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Free Agent Pitchers: RP

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RPWilliams, Mitch >>271991L321252.34.3011.345.76.38.68856628403042519C
RPTavarez, Julian >>221995R221022.44.2681.
RPBurba, Dave >>271993R21034.25.3091.399.03.58.3959537880042218C
RPHenneman, Mike >>301991R11022.88.3051.378.73.66.58481346102152216C
RPMiceli, Dan >>281998R61053.22.2871.
RPRemlinger, Mike >>331999L191012.37.2811.
RPSanders, Scott >>271996R31953.38.2721.
RPOlin, Steve >>271992R4852.34.2811.
RPWasdin, John >>271999R23834.12.2661.
RPHasegawa, Shigetoshi >>301998R5833.14.2821.
RPMinor, Blas >>271993R3864.10.2911.
RPAcevedo, Juan >>281998R27832.56.2691.
RPCook, Dennis >>361998L10842.38.2891.287.93.610.5686027790112321C
RPCox, Danny >>341993R11763.12.2831.
RPRuffin, Bruce >>331996L24754.00.2791.
RPLefferts, Craig >>331990L16752.52.2691.
RPLeiter, Mark >>351998R15753.55.2941.306.94.88.68867478402352619C
RPMecir, Jim >>281998R20723.11.2781.
RPMelendez, Jose >>271992R14672.92.2691.
RPOlson, Gregg >>241990R30652.42.2751.
RPService, Scott >>311998R12643.48.2891.277.73.710.48270349504102320C
RPSullivan, Scott >>261997R36533.24.2661.
RPWhite, Gabe >>271998L18554.01.2711.
RPHickerson, Bryan >>291992L29533.09.2601.
RPGott, Jim >>341993R21482.32.2671.
RPHolmes, Darren >>271993R26334.05.2681.
RPTimlin, Mike >>321998R7332.95.2761.
RPVeres, Dave >>321998R9312.83.2831.
RPBrantley, Jeff >>331996R38122.41.2691.
RPRussell, Jeff >>321993R28142.70.2641.
Footnotes † = All-Star this season | # = Slump Busted this season | $ = Contract ends this season | $$ = Signed for multiple seasons | oOBP = Opponent OBP | Fire = On Fire | P = Potential | Rk = Rank (elite for this league in bold)