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Looking for some good owners

Looking for some good owners

For those of you looking for leagues I am a top notch commissioner with a lot of experience with PC and get a lot of respect from the PC community. I run 5 leagues abd 4 of those leagues are looking for new owners.

Those leagues are:
League of Democracy- we are beginning Spring Training of our 11th season. Teams open are: MIA (last seasons Champions), BAL, CIN, COL and MIN

World Series Quest- just started the playoffs of our 21st season. Teams available are: MIL (60-102 (has #3 pick in draft), WAS 68-94 (has #8 pick), BAL 64-98 (#5 pick) and TEX 69-93 (has #10 pick)

Road to Greatness- We just finished the World Series in our 16th season. Teams available are: ATL 76-86, DET, 70-92, LAD 77-85, MIL 71-91, NYM 67-95, STL 83-80

Grand Slam- New league where we are drafting our teams. We are about half way through the draft. Teams available: SD.

Please message me if you are interested in joining any of these leagues.

Thank you,
Dale Waller

Re: Looking for some good owners

Damn, 5 now ? I need to create a 5th one too and catch up. ;)

Waller's leagues are some of the best, no nonsense leagues on PC . Go join some today !

Re: Looking for some good owners

Bumping this back up to the top.