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Basketball Suggestions for 2022

Basketball Suggestions for 2022

12/31 Bhgray Hoops Forum 3 0
Guy, I have thoroughly enjoyed the new basketball sim, and thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for new areas of opportunity in the new year, based on our experiences as users.

I'll kick it off with my suggestions:

- Include all league members in the drop down list for new messages. It currently only displays the commish.

- Add decimals places to all leaderboards. Instead of 28 ppg for Player, and 6 blocks per game for Team, expand it to 28.3 ppg and 5.9 blocks.

- Create a defensive assignment report. Something we can view to see all the teams and players you've set of special assignments for.

- Delete all waves button. This would be greatly beneficial when kicking off a new season.

Thank you for standing up this full blown basketball sim. It's complex and tons of fun. Happy New Year to you and the entire Pennant Chase community!

Re: Basketball Suggestions for 2022

You have done a great job in the leagues you run. That being said I may throw my hat into the basketball commish arena.
I currently donate for 2 baseball and a sandbox. I am letting one baseball go as we are wrapping up a short season title run today. My sandbox and said league expire tonight.

So, I am going to ask Guy to put my donation from the baseball to a hoops commish league. I am going to do it as a progression, (random) league rather than real and see how that works. I imagine it is doable. I will then post my own thread for interested parties instead of continuing to highjack this one. Sorry BH.

All great suggestions for original post and thanks again for you work as a commish.

Re: Re: Basketball Suggestions for 2022

I think that on the team stats page , instead of listing what we avg per qtr , put some more def totals like opp fg pct , opp reb etc. That would be more helpful in designing a gameplan.

Re: Basketball Suggestions for 2022

@bubbles- those stats would be helpful to show our teams strengths and weaknesses. I do like though the quarter breakdowns on points. It helps me to see how those waves are doing.

Re: Re: Basketball Suggestions for 2022

Or maybe gb could add an option like they have on standings that would show those stats under advanced stats