft. Take care.
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 6/25/2020 7:37 AM: wow totally forgot about this league
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 6/24/2020 7:22 AM: Trade upheld
bragankelly11 (Commish) at 6/23/2020 11:06 AM: Trade committee reviewing ARI-COL trade
Derek (Mets) at 6/23/2020 10:50 AM: Who needs outfield help? I've got Dom Smith and Nimmo.
deyanksfan (Astros) at 6/23/2020 10:44 AM: Astros have great players on the trade block including Verlander, Greinke, Brantley, Gurriel, send offers
ELGOATO (Diamondbacks) at 6/20/2020 12:49 PM: Diamondbacks willing to trade 1st round picks for teams to take on contracts
TexRangersWS14 (Marlins) at 6/20/2020 11:35 AM: Marlins have 23 year old .950 OPS 2b Huira available for trade
htennis (Tigers) at 6/18/2020 11:01 PM: hey, what's up! don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions
vinsonmartin (Mariners) at 6/18/2020 7:59 PM: Heya! I just joined this league. Looks extremely interesting
BaltimoreChop (Mariners) at 6/18/2020 5:59 PM: Guys I’m bailing. Good young core of players for someone to take over. Good luck.
mcvn4 (Dodgers) at 6/18/2020 4:58 PM: Definitely HOU-Oak in the AL. I think it was LAD-..