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egankelly8 (Supersonics) at 5/26/2020 12:25 PM: Aranda still available! Going cheap!
paul21 (Cardinals) at 5/25/2020 6:33 PM: I know. But I needed to shuffle around a little.
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/25/2020 6:27 PM: Phillip Mastrella has to be the worst 96 ranked player of all time
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/25/2020 5:24 PM: Future HOFer Ozzie Albies replaces future HOFer Blair Kang at DH for the Twins. Welcome to Minnesota, Ozzie
soccerstar832 (Red Sox) at 5/25/2020 11:49 AM: Redsox are in full rebuild mode. Got a couple solid vets willing to move, 27 and older.
Glory (Cubs) at 5/24/2020 7:28 PM: It’s not great for me, but I will put a draft list together for both of my teams if it stays the same day and time.
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/24/2020 5:14 PM: Is tomorrow night still good with most of yall for the draft day? I had forgotten it was memorial day when i scheduled it last week. If anyone has conflicting plans please let me know
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/24/2020 9:43 AM: Would like to trade down if anyone with multiple 2nds is looking to move up
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/22/2020 6:37 PM: *Dbacks pick
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/22/2020 6:36 PM: Current DBacks is up for grabs, looking to make a deal
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/22/2020 9:36 AM: not saying all, theres obviously differences here and there
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/22/2020 9:36 AM: englert is a perfect example of what all those S players with 1.50 WHIPs turn into by the time they reach 28
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/22/2020 8:44 AM: S regresses slower than C and A, and F regresses very slowly
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/22/2020 8:43 AM: C will regress fastest out of those
BaltimoreChop (Orioles) at 5/22/2020 8:12 AM: Does anyone know which regresses faster? S? C? F?
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/21/2020 5:31 PM: SEA-SD trade also sends SD 1st and SD Comp 2nd to SEA
jabarwick (Athletics) at 5/21/2020 1:41 PM: Fine! I’ll take it.
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/21/2020 10:57 AM: San Diego looking to trade their 1st rnd pick
MikeSpaz (Angels) at 5/19/2020 8:47 PM: Angels with seven quality starters of varying ages and contracts in the block - obv not looking to deal all of them, but happy to hear offers on any
egankelly8 (Supersonics) at 5/18/2020 9:13 PM: C Boychuk going for cheap! 3B Aranda also available!
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/18/2020 6:22 PM: CLE pick coming up is available, would want another pick later in the round and something else
bragankelly11 (Capitales) at 5/18/2020 12:17 PM: I'm sure Tex is aware lol
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/18/2020 10:24 AM: TOR hasnt been on since 4/22
egankelly8 (Supersonics) at 5/18/2020 10:23 AM: OAK 2nd to SEA in Minor trade
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/18/2020 10:15 AM: OF Owens available
bragankelly11 (Capitales) at 5/18/2020 4:36 AM: Currently shopping the 10th pick
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/17/2020 11:56 PM: ARI 1st rnd comp and 2nd rnd pick to OSA
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/17/2020 6:15 AM: RPs alcala, bauman and SS burik all available.
omar20 (Marlins) at 5/17/2020 1:19 AM: In fact, most of OSA players are available
omar20 (Marlins) at 5/17/2020 1:18 AM: OSA players SP Folse and possibly SP Lewis could be had for the right price
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/16/2020 10:11 PM: ARI RP Hutchins available for cheap
egankelly8 (Supersonics) at 5/16/2020 9:43 PM: CF Trejyn Fletcher, C Alex Boychuk, DH Matt Cronin, 1B Ian Gibaut, and LF Gaston Charnow are all available! Hmu with offers!
loser63 (Nationals) at 5/16/2020 5:10 PM: Washington looking to trade one of our 1B...
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/15/2020 12:56 PM: Ring request sent
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/13/2020 9:24 PM: SPs finished. Will do RPs Thursday and then we will be off
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/12/2020 7:24 PM: Ive finished position players for the upcoming draft. Should have pitchers finished Thursday as they dont take as long
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/12/2020 7:24 PM: Okay perfect
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/11/2020 7:24 PM: It had been an hour since they both agreed so I figured you were tied up so I ran the sim
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/11/2020 7:21 PM: Thanks guys!!
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/11/2020 5:35 PM: I’ll get a LM out tonight about the rookie draft, and hopefully start the slow portion of the draft tonight or tomorrow
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/11/2020 5:35 PM: Congrats pence on another title. And thanks to whoever simmed for me (mc? Or loser). Had my last final of the semester today so I’ve been out all day
loser63 (Nationals) at 5/11/2020 5:17 PM: Congrats Pence - Awesome job again this year!!!
jabarwick (Athletics) at 5/11/2020 4:45 PM: Congrats Pence!
BaltimoreChop (Orioles) at 5/11/2020 3:34 PM: Nice job Pence!
bragankelly11 (Capitales) at 5/11/2020 2:03 PM: I should be a GBF analyst
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/11/2020 1:46 PM: Same to you, Pence. Some good battles there
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/11/2020 1:32 PM: Good series Sammy
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/11/2020 1:32 PM: Thanks!
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/11/2020 12:56 PM: congrats Pence!
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/11/2020 11:49 AM: ready for game 6
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/11/2020 11:27 AM: Not looking good for DBacks. Ready for next game
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/11/2020 11:26 AM: Got back Bradley, lost RF James
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/11/2020 9:11 AM: G5 simmed, day off granted
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/11/2020 5:49 AM: ready for game 5
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/11/2020 4:54 AM: Great series to watch - 2 even matched teams...
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/10/2020 9:56 PM: Ugh I knew Kersh was gonna get blown up. LHP in a RH big boost facing nothing but slugging righties
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/10/2020 8:05 PM: G4 simmed. Great series so far
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/10/2020 8:03 PM: Ready for 4
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/10/2020 7:43 PM: Ready for 4
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/10/2020 6:42 PM: G3 simmed
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/10/2020 5:16 PM: Great start. Good luck to both teams
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/10/2020 5:13 PM: ready for 3
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/10/2020 5:12 PM: G2s simmed. Day off granted
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/10/2020 5:07 PM: Ready for 2
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/10/2020 5:00 PM: ready for 2
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/10/2020 4:39 PM: G1 simmed
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/10/2020 3:51 PM: Ready for game 1
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/10/2020 3:35 PM: Ready when you are Pence
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/10/2020 3:34 PM: I wouldn’t bet against the Tigers either. But I’ve got my fingers crossed
bragankelly11 (Capitales) at 5/10/2020 2:40 PM: Tigers in 6
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/10/2020 1:05 PM: Cream of the crop here on the WS
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/10/2020 1:05 PM: Who u got
bragankelly11 (Capitales) at 5/10/2020 12:25 PM: I'll bet salary cap space on this series, any takers?
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/9/2020 8:22 PM: ARI will get 1B Bradley back in this series
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/9/2020 8:22 PM: Let me know when yall are ready to sim
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/9/2020 8:19 PM: 2 days off granted after 3rd round
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/9/2020 2:36 PM: Hope we saved some for the world series
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/9/2020 2:36 PM: Thanks LON. Good timing for my sake for that random burst of offense
ExpatBama (Lions) at 5/9/2020 2:17 PM: That was a whuppin'. Good luck in Series, Tigers....
notjoshray (Astros) at 5/9/2020 1:55 PM: Thanks sammy. Good luck
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/9/2020 1:20 PM: Good series, Stros. Great team you’ve got over there
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/9/2020 1:09 PM: I will get it set up tonight and can sim when you’re ready
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/9/2020 1:09 PM: DBacks vs Tigers S-15 World Series
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/9/2020 12:58 PM: Ready
loser63 (Nationals) at 5/9/2020 9:59 AM: The “extra” game will actually help the D-backs get back 2 of their injured starters sooner
loser63 (Nationals) at 5/9/2020 9:57 AM: Surprised by how easily the Tigers destroyed the Lions pitching... They will need to continue to have a shot at the D-backs!!
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/9/2020 9:21 AM: G4’s simmed. Tigers sweep, Dbacks one win away
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/8/2020 5:01 PM: G3’s simmed. Tigers offense is on fire
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/8/2020 5:00 PM: Ready
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/8/2020 4:24 PM: agree
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/8/2020 4:24 PM: But I
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/8/2020 4:24 PM: Had nothing to do with arz omar
omar20 (Marlins) at 5/8/2020 2:09 PM: I mean ARZ was 1st in ops, ERA and 2nd in hits saved.. pretty ahead of the pack. Not unbeatable of course but they are elite
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/8/2020 2:01 PM: G2s simmed, day off granted
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/8/2020 1:14 PM: Head and shoulders better
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/8/2020 11:41 AM: my team is trash, mostly at least
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/8/2020 11:41 AM: i said from the beginning ur team was better lol
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/8/2020 11:38 AM: No all that mattered to me was being head and shoulders better than you. none of this matters to me.
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/8/2020 11:13 AM: Time for Josh to show everyone why ARIZ and DET arent head and shoulders above HOU
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/8/2020 11:08 AM: G1s simmed
ExpatBama (Lions) at 5/8/2020 1:53 AM: Great series, Sammy. Back and forth all the way.
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/7/2020 3:45 PM: One day off has been granted after round 2
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/7/2020 2:53 PM: Disappointing, but good series, expat
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/7/2020 2:23 PM: Had some business to take care of in London
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/7/2020 2:21 PM: wow commish himself enters the game as a pinch hitter and scores the winning run
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 5/7/2020 12:51 PM: Good series Jab
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/7/2020 12:40 PM: Game 7’s are always nerve wracking..Twins and Lions are pretty evenly matched too
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/7/2020 11:46 AM: Guess so
jabarwick (Athletics) at 5/7/2020 11:30 AM: Good series Pence! Thanks for letting me get two wins!
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/7/2020 11:24 AM: LON-MIN Game 7
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/7/2020 10:31 AM: I guess you only speak too soon about being swept, not about winning ;)
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/7/2020 10:29 AM: Lions still have plenty of life in them, I don’t wanna speak too soon about Twins making the semi-finals
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/7/2020 10:26 AM: Thanks Spaz
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/7/2020 9:42 AM: what is it good for?
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/7/2020 9:25 AM: DWAR
MikeSpaz (Angels) at 5/7/2020 9:00 AM: Can't say I'm surprised, kept some of those games a lot tighter than I expected lol congrats, Sammy
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/7/2020 8:52 AM: Good chance we have an ARI-MIN semifinal
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/7/2020 8:52 AM: Astros finally get revenge for Seasons 1 and 2
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/7/2020 8:50 AM: sammy r u still irritated?
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/7/2020 8:50 AM: G5s simmed, day off granted
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/7/2020 8:49 AM: well RIP. my bullpen couldnt survive losing its top 2 guys. gg josh and good luck
jabarwick (Athletics) at 5/6/2020 6:17 PM: Glad to get at least 1 win!
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/6/2020 5:27 PM: Lol I’m relying on agos I don’t deserve to win. I dunno how this team even won this much
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/6/2020 5:27 PM: G4s simmed. A's stay alive
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/6/2020 1:57 PM: G3s simmed
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/6/2020 11:35 AM: And DBacks get their hearts ripped out in the last inning. Irritating
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/6/2020 11:34 AM: Twins on their way to getting swept. 2 runs in 2 games, pathetic
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/6/2020 11:19 AM: G2s simmed, day off granted
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/6/2020 11:05 AM: FFS how many RPs can i lose
ExpatBama (Lions) at 5/6/2020 9:18 AM: SP Lovelady going cheap. Just looking for an R2 or OK prospect or Ok utility player
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/5/2020 5:02 PM: One day off has been granted after Rd 1
Ironman_2632 (Reds) at 5/5/2020 4:53 PM: 3B Quintana and SP Criswell available for picks
egankelly8 (Supersonics) at 5/5/2020 4:34 PM: SEA is open to hearing offers for the 4th overall pick
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/5/2020 3:41 PM: Cincinnati looking good for this upcoming draft. 4 first round picks
MikeSpaz (Angels) at 5/5/2020 2:31 PM: Sorry guys, been MIA most of the day. Good series, Omar, hell of a comeback!
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/5/2020 2:28 PM: Osaka’s downfall may have been winning the division
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/5/2020 2:03 PM: Comeback falls just short for Osaka
omar20 (Marlins) at 5/5/2020 11:22 AM: I’m ready
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/5/2020 11:18 AM: And we’ve got a Game 7. Omar and mike if y’all are ready sooner i can sim when y’all let me know
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/5/2020 8:06 AM: G5 simmed. OSA-LAA is the only series still going
omar20 (Marlins) at 5/4/2020 7:19 PM: Oh sweet! I could’ve sworn I read somewhere it was a 5 game series recently
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/4/2020 7:04 PM: Changed it a few seasons ago. Not out of it yet
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 7:04 PM: Yeah u still have a chance lol
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/4/2020 7:04 PM: 7 game series!
omar20 (Marlins) at 5/4/2020 7:02 PM: Ugh.. I always lose in the freakin 1st round every time I make the playoffs. Good series and good luck LAA
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 4:35 PM: I’ll take it!
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 4:35 PM: Probably the only win I’ll have this postseason
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/4/2020 4:10 PM: Sigh. So sad. I'll end this out of pity for you
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 2:47 PM: Glad u agree that ur opinion is wrong. Happy we cleared that up
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/4/2020 2:23 PM: A communist state has nothing to do with opinionseither but its you, so ill laugh it off.
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/4/2020 2:21 PM: "Much better team" I wonder about you sometimes
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/4/2020 2:19 PM: What are you even talking about.
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/4/2020 2:19 PM: Opinions can be wrong haha
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 2:18 PM: Some of these series have been great!
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 2:13 PM: He’s got a much better team. His poor managing was the only reason I got by him in the regular season
hani (Royals) at 5/4/2020 2:09 PM: 7 1/3*
hani (Royals) at 5/4/2020 2:09 PM: Banh had 7 1./3 inn of no hit ball and we still lost 2-1 :/
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/4/2020 2:03 PM: HOU is one win away from facing CLE in Rd 2
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/4/2020 2:00 PM: G3s simmed
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 1:35 PM: the only thing that could be wrong was if i said DET or ARZ would hands down beat you (or I) and then they didnt. but to give an opinion cant be wrong unless u live in a communist state i guess, but maybe u roll that way
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 1:34 PM: lmao sorry to break the news to you Josh Ray but you dont control my opinion. so if i say i believe DET and ARZ are head and shoulders above the next wave of teams (which includes your team, dont worry) then by definition i cant be wrong, because its my opinion
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/4/2020 1:26 PM: A lot of first time Silver Slugger award winners this year
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/4/2020 1:26 PM: This is why we have the playoffs, to prove these kinds of things @mcvn and @njr
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/4/2020 12:58 PM: And won his 1st Silver Slugger award..
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/4/2020 12:55 PM: OF Sikeema had a hell of a year for the Nats - Was in the Top 10 for 8 offensive categories All-Time this year. Hope next year is even better
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/4/2020 12:49 PM: I had a losing record vs multiple bad teams and 4-2 vs det. Not saying I'm better. Just saying your analysis was inaccurate
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/4/2020 12:41 PM: I'm just pointing out you being completely wrong. No worries.
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 12:22 PM: but go ahead and make urself feel better :)
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 12:19 PM: DET had much better competition in his division. i wouldnt put too much in pyth. TB didnt even have a lineup set until the trade deadline
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/4/2020 11:36 AM: Head and shoulders? I had a better pyth than DET and lost SP litcher for over a quarter of the year. Tarnok for 30. Various others for stretches. Might not be better but that is a highly inaccurate statement
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/4/2020 11:01 AM: G2s simmed, day off granted
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 9:42 AM: i agree that DET and ARZ are head and shoulders above everyone else, but we all know anyone can win
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/4/2020 9:37 AM: DBacks have the best run diff, but Tigers look scariest for me. If they had Myslinski and Pruitt all year, I’d bet they have as many or more wins as ARI
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/4/2020 9:23 AM: Yeah i just use what is listed on the player card mc
hani (Royals) at 5/4/2020 9:18 AM: oh dang the royals did a thing
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/4/2020 8:10 AM: Twins 3-6 in their last 9 now. Terrible time to fall apart
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 8:06 AM: mets and padres it seems with some defensive improvements can make a big step forward next season
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 8:05 AM: dbacks were lights out the whole season but they were only 5th in DICE. still great obviously but not as far away form the pack as the raw numbers suggest. so maybe we all have a chacne?
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/4/2020 8:04 AM: i always find it interesting looking at the team DICE at the end of a season to see how much teams rely on defense
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/3/2020 10:43 PM: Lombardo listed are 3b but he played all his games at SS
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/3/2020 10:14 PM: Losers playoff predictions below
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/3/2020 10:14 PM: S-15 Awards posted in the message center
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/3/2020 8:53 PM: New RoY poll up. Please vote!
jabarwick (Athletics) at 5/3/2020 6:21 PM: Just give RoY to Sears guys! He hit 47 HRs as a rookie!
omar20 (Marlins) at 5/3/2020 12:46 PM: NYY SP Medina had a nice year too
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/3/2020 11:42 AM: I will put up a new PC poll today. Sears, Fabian, Bayoun, Kelley, Klassen. Any other nominations?
omar20 (Marlins) at 5/3/2020 11:25 AM: MIA RP Fabian has a pretty nice year. 120 IP, 3.23 era
omar20 (Marlins) at 5/3/2020 11:24 AM: I’d probably give it to Baayoun, not many great options for RoY this year
Notjoshray (Astros) at 5/3/2020 11:02 AM: Sp bayoun's first year up was wortht
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/3/2020 8:08 AM: It was hard to find RoY candidates that weren’t from last years draft class since everyone is bringing people up at different times. I may scrap that part of the poll and have y’all send in suggestions and do a PC poll for it
hani (Royals) at 5/3/2020 1:38 AM: George Klassen I feel was snubbed of a RoY candidacy...
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/2/2020 9:46 PM: Phew. Sure glad we held onto that last bye
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/2/2020 8:14 PM: I nominate SP Jared Kelley for one of the ROYs. 106 innings, 3.46 ERA.
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/2/2020 7:04 PM: Id expect a very active offseason from them
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/2/2020 7:04 PM: Mets had 89 wins last year, 88 this year and a plus 169 run differential, and still waiting on that first playoff berth since season 5.
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/2/2020 6:53 PM: One day off has been granted
loser63 (Nationals) at 5/2/2020 6:47 PM: San Diego makes the playoff’s for the 1st time since Season 7.... Vindication...
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/2/2020 6:43 PM: That is unfortunate NYM, 6 straight losses to end the season. Congrats Angels and Padres
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/2/2020 6:21 PM: Sim coming momentarily
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/2/2020 4:33 PM: I watched the replay of the sim and got worried I may have simmed it without you ready, and a bunch of players out of position. But nope that’s just your lineup lol
MikeSpaz (Angels) at 5/2/2020 3:36 PM: You leave my team’s ****ty fielding alone, Tex 😂
hani (Royals) at 5/2/2020 2:51 PM: id be surprised to pick up a game vs the twins in the first round
hani (Royals) at 5/2/2020 2:50 PM: huh looking through the history it seems that its also KC's first time at winning the division too at 80-82.
kevin374 (Phillies) at 5/2/2020 11:51 AM: Phils win division for 1st time in franchise history at 81-81! Embarrassing!! Led league in batting avg and OBP, but 13th in runs scored! Pitching and defense was our downfall! Hope they can step up for this playoff run!
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/2/2020 11:34 AM: Eusebio led the league in K/9. Mets and Angels are very similar teams
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/2/2020 11:28 AM: DeFrancesco vs Eusebio in an hour and a half.
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 11:43 PM: ranges*
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 11:43 PM: .249 BA. 4.14 ERA. Pretty perfect and right in the middle of the example Rangers PC gives
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 11:42 PM: End of year stat levels ended up being: 4.43 runs per game
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 10:08 PM: Of course a 3 way tie....
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 6:53 PM: Mets, Angels, and Padres all lose. Things stay the same as we head to 162
sammy-z (Twins) at 5/1/2020 4:10 PM: Alex Fontenot passes 400 HRs at age 31
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 4:08 PM: All divisions clinched. Mets hold 11th seed with 88 wins, Angels and Padres tied for final spot at 87 wins. Two left to play
bragankelly11 (Capitales) at 5/1/2020 3:55 PM: Caps decide they want to start winning when it doesn't matter and drop down 3 draft picks
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/1/2020 1:06 PM: Ah - Thanks for clarification, though I dont see WAS winning 3 and PHI losing 3....
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 12:57 PM: If PHI-WAS end up tied, there would be a one game playoff since it is playoffs or go home
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/1/2020 12:31 PM: Philly also clinches, based on TB over Washington
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 12:31 PM: Padres and Angels tied for last wild card spot
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 12:31 PM: Phillies magic number is 1
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/1/2020 12:31 PM: Standings updated. West only division in question...1st Rnd byes are still in question and the last 2 Wild Card berths are up for grabs! 3 games remain
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 12:31 PM: Royals clinch central
kevin374 (Phillies) at 5/1/2020 12:02 PM: Man injuries really startin to pile up for the fightin Phils!!
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 9:29 AM: A lot of great races this season, good stuff
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 5/1/2020 9:29 AM: Our league was one that was set to expire today like a lot of others said on the boards lol, so I am a donor once again
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/1/2020 9:23 AM: good fight fffor the byes as well
jabarwick (Athletics) at 5/1/2020 9:04 AM: Hey! I still have a chance at the division! I just need to sweep Osaka in this last series...should be simple...congrats Omar...
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/1/2020 8:57 AM: 4 teams have a "chance" at the last 2 wildcard spots... I am going to predict the Mets and Angels will be playing in the playoffs... The Friars and Sox will fall 1 game short
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/1/2020 8:55 AM: Minnesota and Oakland are your #9 & #10 seeds
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/1/2020 8:55 AM: Arizona and Detroit are your #1 & #2 seeds
hani (Royals) at 5/1/2020 8:21 AM: i think im locked in if i just win one more game
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/1/2020 7:48 AM: just had my backup catcher play CF lol
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/1/2020 7:47 AM: this lineup im trotting out there....excuse my pathetic
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/1/2020 7:30 AM: Mets have a tough 4 games against London remaining, and they are fighting for a 1st rnd bye
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/1/2020 7:29 AM: Pads have 4 against the Dodgers (which about the same), while Angels play the D-Backs, with not much incentive
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/1/2020 7:27 AM: Based on schedule remianing, you should be a lock - 4 game series with the Cubs
twins15 (White Sox) at 5/1/2020 7:25 AM: mcvn I'm saying I would be a lock for the playoffs.... IF i could beat the Reds...
mcvn4 (Indians) at 5/1/2020 6:30 AM: Dang I lost my 2b too now
Loser63 (Nationals) at 5/1/2020 4:57 AM: Friday morning updated Standings to the Right... Still a lot to be decided, seeds and final spots
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 4/30/2020 9:37 PM: Alonzo Aguilera just hit for the cycle as well. Not something I officially track but cool when it happens
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 8:23 PM: Who’s gonna tell CHW that they currently aren’t in the playoffs
omar20 (Marlins) at 4/30/2020 8:00 PM: 3B Boone had a 5 BB game
hani (Royals) at 4/30/2020 4:12 PM: i now thank the rockies for their service.
twins15 (White Sox) at 4/30/2020 3:54 PM: CWS might be a lock for the playoffs, but for some reason I can't solve the 66-88 Reds (no disrespect to them!). 5-9 vs them to really hurt my chances. On the bright side, I'm not sure I can do any damage even if I do sneak in.
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 4/30/2020 1:07 PM: Sikemma and Lombardo in a close race for the batting title
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 4/30/2020 1:07 PM: 4 way tie for final wild card spot
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 4/30/2020 12:56 PM: Definitely some players that fly under the radar in drafts sometimes
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 4/30/2020 12:56 PM: Wish i had been doing that from the start, but that number is a players career earnings, not including rookie contract
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 4/30/2020 12:51 PM: I actually never noticed that before
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 4/30/2020 12:49 PM: Yeah ive been putting $$ amount in FA just recently the last couple seasons or so
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:47 PM: ok, i guess commish never put his $ amount under. he did it for most FA signings
jabarwick (Athletics) at 4/30/2020 12:47 PM: Then traded him somewhere I don’t remember.
jabarwick (Athletics) at 4/30/2020 12:46 PM: I signed McGrail as a free agent just as we were starting the under 70 rank is a prospect rule.
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:44 PM: adn then signed him?
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:44 PM: mcgrail tho it doesnt have drat info. so OAK got him from the free agent heap?
sammy-z (Twins) at 4/30/2020 12:44 PM: And Bradshaw and Neveraz did come from the Jays in the same deal, but I traded a 1st rnd pick and change for them
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:43 PM: gotcha. cool
sammy-z (Twins) at 4/30/2020 12:43 PM: Yeah that Novotny. And no Novotny wasn’t drafted, ARI signed him in free agency
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:43 PM: it seems he wasnt drafted tho, that was the question
sammy-z (Twins) at 4/30/2020 12:42 PM: Fitzgerald and Kershner were both signed in the same offseason (both have more than justified their contracts too imo)
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:42 PM: novotny whos on minn?
sammy-z (Twins) at 4/30/2020 12:41 PM: ARI traded for McGrail from the A’s for prospect Franz Novotny
Pencesylvania76 (Tigers) at 4/30/2020 12:31 PM: I think Fitzgerald and Kershner were signed in the same offseason. That's when there was a debate about comp picks
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:18 PM: i should do a roster report on the playoff teams lol
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:17 PM: dang and i see superhigh dWar guys bradhaw and Nevarez mustve come from TOR in the same deal lol
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:15 PM: just curious btw, was just looking at ur roster
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:14 PM: and fitzgerald and kershner both went form the twins to the dbacks the same season? i guess there was a 3rd party in between?
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:11 PM: @sammy how did ur dbacks get mcgrail on them? he was just picked up from free agency?
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/30/2020 12:09 PM: we are limping, trying to hold onto a bye
jabarwick (Athletics) at 4/30/2020 11:57 AM: That is actually a good point hani! I’d still like to win the division but this could be a pretty nice consolation prize if I don’t!
hani (Royals) at 4/30/2020 7:58 AM: lol for oakland it might be better for them to get the WC for the first round. theyd get a matchup vs PHI/KC. otherwise theyd have to deal with teams that are actually above .500
Loser63 (Nationals) at 4/30/2020 4:32 AM: Clevland clinches division title... No seeds are locked in yet. Tight races remain for last 2 1st rnd byes and last 2 Wild Card spots. 20 teams remain in contention with 11 games remaining
Loser63 (Nationals) at 4/30/2020 4:30 AM: Updated Standings
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 4/29/2020 11:17 PM: Royals clinging to a 3 game lead over STL, but some good news as they have a 12 game homestand to close out the season. They are 39-30 at home
sammy-z (Twins) at 4/29/2020 10:16 PM: He’s been my favorite breakout player this year. He deserved better
sammy-z (Twins) at 4/29/2020 10:15 PM: Shame
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 4/29/2020 10:15 PM: ARI just lost their 1B for most if not all the playoffs
TexRangersWS14 (Rangers) at 4/29/2020 9:17 PM: Sorry KC, this Rangers team is hopeless
omar20 (Marlins) at 4/29/2020 8:46 PM: Still plenty of baseball to be played
omar20 (Marlins) at 4/29/2020 8:46 PM: Well Jabar, to be fair you were missing the defender with the 6th most hits saved and the 3rd highest ops on your team for most of the series.
hani (Royals) at 4/29/2020 8:00 PM: Getting swept by the Rockies while the cardinals also sweep is really scaring me right now
jabarwick (Athletics) at 4/29/2020 7:53 PM: I am actually really annoyed how badly my team is playing against Osaka. Sometimes PC drives me nuts. Oh well, at least we’ll get another crack at Osaka at the end of the season...
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/29/2020 7:13 PM: Just lost my best RP
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/29/2020 7:13 PM: Great....
jabarwick (Athletics) at 4/29/2020 1:24 PM: Great...
Texrangersws14 (Rangers) at 4/29/2020 1:21 PM: For sure. Probably won’t end the all time leader for an individual statistic, but an all around great player for 15 seasons now
mcvn4 (Indians) at 4/29/2020 12:59 PM: btw Bellinger can make a case for bes..