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N.Cash 1B40000.258
J.Olerud DH40200.241
  pr-J.Collins DH00000.000
D.Mattingly 3B30000.247
R.Clemente CF40000.219
R.Schoendienst 2B40000.235
P.Traynor SS30100.249
C.Everett LF30000.245
C.Floyd RF30000.176
V.Martinez C30100.188

C.Gehringer 2B30000.266
L.O'Doul RF31300.329
B.Ruth LF30010.252
T.Helton 1B30000.268
T.Hafner DH40100.236
J.Mauer C40210.211
R.Henderson CF30000.220
W.English 3B30000.216
C.Ripken SS31000.169

B.Raymond L7.1521175.49
J.Smoltz 0.2100114.19

Totals: 8.062128
V.Blue W6.0300164.83
W.Davis 1.0000022.58
B.Wagner 1.1100031.63
L.Gregerson SV0.2000014.60

Totals: 9.0400112
Top 1 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 0 - Blue pitching
Cash grounds out.
Olerud hard single between third and short.
Olerud forced out at second.
Mattingly out at first on the double play.
Bottom 1 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 0 - Raymond pitching
Gehringer lines out.
O'Doul bloop single.
Ruth pops out.
Helton strikes out
Top 2 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 0
Clemente grounds out.
Schoendienst grounds out.
Traynor pops out.
Bottom 2 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 0
Hafner grounds out.
Mauer bloop single to left.
Henderson grounds out.
English strikes out
Top 3 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 0
Everett strikes out
Floyd grounds out.
Martinez deep fly out.
Bottom 3 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 0
Ripken reaches on error by Traynor.
Gehringer out at first on the sacrifice bunt. Runners move up.
O'Doul hard single past the shortstop.
Ruth deep fly out.
Ripken scores.
Helton strikes out
Top 4 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 1
Cash grounds out.
Olerud lines out.
Mattingly walks.
Clemente strikes out
Bottom 4 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 1
Hafner reaches on two-base error by Floyd.
Mauer pops out.
Henderson grounds out.
English pops out.
Top 5 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 1
Schoendienst strikes out
Traynor hard single to center.
Everett strikes out
Floyd strikes out
Bottom 5 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 1
Ripken strikes out
Gehringer pops out.
O'Doul hard single to center.
Ruth grounds out.
Top 6 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 1
Martinez singles between first and second.
Cash strikes out
Olerud grounds out.
Mattingly lines out.
Bottom 6 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 1
Helton deep fly out.
Hafner bloop single to right.
Mauer strikes out
Henderson strikes out
Top 7 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 1
The manager goes to the mound. Davis now pitching.
Clemente strikes out
Schoendienst strikes out
Traynor deep fly out.
Bottom 7 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 1
English grounds out.
Ripken grounds out.
Gehringer strikes out
Top 8 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 1
The manager goes to the mound. Wagner now pitching.
Everett grounds out.
Floyd strikes out
Martinez strikes out
Bottom 8 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 1
O'Doul walks.
Ruth grounds out.
The manager goes to the mound. Smoltz now pitching.
Helton walks.
Hafner strikes out
Mauer doubles.
O'Doul scores.
Helton thrown out at home.
Top 9 - Pharoahs 0, Mist 2
Cash strikes out
Olerud hard single to center.
Collins enters as a pinch runner at first.
Collins steals second.
The manager goes to the mound. Gregerson now pitching.
Mattingly reaches on error by O'Doul.
Clemente strikes out
Schoendienst pops out.
Game Over
Pharoahs: 0, Mist: 2
* = poor defense accounted for the hit, but was not an error