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Creating an unbalanced schedule

Creating an unbalanced schedule

I am looking to create an unbalanced schedule where in division teams play eachother more than teams in the same league (but not same division). And teams in different leagues would play eachother even less. Any suggestions on the best way to do this? Or does someone have something already I could import?

Re: Creating an unbalanced schedule

Yes you can, but you have to split your season during creation.

Ex: 20 games only vs division
60 games only vs league

Re: Re: Creating an unbalanced schedule

I build unbalanced schedules. I first decide what the breakdown will be, so that all the teams/games come out evenly, usually making them more division or intraleague heavy.

Then, I plot the breakdown of all teams (that I want) playing each other one-time through. You build them in series'. You then plot out where the schedule will "repeat" or ballpark alternates, and schedule each block out over the entirety of the season. Meaning I may schedule all BOS-NYY games at one time, leaving Create Series open, just changing Day starting number and flipping H/A teams.

Days off are the bastard. As you can leave extra days within the schedule to "float with" i.e. blank days in between scheduled game days, then go back and move some games into the "blank days" to automatically give them days off on the days you just removed them from.

Or, theres what I did on my last two custom plotted schedules, just plot out random days off to be granted. I like to break up the pattern, so I may decide to grant off days in uneven patterns that may or may not coincide with conclusions of series.

Here's a link to a league where I just custom built a schedule to suit the specific league, it may help better describe what I'm talking about: