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bhicks42 (Reds) at 1/16/2020 12:34 PM: Alright guys I’m going to step out. My team has been well taken care of. Best of luck to everyone and I wish you the best Edgar.
bhicks42 (Reds) at 1/10/2020 6:54 AM: Edgar, sent you 3 messages a week ago about expansion, bud..... want to put a halt on things here or what’s going on? Just want to know something
deyanksfan (Indians) at 12/23/2019 1:05 PM: Please switch me to the Braves. Thanks!
edgar (Phillies) at 12/21/2019 2:08 PM: Progressions run,will reboot 1969 season to include expandsion teams
Kevough2 (Pirates) at 12/13/2019 1:15 PM: 3 game lead....I didnt think we had a chance. your team had a powerful batting line up.
Kevough2 (Pirates) at 12/13/2019 7:01 AM: Wow WE won. I lost interest after your 5 game lead
maapearson (Yankees) at 12/12/2019 6:18 AM: Yanks blow a three games to one lead in the series. Congrats Kevough.
maapearson (Yankees) at 12/11/2019 4:19 PM: Comes down to a game 7 for the championship. Good series.
maapearson (Yankees) at 12/10/2019 3:08 PM: Big part of this team.
Sdwriter (Twins) at 12/10/2019 6:38 AM: Jerry Kenney .326, 30, 103!. WTF?
bhicks42 (Reds) at 12/10/2019 4:26 AM: We have the expansion draft coming up in this league if we plan to go ahead with it. Big step if we are going to move forward.
maapearson (Yankees) at 12/8/2019 6:05 PM: Thanks. The days off have been granted now. I should have rested my stars after clinching the Division. Lesson learned.
maapearson (Yankees) at 12/8/2019 4:24 PM: It doesn’t look like the two days off have been granted before the start of the series.
maapearson (Yankees) at 12/4/2019 6:12 AM: Bad time for my 99 ranked starting SS to go down with a 7 game injury.
maapearson (Yankees) at 12/4/2019 5:53 AM: Good luck to you as well. Should be a great series.
Kevough2 (Pirates) at 12/3/2019 2:40 PM: Nice Pirates lock up the national league title. with 1 game left to go in the regular season. NNY finished 5th last season and my Pirates finished 7th. Good luck maapearson...
Kevough2 (Pirates) at 12/3/2019 6:41 AM: this sucks my last 3 games are against the NNY and the reds play a rudderless team. I need at least 1 win to tie.
bhicks42 (Reds) at 11/30/2019 6:23 PM: Shamsky has 57 dingers. Leads MLB by 10.
Kevough2 (Pirates) at 11/29/2019 2:51 PM: NL is a competitive div right now,with 4 teams in the hunt.
Ulster (Dodgers) at 10/21/2019 11:07 AM: No slump buster☹️
Ulster (Dodgers) at 10/18/2019 5:10 AM: Oops
maapearson (Yankees) at 10/17/2019 8:09 PM: The four man rotation is mentioned below under the Welcome banner.
Ulster (Dodgers) at 10/17/2019 6:48 PM: Ok, it was not in the rules but I am assuming this league uses a four man pitching rotation
maapearson (Yankees) at 10/17/2019 4:17 PM: Stan Bahnsen with a no hitter.
ironman (Giants) at 10/17/2019 3:34 PM: REST not RESPECT was what I was trying to say - then he breaks thru with game winning HR to beat the Giants
ironman (Giants) at 10/17/2019 1:52 PM: You could respect him till the series with my my Giants is over.
bhicks42 (Reds) at 10/16/2019 2:20 PM: Huh?? Pete Rose starts the season 0-14?? I bet he will get a hit next game.
DukeBlues (Indians) at 10/13/2019 8:56 AM: All teams will be ready as soon as the Met move a couple players to the minors. This will not hold up opening day.
DukeBlues (Indians) at 10/13/2019 8:31 AM: Mets still need to move a couple of players to the minors.
DukeBlues (Indians) at 10/13/2019 8:28 AM: Dodgers Ready
DukeBlues (Indians) at 10/13/2019 8:28 AM: Cincinnati Reds
DukeBlues (Indians) at 10/13/2019 8:27 AM: Baltimore Orioles Ready
DukeBlues (Indians) at 10/13/2019 8:26 AM: Chicago Cubs
DukeBlues (Indians) at 10/13/2019 8:26 AM: Oakland Athletics
DukeBlues (Indians) at 10/13/2019 8:25 AM: Senators Ready
maapearson (Yankees) at 10/12/2019 8:55 AM: super was the owner at the time.
maapearson (Yankees) at 10/12/2019 8:51 AM: The Giants won the first World Series
DukeBlues (Indians) at 10/12/2019 7:07 AM: Can anyone help me and tell me who was the WS winner in year one? I would like to get it posted in the history. : )
maapearson (Yankees) at 10/12/2019 5:33 AM: Welcome back Edgar.
edgar (Phillies) at 10/11/2019 3:38 PM: I have made duke a vice
edgar (Phillies) at 10/11/2019 3:36 PM: I'm back,but still in rough shape from a heart attack.
maapearson (Yankees) at 10/11/2019 9:37 AM: Any updates Duke?
DukeBlues (Dodgers) at 10/7/2019 8:08 AM: I have PM's Guy, requesting to let me keep this league moving until Edgar comes back. I have Emailed Edgar with no responds.
DukeBlues (Dodgers) at 10/7/2019 7:53 AM: Not sure everyone knows, but from the information I got from another commish, Edgar has suffered a heart attack. I don't know his condition other than he is recovering I hope.
Sleazye (Senators) at 10/1/2019 5:14 PM: Lost my mind and didn’t factor in time zone
Sleazye (Senators) at 10/1/2019 5:12 PM: Earlier
Sleazye (Senators) at 10/1/2019 5:12 PM: Ahh, thought I saw someone get picked up
edgar (Phillies) at 10/1/2019 5:01 PM: FA pool is open
edgar (Phillies) at 10/1/2019 4:26 PM: FA pool opens at 5pm(PST) today,you jumped the gun.
Sleazye (Senators) at 10/1/2019 4:06 PM: Any ideas Edgar ?
Sleazye (Senators) at 10/1/2019 4:05 PM: I’m unable to sign free agents even though my team has roster space
edgar (Phillies) at 10/1/2019 12:50 PM: FA winners will be placed on teams before FA pool is open
legoman (Tigers) at 9/30/2019 8:58 PM: Where we ar I’m in rebuild mode
thurmunson15 (Red Sox) at 9/29/2019 5:59 PM: Another point of confusion...On 9/9 message in chat box that players would be imported. But Red Sox have no 1968 players on the roster, and I notice there are 1968 players in the free agent pool. Not understanding how this works, please advise
thurmunson15 (Tigers) at 9/28/2019 5:06 AM: Ok, thanks for the details. Please switch me to the Red Sox.
edgar (Phillies) at 9/27/2019 5:06 PM: Imports come in with a min of 25 AB's and IP's pitched,if they have terrible first year stats,they are deleted until next season or edited using their career avg.As of this time no change in yearly stats,but this could change.
edgar (Phillies) at 9/27/2019 5:03 PM: Round 2 of FA bidding is closed
thurmunson15 (Tigers) at 9/26/2019 5:11 AM: I guess that's actually 3 questions
thurmunson15 (Tigers) at 9/26/2019 5:11 AM: One quick question, since the rules are not specific...Is there a minimum requirement for 1st year player imports? And in the event that a real-life superstar had a 1st year (or partial year), that was very subpar, will import be delayed to avoid a superstar being a throw away in the league. One more: No mention of owner ability to change stats to avoid this unfortunate situation...assume no change stats?
thurmunson15 (Tigers) at 9/25/2019 7:26 PM: Red Sox please
borg3127 (Mets) at 9/21/2019 10:18 AM: Hall of famer Tom Seaver is on the trade block. I need someone with power
edgar (Phillies) at 9/21/2019 8:06 AM: Round 1 of FA bidding is closed
edgar (Phillies) at 9/19/2019 8:03 AM: FA bidding is open,bidding is blind bidding,you have to send your bids to me via PM.
edgar (Phillies) at 9/18/2019 4:29 PM: FA bidding will start tomorrow,I will be sending my bids to bhicks42(Vice) before bidding begins.
edgar (Indians) at 9/9/2019 7:54 PM: Imports will start tomorrow.
edgar (Indians) at 9/8/2019 8:46 AM: Progressions have been run
super (Giants) at 9/6/2019 4:18 PM: What's the status of this league?
super (Giants) at 9/3/2019 4:07 PM: Congrats to World Series teams!
jimgriddy (Red Sox) at 9/3/2019 7:10 AM: God luck fellas. Have to trim my leagues down.
maapearson (Yankees) at 9/2/2019 4:31 PM: Good series. Congrats shamsyfan.
shamsyfan (Braves) at 9/2/2019 3:50 PM: Yea Bravos
edgar (Indians) at 9/2/2019 1:53 PM: Ring request has been sent.
edgar (Indians) at 9/2/2019 12:47 PM: Braves win world series 4-3
edgar (Indians) at 9/1/2019 1:32 PM: Day off for WS teams, Braves lead series 3-2
edgar (Indians) at 8/28/2019 4:05 PM: WS will start on Friday,l have been down with flu bug the last week.
maapearson (Yankees) at 8/28/2019 3:16 PM: Good luck.
maapearson (Yankees) at 8/28/2019 3:16 PM: Sounds like it will be starting on Friday.
shamsyfan (Braves) at 8/27/2019 11:44 AM: Any World Series?
maapearson (Yankees) at 8/22/2019 2:22 PM: Thank you. You’re Giants did finish on a high note.
super (Giants) at 8/21/2019 4:17 PM: Nice last-minute push for the Giants, but we're gonna miss the playoffs this year. Congrats to the division winners!
maapearson (Yankees) at 8/21/2019 3:20 PM: Shopay, hitting a solid .303 with 36 homers and 64 stolen bases. He should be the MVP!
Sleazye (Senators) at 8/20/2019 6:44 AM: Yet again, the Senators are pretty good but not good enough.
Sleazye (Senators) at 8/20/2019 6:40 AM: Up
Sleazye (Senators) at 8/20/2019 6:40 AM: Lol, yeah there are some strange really good players in this league , but ... kind of shakes things
Sdwriter (Twins) at 8/16/2019 12:45 PM: Tom Shopay? Really?
Sleazye (Senators) at 8/13/2019 3:02 PM: My bullpen is all of a sudden bad , and my starters too.
maapearson (Yankees) at 8/13/2019 4:49 AM: Bad time to loose my starting SS for 12 games.
jimgriddy (Red Sox) at 8/9/2019 7:12 AM: Sox dropping like a rock
Sleazye (Senators) at 7/30/2019 5:40 PM: Very , very competitive AL
bhicks42 (Reds) at 7/28/2019 5:55 PM: Ok
edgar (Indians) at 7/28/2019 4:27 PM: When the time comes,l would like the Seattle Pilots
bhicks42 (Reds) at 7/28/2019 3:20 PM: If someone with experience could take a little time and message me about it and give me some tips it would be greatly appreciated. I know what needs done for real life expansion but the commish tools and steps you take on PC, I’m new to.
edgar (Indians) at 7/28/2019 3:09 PM: bhicks42 will be in charge of expansion.i have never done it and have no clue how to.
Sleazye (Senators) at 7/28/2019 2:08 PM: I’m fine with expansion too... on a side note , I’m looking to add speed to my team
edgar (Indians) at 7/26/2019 3:49 PM: Most owners seem to agree so no reason to put up a poll.
jimgriddy (Red Sox) at 7/26/2019 10:34 AM: 8 of 10 AL teams above .500. Cool.
bhicks42 (Reds) at 7/26/2019 5:43 AM: PM would probably be best
bhicks42 (Reds) at 7/26/2019 5:43 AM: I totally get expansion. Like the real life side of it. I’d love to hear someone’s input on anything needed on the PC commissioners side of it. I’ve agreed to help with it but I’m no commish so any tips would help.
jimgriddy (Red Sox) at 7/25/2019 11:55 AM: why not?
Ssrice123 (Athletics) at 7/24/2019 12:22 PM: A's were in 1st then lose 6 of 8. Well done, I would vote for exspansion.
maapearson (Yankees) at 7/23/2019 7:54 PM: I’m good with expansion.
rricci (Phillies) at 7/23/2019 2:19 PM: Sounds good to me.
sloss5 (Cardinals) at 7/22/2019 3:45 AM: This is a historical league, so I vote expand.
bhicks42 (Reds) at 7/21/2019 7:47 AM: What does everyone think about expanding for the 69 season? Add the Expos, Padres, Royals, & Pilots? Edgar and I have talked a little about it but I’d like to hear from others about it.
edgar (Indians) at 7/16/2019 12:33 PM: Indians beat Cubs 30-4
super (Giants) at 7/15/2019 1:22 PM: No prob.
Sleazye (Senators) at 7/15/2019 10:04 AM: My humblest of apologies to the defending champs
Sleazye (Senators) at 7/15/2019 10:03 AM: Whoops, mixed up leagues .... against the senator.a.... I’m the Giants in one of my other leagues
super (Giants) at 7/15/2019 9:15 AM: No no-nos against me, Sleazye. :)
Sleazye (Senators) at 7/15/2019 8:41 AM: Koufax throws a no-hitter against the Giants in the opener.
edgar (Indians) at 7/15/2019 8:38 AM: REGULAR SEASON HAS STARTED
edgar (Indians) at 7/13/2019 3:39 PM: No you have enough to sim games.
kaline65 (Tigers) at 7/13/2019 2:00 PM: I have 22 players total on my. roster, do I need to add 3? craig
super (Giants) at 7/13/2019 9:24 AM: Gotcha.
edgar (Indians) at 7/12/2019 4:55 PM: Two teams only have about 16 or 17 players.they need to add more so that l can sim games.they need 11 hitters and 9 pitchers to do that.Your team is fine.
super (Giants) at 7/12/2019 4:39 PM: Regarding your message, are you saying we need to add players to fill up our teams? I don't think that makes sense. If we want to have open spots, that should be our prerogative.
super (Giants) at 7/11/2019 3:58 PM: Sounds good. Looking forward to winning another title.
edgar (Indians) at 7/11/2019 9:09 AM: i plan on starting season on Monday.
edgar (Indians) at 7/10/2019 8:00 AM: Free agent pool is open
edgar (Indians) at 7/9/2019 2:56 PM: Waiting to hear from Dodgers, l have your bid
jimgriddy (Red Sox) at 7/9/2019 12:03 PM: ok, when?
edgar (Indians) at 7/9/2019 6:59 AM: Both teams rebid
jimgriddy (Red Sox) at 7/9/2019 6:52 AM: what happens to break a tie?
edgar (Indians) at 7/8/2019 5:01 PM: FA BIDDING IS CLOSED
edgar (Indians) at 7/7/2019 1:44 PM: 5pm(PST) on Monday
bhicks42 (Reds) at 7/7/2019 12:54 PM: When does FA end?
bhicks42 (Reds) at 7/6/2019 5:54 PM: There’s only 2 players on the Mets who are regressing. I do see the point about the contracts but it’s really a solid squad.
Jayslater1223 (Mets) at 7/6/2019 5:26 PM: Sorry man, Id rather see ya fill the slot w an owner before season starts. Let me know if ya start any new leagues like this, Im game..but these guys are stuck now. Upon further review, Im gonna pass.
Jayslater1223 (Mets) at 7/6/2019 5:23 PM: Just saying, knowing you get new imports every year and x amount of contracts(leagues like this usually avoid contracts), but regardless, they didnt NEED to waste $ on every player. So when '68 imports come, Ill be lucky if I can sign ANY. Why would you sign already regressing players ? Smh.
super (Giants) at 7/6/2019 4:41 PM: Jay disparaging a previous owner? Incredible!
Jayslater1223 (Mets) at 7/6/2019 3:48 PM: Last owner just signed every damn player like twit. So many of these guys could gave been axed after Yr 1.
edgar (Indians) at 7/6/2019 12:53 PM: Pros and cons of both bidding.
bhicks42 (Reds) at 7/6/2019 1:02 AM: I’m new to the league but I agree with that 💯
Jayslater1223 (Mets) at 7/6/2019 12:42 AM: Chat bidding turns into a p*ssing contest.
Jayslater1223 (Mets) at 7/6/2019 12:42 AM: Speaking from experience, chat bidding overblows salary far more than blind bidding.
super (Giants) at 7/5/2019 9:07 AM: Nothing wrong with overbidding, if the owner has a "win now" mentality.
jimgriddy (Red Sox) at 7/5/2019 7:39 AM: when is the bidding process going to take place?
edgar (Reds) at 7/4/2019 7:21 PM: It makes sense to me. I do not like blind bidding, but most of the owners in my leagues want it.nothing can stop a foolish owner from over bidding.
super (Giants) at 7/4/2019 1:56 PM: Does all that make sense? One round blind FA bidding is tricky. Other leagues I've seen have mechanisms to make it both fair and efficient.
super (Giants) at 7/4/2019 1:55 PM: Ex. - an owner has $30 remaining, yet they submit bids on 6 players, totalling $40. It's unlikely they'll get all six, but even so, they can drop some.
super (Giants) at 7/4/2019 1:54 PM: * clarity not clarify
super (Giants) at 7/4/2019 1:53 PM: I'd like some clarify on free agent bidding. Obviously we all have a salary cap, yet no one can know if they'll win every player they bid on. We should be able to submit bids that, combined, exceed our salary caps. (Within reason.) If by some miracle we get all our bids, there can be a grace period where we trade/drop to bring our team under the cap.
edgar (Reds) at 7/2/2019 3:09 PM: Poll ends tomorrow,please vote
naplajoie (Mets) at 6/27/2019 12:24 PM: lol ok :D
edgar (Indians) at 6/27/2019 11:25 AM: I know nap,l have already slapped myself for doing that.
naplajoie (Mets) at 6/27/2019 11:04 AM: ugh - please don't instantly delete postseason games! - congratulations Giants
maapearson (Yankees) at 6/26/2019 7:51 PM: Congrats super.
edgar (Indians) at 6/26/2019 3:10 PM: i just compleated my first season as commish and still learning the ropes.
edgar (Indians) at 6/26/2019 3:09 PM: Sorry about that,should of left games and stats up for a couple of days.
super (Giants) at 6/26/2019 2:18 PM: Awesome! Games have already been deleted, so I don't know what happened...but it was good for me, obviously.
edgar (Indians) at 6/26/2019 9:59 AM: GIANTS WIN WORLD SERIES !!!
edgar (Indians) at 6/25/2019 7:17 AM: Day off for WS teams
edgar (Indians) at 6/24/2019 5:41 PM: Progressions are run after the world series
super (Giants) at 6/24/2019 5:32 PM: And sorry again, because I have to ask another question, putting more workload on ya: when are you running progressions?
super (Giants) at 6/24/2019 5:32 PM: Sorry, can't take on that commitment at the moment.
edgar (Indians) at 6/24/2019 1:59 PM: Glad you asked. I am looking for a Vice that will do awards and history, are you interested ?
super (Giants) at 6/23/2019 4:40 PM: Are you assigning MVPs and Cy Youngs to the respective owners, Edgar?
super (Giants) at 6/23/2019 4:08 PM: Reminder to everyone: sign the players you want! Most owners haven't done so yet.
edgar (Indians) at 6/22/2019 5:13 PM: World series starts on Monday.
super (Giants) at 6/22/2019 4:43 PM: Welp, solid season for the Giants! What's the playoff situation?
Sleazye (Senators) at 6/19/2019 1:34 PM: Only 46 games back Naplajoie!
naplajoie (Mets) at 6/10/2019 9:59 AM: break up the Mets! winners of three in a row and closing in on a .300 win percentage (considering we were at below .200 for most of the season, that actually means something)
naplajoie (Mets) at 5/28/2019 5:34 PM: thanks
edgar (Indians) at 5/28/2019 4:26 PM: Done, max injury is now 20 games.
naplajoie (Mets) at 5/28/2019 10:51 AM: we're obviously the worst team in the league, so this won't change anything - but 40 games for an injury is TOO LONG! Commissioner, please adjust settings to something reasonable, say a 10 game maximum for example
Sleazye (Senators) at 5/20/2019 4:44 PM: Senators on a bit of a slide .... these things happen though, it’s a long season and ...
naplajoie (Mets) at 5/20/2019 7:40 AM: this is truly remarkable 32 runs in 17 games - an average of 1.88 runs scored per game! this offense is an abject disaster LOL
naplajoie (Mets) at 5/18/2019 6:32 PM: why are we using interleague play?
maapearson (Yankees) at 5/18/2019 8:05 AM: 0-6. Come on Yanks, you are better than this.
Sleazye (Senators) at 5/17/2019 10:49 AM: 9 hits against Koufax and 0 runs , what a missed opportunity.
edgar (Indians) at 5/16/2019 7:05 PM: Regular season starts tomorrow.
Chubbach24 (White Sox) at 5/16/2019 6:57 PM: Sigh, not sure if it's fair for everyone to just throw in 70 rank players into a free for all, but whatever
edgar (Indians) at 5/16/2019 5:01 PM: FREE AGENT POOL IS OPEN
edgar (Indians) at 5/16/2019 7:13 AM: FA pool opens at 5pm(PST) tonight.
super (Giants) at 5/15/2019 2:38 PM: Got it.
edgar (Indians) at 5/15/2019 2:27 PM: 1966 MLB went with a 4 man rotation. Didn't change to a 5 man rotation until the 1980's
super (Giants) at 5/15/2019 2:06 PM: Never been in a four-man rotation league before. What's the purpose of this requirement?
edgar (Indians) at 5/15/2019 9:44 AM: Trying to give owners plenty of time to reduce rosters before regular season starts.
DukeBlues (Dodgers) at 5/14/2019 2:26 PM: Yahoo!
Sleazye (Senators) at 5/14/2019 1:58 PM: Woo!
edgar (Indians) at 5/14/2019 1:30 PM: LEAGUE IS FULL
tribetime89 (Astros) at 5/14/2019 11:29 AM: I'll stick with the Astros. Thanks for the invite.
rricci (Astros) at 5/14/2019 7:12 AM: Thankd for the reinvite and sorry for the confusion. Please give me the Phillies.
shamsyfan (Senators) at 5/13/2019 4:01 PM: Could I get the Braves pleez.
rricci (Senators) at 5/12/2019 9:23 PM: I am sorry, I think I just jumped into the wrong league. Signing out.
rricci (Senators) at 5/12/2019 9:18 PM: Thank you for the invite. Please give me the Phillies.
Chubbach24 (Senators) at 5/12/2019 8:59 PM: can i have the white sox please?
naplajoie (Mets) at 5/12/2019 7:22 PM: thank you kindly
edgar (Indians) at 5/12/2019 7:05 PM: You got them, they will be a bust this season, but you will get Seaver, Koosman and Ryan as imports over the next two seasons.
naplajoie (Pirates) at 5/12/2019 5:24 PM: upon further review, can I manage the Metropolitans please?
edgar (Indians) at 5/11/2019 8:03 PM: Thanks Scott, you have them
scott64 (No team) at 5/11/2019 8:02 PM: I will take the Angels, please
edgar (Indians) at 5/11/2019 6:50 PM: Trading is on
edgar (Indians) at 5/11/2019 6:07 PM: 4 man rotation
maapearson (Yankees) at 5/11/2019 6:01 PM: Are we going with a 4 or 5 man rotation?
maapearson (Yankees) at 5/11/2019 5:48 PM: Thanks.
maapearson (Senators) at 5/11/2019 5:13 PM: Sorry Edgar. The Senators only have a few years left before they leave for Texas. Can I have the Yankees instead? Thanks in advance.
maapearson (Senators) at 5/11/2019 5:08 PM: Never mind. Looks like I already have them. Thanks.
maapearson (Senators) at 5/11/2019 5:07 PM: Thanks for the invite. Senators please.
chasherm (Senators) at 5/11/2019 3:56 PM: Could I have the Cubs please?
edgar (Indians) at 5/11/2019 2:47 PM: Senators, Angels and Yankees have good young teams that will compete in a couple of seasons with progression and imports
edgar (Senators) at 5/11/2019 2:24 PM: Scott,teams are picked first come first serve in Chat Box, sorry but urban beat you to it.
DukeBlues (Yankees) at 5/11/2019 1:33 PM: Scott, I think Urbanexile has already requested them buddy
scott64 (Tigers) at 5/11/2019 7:21 AM: I will keep the Tigers please.
DukeBlues (Yankees) at 5/11/2019 3:41 AM: Dodgers please Edgar
urbanexile (Dodgers) at 5/10/2019 10:55 PM: Tigers please.
naplajoie (Cubs) at 5/10/2019 10:39 PM: May I please have the Pirates?
sal-515 (Cubs) at 5/10/2019 5:56 PM: Reds please
super (Athletics) at 5/10/2019 5:46 PM: I'd like the Giants, please.
sloss5 (Athletics) at 5/10/2019 5:41 PM: Could I have the Cardinals?
edgar (Angels) at 5/10/2019 4:12 PM: You have the Twins
Sdwriter (Senators) at 5/10/2019 4:10 PM: Are the Twins available? If not, I would request the Orioles, Tigers and Red Sox in that order. Thanks. Tom
jageraloha (Senators) at 5/10/2019 3:14 PM: Thank you for the invite, can i be the Orioles please
edgar (Angels) at 5/10/2019 2:15 PM: Drops are on if you need to get to 40 man limit.
Tfrazierqb1 (Senators) at 5/10/2019 2:14 PM: Red Sox please