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Scoring Question

Scoring Question

In the game above I have a question, should the run scored in the bottom of the 3rd be unearned?

BB, 1B - men on 1st and 2nd, no outs, next batter reaches on an error, loading the bases, should be 1 out and either men on 1st and third, or 2nd and 3rd, next batter hits into a DP, run scores.

that should be 3 outs, so the run scored is unearned?

I'm not positive, but Guy did ask for us to look for oddities, regarding runs scored after an error.

Yes, I am a bit maniacal,

Re: Scoring Question

Tricky one. I think with the error you can’t assume who he would have gotten out , so depends if scorer makes it 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 3rd. In that second case there’d be no DP. Not sure if scorer chooses or just figures batter out.

Re: Re: Scoring Question

Honestly yankeebb, you are a great asset to this site, you never judge and provide answers to most questions posed on this forum, there is no " how to" guide but you consistently and without sarcasm, answer any questions posed regarding PC.

I honestly didn't know the answer to my question, and always thought I knew how to score a game, this instance was a head scratcher to me due to the DP, you can't assume a DP.

Glad to see your Yankees moved on, I have 2 tickets for this Friday night at Fenway Park, my wife got them from her company, she is kinda a big deal with them.

Best wishes,you are both helpful and gracious, I appreciate all you do and this site owes you a Hall Of Fame Bust,

Never thought as a Red Sox fan I would say it, but good luck in the MLB playoffs, I am rooting for the Sox but their relievers....

Re: Scoring Question

yankee is a top Commish, too.

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A prime Custom League, with active GMs, an active chat, and a top Commish is a rare bird. If you're an active PC player and want to challenge yourself in a Custom League, the Real Deal is a great spot to land.


PS - Unfortunately for NYY, this will be the best pitch associated with any yankee in October.