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Guy, Possible Problem

Guy, Possible Problem

I think I got one less supp draft in the 3rd round. The only reason for it would be i did not have enough players on the board. I always double check to see that i do. Can you check it out. No problem if there is nothing that can be done. Thanks.

Re: Guy, Possible Problem

You probably know the answer but you never know. Since the 2nd and 3rd round are run consecutive, you can see 10 teams got a player in rd 2 but only 8 in rd 3. That means your team and one other didn’t have enough ranked to get one in 3rd. You can verify this yourself because any players you still have ranked would be on your current waivers list. But I’m sure it’s empty.

Re: Re: Guy, Possible Problem

It's also possible that because after the game 2 FA draft, teams get re-ranked, if you were say 5th to draft after game 2 and then moved to 10th and didn't add more, you could have gotten shut out too- Happened to me ONCE -Only ONCE LOL

One team didn't select anyone in all three rounds..