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Real world stats that make you say "Wha

Real world stats that make you say "Wha

Steve Carlton won 27 games in 1972.

The Phillies team he played for won a TOTAL of 59.


Re: Real world stats that make you say

may 18 1912. the Detroit tigers lost to the as 24-2.ty cobb was suspended the game b4 for jumping into the stands and beating up a fan who was handicapped. the rest of the tigers refused to play the next game so they had to recruit guys off the street.tigers pitcher allan travers 8 ip 26 hits,24 runs 7bbb 1k

Re: Re: Real world stats that make you

I would LOVE for that to happen here on PC. All-time greats league. Same scenario, only there are no real streets here in PC land so gbacci would have to round up real-life owners to fill in for the greats. Here's the lineup:
SP - KingStreet (rules the leaderboard and the pitcher's mound)
RP - RagingSol (think the Mad Hungarian, Al Hrabosky)
C - Mr. Bubbles (just sounds more like a catcher than anything else)
1B - PapaDharma (Big Papa on 1st - sounds like an RBI guy)
2B - JaySlater (sounds like a middle-infielder type, lots of chatter)
3B - Sheikyerboudi (he'd be a big-butt Panda-type 3B I think)
SS - GBacci (quarterbacks the defense like Jeter or Pedroia did, smart hitter, seems to know a lot about baseball)
LF - YankeeBB (seems like he'd be a Joltin' Joe type of hitter, consistently good at the plate and on the boards)
CF - SinCityMarauder (marauding the OF, sounds like he's got speed)
RF - WallerCrawler (sounds like he can play some D and rob some HRs with some great leaps)
DH - GusPC13 (hey, I'm making up the team, I can play on it if I want - no power, singles-hitting DH, good eye at the plate, laughing out loud as the pitcher goes into his windup just to throw him off. I'd get beaned a lot, but it'd be worth it - good OBP)
PH - RoyHobbs (never see him on the boards but he sounds like he could hit)

Of course we'd lose worse than 24-2, but it would be fun playing the game!

Re: Real world stats that make you

and we would have to get the ghost of eddie gaedel to come out of the cornfield to draw a walk so ther.e wouldn't be a perfect game.at least tigers pitcher could say he made the show

Re: Real world stats that make you say

It seems like all the pitchers for the tigers are taking after that street pitcher. At least right now.