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GWRBI: C.Gehringer
F.Lindstrom 3B40100.252
  pr-R.Russell SS00000.200
  dr-J.Dykes SS00000.000
G.Goslin CF40100.262
L.O'Doul LF31111.275
J.Fournier 1B31111.267
T.Williams RF20000.344
  ph-C.Keller RF10000.353
J.Hodapp 2B40000.242
B.Werber 3B30100.185
  ph-D.Camilli 3B10100.286
S.O'Neill C40000.151
B.O'Farrell DH40000.211

S.Rice CF31000.176
C.Gehringer 2B41231.261
E.Moore LF40000.167
F.Demaree RF30100.218
E.Sheely 1B30000.299
M.Owen 3B30100.157
B.Cissell SS31100.207
R.Schalk C20000.214
A.Todd DH30100.244

S.Castleman L7.1633134.97
A.Grabowski 0.1000004.05
C.Jonnard 0.1000003.10

Totals: 8.063313
F.Rhem W8.2622332.91
F.Coumbe SV0.1000006.91

Totals: 9.062233
Top 1 - Dogs 0, HITTERS 0 - Rhem pitching
Lindstrom deep fly out.
Goslin grounds out.
O'Doul hits a homerun.
Fournier pops out.
Bottom 1 - Dogs 1, HITTERS 0 - Castleman pitching
Rice grounds out.
Gehringer deep fly out.
Moore strikes out
Top 2 - Dogs 1, HITTERS 0
Williams strikes out
Hodapp strikes out
Werber grounds out.
Bottom 2 - Dogs 1, HITTERS 0
Demaree bloop single to left.
Demaree forced out at second.
Sheely out at first on the double play.
Owen grounds out.
Top 3 - Dogs 1, HITTERS 0
O'Neill pops out.
O'Farrell grounds out.
Lindstrom pops out.
Bottom 3 - Dogs 1, HITTERS 0
Cissell hard single to left field.
Schalk out at first on the sacrifice bunt. Runners move up.
Todd hard single to left field.
Rice pops out.
Gehringer hard single to left.
Cissell scores.
Moore pops out.
Top 4 - Dogs 1, HITTERS 1
Goslin grounds out.
O'Doul grounds out.
Gehringer robbed a hit on that play.
Fournier hits a homerun.
Williams deep fly out.
Bottom 4 - Dogs 2, HITTERS 1
Demaree pops out.
Sheely grounds out.
Owen deep fly out.
Top 5 - Dogs 2, HITTERS 1
Hodapp grounds out.
Werber singles up the middle.
Werber forced out at second.
O'Neill safe at first on the fielder choice.
O'Farrell deep fly out.
Bottom 5 - Dogs 2, HITTERS 1
Cissell grounds out.
Schalk strikes out
Todd grounds out.
Top 6 - Dogs 2, HITTERS 1
Lindstrom strikes out
Goslin grounds out.
O'Doul walks.
Fournier walks.
Williams walks.
Hodapp grounds out.
Bottom 6 - Dogs 2, HITTERS 1
Rice walks.
Gehringer hits a homerun.
Rice scores.
Moore pops out.
Demaree grounds out.
Sheely grounds out.
Top 7 - Dogs 2, HITTERS 3
Werber grounds out.
O'Neill grounds out.
O'Farrell grounds out.
Bottom 7 - Dogs 2, HITTERS 3
Owen singles between first and second.
Cissell grounds out.
Schalk grounds out.
Todd deep fly out.
Top 8 - Dogs 2, HITTERS 3
Lindstrom hard single between third and short.
Russell enters as a pinch runner at first.
Goslin singles.
O'Doul ground ball. Russell out at home on the throw.
Fournier grounds out.
Keller enters as a pinch hitter.
Keller grounds out.
Position swap
Russell moves to SS.
Werber moves to 3B.
Bottom 8 - Dogs 2, HITTERS 3
Rice strikes out
The manager goes to the mound. Grabowski now pitching.
Gehringer deep fly out.
The manager goes to the mound. Jonnard now pitching.
Moore pops out.
Top 9 - Dogs 2, HITTERS 3
Hodapp grounds out.
Camilli enters as a pinch hitter.
Camilli bloop single to left.
Camilli out at second on the bunt attempt by O'Neill.
The manager goes to the mound. Coumbe now pitching.
O'Farrell pops out.
Game Over
Dogs: 2, HITTERS: 3
* = poor defense accounted for the hit, but was not an error