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Trade advice?

Trade advice?

Hi. I like coming here and getting feedback from you guys. I haven't even been playing a year so I'm still hesitant about some decisions. So, after 25 games, my team in an All Time Greats https://www.pennantchase.com/lgHome.. is doing good (16-9) offensively, defensively, and SPs are ok. I received an offer from a team and it's pretty tempting. They want: Carlos Delgado (1B/DH) .329, 2 HR, 10 BI K. Foulke (RP) 7.1, 4.91 ERA- a throw-in obviously, in exchange for J. Mize (1B) .229, 1 HR, 8 BI, -0.81 DWAR Andrew Miller (RP) 9.1, 0.96 ERA It's intriguing because I could possibly afford to lose Delgados bat but tighten up my pen even more. What do you think??

Re: Trade advice?

Hi!! First of all I love fair trade offers!!! I think this one is pretty close

I would make the trade. Delgado is a good player, but Mize is pretty close. Meanwhile Miller is a great reliever and fouke is not even close. I’m interested in what others say.... you have Delgado batting 4th so it’s tough to give up power there

I’d also say that I would definitely put Cobb in the lead off slot over joe Morgan. Cobb is a great hitter and Morgan is somewhat under average. Your lead off hitter will probably get 100 extra at bats on the season.

Good luck!!

Re: Re: Trade advice?

Thanks for your advice. It's a keeper league, and I had Cobb last season as my leadoff. I was just going with the hot hand till something changed. Morgan has been an on base machine in early going while Cobb is just barely starting to hit. But I agree with u. And Delgado will be missed if I pull the trigger.