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Basketball App

Basketball App


A basketball-branded PC app is now in the iOS store, if you search for "Basketball Sim Leagues".

Why you may ask? Well, a few reasons:

1) Hoping to drive in a few more basketball fans, they are definitely hard to find as I don't think "sim game" really comes to mind for them.

2) I am hoping an updated app will work on Android, since the last one stopped working. (I am hoping to release this soon to Android.)

3) Ideally better performance than the current app has. I am hopeful a new one will not suffer the same sluggishness. We'll see.

4) This was a way for me to test out building a new one without replacing the baseball one until I knew it worked.

5) The current PC app will remain, so the basketball version will be a second option, but they work similarly.

6) The baseball app will be moved over to the same format as the basketball app.

Anyway, if you try it let me know how it works. And if it works well, leave a positive review!

Re: Basketball App

Cool! I can't see as I use android, but wanted to ask if you rebranded it? I remember seeing somewhere online about a year ago, a comment laughing at the basketball sim called Pennant Chase. A new name could attract more users.

Re: Re: Basketball App

Yeah I hear that, although I think the brand name matters less than the fact that 1) it's not ranking great on Google, and 2) baseball fans inherently look for sim games, but it's a lot harder with the other sports.

Re: Basketball App

I’m probably in the minority, but having played a few hardwood leagues, I still the prefer the simplicity and quickness of playground.

Re: Re: Basketball App

I think some do! Hoops Playground is sticking around.

But I have to say, the b-ball rewind leagues have been a blast for those who are into that thing.

Re: Basketball App

I’m loving the rewind leagues!! I’m going to download the app and I’ll let ya know!!