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Multiple league help

Multiple league help

First off, great site. I've been playing for a bit over a year now + have had ups and downs...

My question is how can owners POSSIBLY play in multiple leagues AND remain focused (AND actually WIN too??) I mean how is it possible and what am i doing wrong to be struggling so?? I've seen other owners with 3+ teams and actually some many more than that too! Is this their full time job? Even then, im not sure how it's possible to own that many franchises and be a responsible between game owner!?!

I take great pride in my teams. Right now i have one team. I may add another if can find a way to handle it, but wanted to post here first.

I often spend at least an hour in between each game in preparation for my upcoming game; checking each box score result carefully + making lineup moves to better my team. Moving my tired and/or injured pitchers to the minors, bringing up the right and healthy players up to the majors, adjusting my new bullpen order and specs, seeing who now would be best for a possible save chance or simply moving to a non closer arrangement, then altering my lineup depending upon my opponents scheduled starting pitcher.

Then its even more time (often 2+ hours in between series changes) since the stadium changes and everything needs to be adjusted then to take into account my new opposing lineups both offense and pitching, and the stadium change to adjust to hit better in that new stadium; adjusting my base running depending upon the opposing catcher i will be facing, and also my strategy based upon my opponents lineup and bullpen strengths / weaknessess, etc...

I know i wrote a lot but would appreciate some feedback and even some recommendations if anyone would be willing to reach out i would really appreciate it.

-Ricks Rookies.

Re: Multiple league help

I thought the same when I first joined too. I saw people in 20 leagues and through they were crazy. When I joined a 2nd league I thought I better stop there, because then I couldnt devote as much time to the first. The truth is, when you start seeing what works and what doesnt work for you, it's easier to maintain them without having to check them constantly. I still think it's crazy being in 20, but some people are in a lot of Auto leagues where you really dont have to do much once the season gets rolling.

Re: Re: Multiple league help

You seem like an interesting dude and a great owner, but you might be taking the whole thing a little too seriously. There is no money involved, so why are you going all Rain Man on it?

Re: Multiple league help

LOL Crackpot. Gave me my laugh for the day "all rainman on it". Not very helpful advice, but a laugh anyway.

Re: Re: Multiple league help


I’m with you. I can’t say I put in the amount of game to game management as what you are describing, but I am constantly tinkering with big picture adjustments and adjusting lineups/settings once I feel I have enough statistical data to prove trends.

I have joined other leagues, but I can never stick because I feel committed to my one team.

Some of the owners who have 10+ teams.... I just don’t get it. I would rather know all of the minutia in my one league (MLB: The Show). I feel lucky that I joined such an active league.

I’d like to try some of the new settings I see talked about around the league... maybe someday.

Re: Multiple league help

Yankee hit on a couple good points. Autos are almost set and forget once you get the feel for the SIM and what kind of team building proves successful. If you have injury notifications set to your phone, you can just make a quick adjustment and go back to life.

Time has to elapse to establish trends anyway. Chunks of games need simulating before valuable data can be attained. I'm always in 50 leagues, but its a 50/50 split between Auto Fave Tm and Customs, and I may tinker with things (when they're broken. If it's working, leave it alone. Lol), but I'm not tinkering with 25 teams everyday. I may notice one not doing well run scoring wise after a rough 10-15 game stretch. Tinker a little, then revisit 20 games (a few days later).

Commishing, on the other hand, especially multiple leagues, sometimes feels like giving a piece of your soul away. Lol