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Line up question

Line up question
I have Nelson Cruz who is listed as DH/1B playing 1st base - he has no fielding percentage, how do I know how he will field??

DWar he is -0.90 so no issue there - the BEST he could be is .950 Fielding -

I've never seen this before

Re: Line up question

Hey Sincity.

By past experience. putting a player at 1B as a secondary position is not the most dramatic thing to do.

And it should not be to penalizing for the user doing so... as this switch is often minor and pretty common to do, so many players can play first base as a 2nd duty to help rest player or themsleves etc..

I have to do it sometimes when there is a lack of options offered to me at 1B.

In couple of occasion I had to use per example Larry Walker at 1B or even Justin Turner in best of 2010's at 1B....

They won't drop plays made on relays by the SS,3B 2B etc... Which is a bigger part of the fielding PCT. They will be more vulnerable on balls hit to them only.

When I am using Walker or Turner at 1B... they will end up for the most part with a below average fielding PCT of .985 to .990... This is still fairly decent if you are out of options. I would say Turner as a IF secondary position is less successfull than Walker with a 1B secondary position and a great fielding PCT...

Now this usage of Cruz with the no fielding PCT stats is interesting...
I have to admit that I wanted to do it.. but I step back before doing so everytime..

Maybe you will be able to tell us after 20 or 30 games and keep us posted. Looks like you can be our laboratory subject!!!!
This is an interesting one... I pretty much don't know if this will turn to catastrophy or not....

Re: Re: Line up question

well at BEST he is .950 because he is playing Secondary, but I have seen many DH/1B with zero chances during a season in the field (Edgar Martinez, David Ortiz) have a 1000 fielding percentage listed in PC

Just curious why Cruz is not the same...

Re: Re: Line up question

This has been asked a bunch of times before but not sure there was ever an answer. I would assume he is considered 1.000 and so .950 would be it for secondary. Doesnt really make sense to have 1B as secondary when he has zero plays at 1B but this has all been commented on before.