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GWRBI: J.Estrada
I.Suzuki CF52311.289
A.Rodriguez 3B42221.284
L.Walker RF50100.286
B.Bonds DH42100.354
D.Lee 1B51251.306
  dr-T.Clark 1B00000.233
C.Beltran LF41000.265
J.Lopez C40000.266
B.Zobrist 2B41221.217
T.Tulowitzki SS31100.216
  ph-J.Gonzalez SS10000.088
  dr-J.Wilson SS00000.154

D.Erstad CF52221.291
J.Damon LF50100.243
M.Ordonez RF51220.289
M.Cabrera 3B51200.245
J.Morneau 1B42100.263
B.Mueller 2B42420.266
J.Olerud DH30000.222
  ph-S.Choo DH10000.231
I.Kinsler SS51120.193
J.Estrada C42130.237

C.Young 6.1554242.71
H.Street BS1.0544012.91
F.Rodriguez L1.0322013.21
R.Perez BS0.1100115.16

Totals: 8.214111037
D.Haren 4.1966115.93
P.Neshek 2.1111032.29
C.Marmol 1.2122123.41
T.Gordon W, BS0.2111113.61

Totals: 9.012101037
Top 1 - Orioles 0, Browns 0 - Haren pitching
Suzuki grounds out.
Rodriguez pops out.
Walker hard single to left.
Bonds grounds out.
Bottom 1 - Orioles 0, Browns 0 - Young pitching
Erstad grounds out.
Damon grounds out.
Ordonez grounds out.
Top 2 - Orioles 0, Browns 0
Lee grounds out.
Beltran walks.
Lopez pops out.
Zobrist hits a homerun.
Beltran scores.
Tulowitzki hard single to left field.
Suzuki singles between first and second.
Rodriguez hard single to left field.
Tulowitzki scores.
Walker deep fly out.
Bottom 2 - Orioles 3, Browns 0
Cabrera hard single to center.
Cabrera forced out at second.
Morneau out at first on the double play.
Mueller hard single to left.
Olerud grounds out.
Top 3 - Orioles 3, Browns 0
Bonds grounds out.
Lee pops out.
Beltran deep fly out.
Bottom 3 - Orioles 3, Browns 0
Kinsler pops out.
Estrada reaches on error by Rodriguez.
Erstad hits a homerun.
Estrada scores.
Damon deep fly out.
Ordonez strikes out
Top 4 - Orioles 3, Browns 2
Lopez deep fly out.
Zobrist doubles.
Tulowitzki pops out.
Suzuki strikes out
Bottom 4 - Orioles 3, Browns 2
Cabrera pops out.
Morneau grounds out.
Mueller walks.
Olerud deep fly out.
Top 5 - Orioles 3, Browns 2
Rodriguez hits a homerun.
Walker grounds out.
Bonds hard single to left.
Lee hits a homerun.
Bonds scores.
The manager goes to the mound. Neshek now pitching.
Beltran lines out.
Lopez grounds out.
Bottom 5 - Orioles 6, Browns 2
Kinsler strikes out
Estrada grounds out.
Erstad grounds out.
Top 6 - Orioles 6, Browns 2
Zobrist strikes out
Tulowitzki grounds out.
Suzuki hits a homerun.
Rodriguez strikes out
Bottom 6 - Orioles 7, Browns 2
Damon grounds out.
Ordonez hard single past the shortstop.
Cabrera pops out.
Morneau walks.
Mueller doubles.
Ordonez scores.
Morneau scores.
Olerud strikes out
Top 7 - Orioles 7, Browns 4
Walker strikes out
Bonds grounds out.
The manager goes to the mound. Marmol now pitching.
Lee grounds out.
Bottom 7 - Orioles 7, Browns 4
Kinsler strikes out
Estrada hit by pitch.
The manager goes to the mound. Street now pitching.
Erstad doubles.
Damon pops out.
Ordonez bloop single to right.
Estrada scores.
Erstad scores.
Cabrera pops out.
Top 8 - Orioles 7, Browns 6
Beltran strikes out
Lopez pops out.
Zobrist strikes out
Bottom 8 - Orioles 7, Browns 6
Morneau singles between first and second.
Mueller singles between third and short.
Choo enters as a pinch hitter.
Choo strikes out
Kinsler triples.
Morneau scores.
Mueller scores.
The manager goes to the mound. Rodriguez now pitching.
Estrada ground ball. Kinsler beats the throw home.
Kinsler scores.
Erstad pops out.
Damon bloop single to right.
Ordonez grounds out.
Top 9 - Orioles 7, Browns 9
Gonzalez enters as a pinch hitter.
Gonzalez grounds out.
Suzuki bloop single to right.
Rodriguez walks.
The manager goes to the mound. Gordon now pitching.
Walker strikes out
Bonds walks.
Lee doubles.
Suzuki scores.
Rodriguez scores.
Bonds scores.
Beltran pops out.
Bottom 9 - Orioles 10, Browns 9
Cabrera hard single to left.
Morneau strikes out
Mueller doubles.
The manager goes to the mound. Perez now pitching.
Choo walks.
Kinsler strikes out
Estrada singles.
Cabrera scores.
Mueller scores.
Game Over
Orioles: 10, Browns: 11
* = poor defense accounted for the hit, but was not an error