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PowerBall and MegaMillions

PowerBall and MegaMillions

These two Lotteries are at $850 Million and $730 Million respectively -

Just think, if you won either Jackpot and got to keep it all, you would be worth about 1/70th as much as Jeff Bezos

He could give every single person in the USA 1 Million PLUS pay the taxes on it for them and he'd still have 65 BILLION left - Think about that.

Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

Downvoted for the nature of the post. Twitter, Reddit, and other sites exist for a reason. You can share your thoughts on this matter there.

"you all are smart enough to know what subjects are triggering and what are not"

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Sorry if this triggers you, my only point was the staggering amount of monetary worth he has amassed - and that even if you won one of these Jackpots, compared to him, you are relatively poor.

This was not a person who was born into $$ either, he was born Jeff Jorgenson, but when he was 4 his parents divorced and his mother married a Cuban immigrant and Bezos took his last name. They moved to Miami were he worked at McDonalds while attending High School, he earned a scholarship to Princeton University and worked on Wall street afterwards before forming Amazon. He achieved everything he has through hard work and dedication, he is truly an example of the American Dream.

He is no different then the poor kid from the Dominican Republic who grows up playing baseball and through hard work makes it to the Big Leagues and makes 25 Million a year.

We are asked to not post political comments on this board, there is nothing remotely political to my post, if this triggers you, then maybe you are the one being political, because I am not. I dislike the thought of being censored because some people want to put their political spin on every subject.

Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

"sorry if this triggers you"

"if this triggers you"

Nay, I never mentioned that I was the one triggered. I commented that I felt your original post (which, although is Random Chatter and technically falls under the category as such, doesn't really seem to be the place on a freaking Pennant Chase board) might violate the standard gbacci just days ago set, that it may "trigger" in general, not specifically me.

So perhaps you are the one who is assuming things?

Additionally, I appreciate the fact that you are worried about being censored about sharing your thoughts on Jeff Bezos and lotteries and the amount of money he has made on a baseball sim board. My heart goes out to you for this unspeakable tragedy.

This will be my last message on this thread, as I've already spent too much time on this ridiculous subject.

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No, you just dislike and then post how it might trigger someone, generally the ones triggered react, you then say you are done commenting - stir the pot and then act surprised if there is an outcry caused by said stirring.

But I guess you have been made a moderator and can decide what can and cant be spoken about or violates Gbacci's policies.

My intention was never to cause an argument or incense anyone, somebody is going to win those prizes - reminding people they might want to maybe buy a ticket without soliciting gambling was my intent.

Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

I don't think anything said should have" incensed "anyone. We chose to be offended. If we chose to be offended by a post then perhaps we should not reply and move on. That would probably be ideal.
If we post and someone states a counter view we should not be offended by that either. Once we put a statement out there it is open to rebuttal and one should be expected.
It is a lot of money though. :)

Re: Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

Why putting such havoc to this board...

last couple of weeks this board was infested and polluted by some colonel Jessup wannabees, some kids getting lost, some well grown adults acting like they are in mid life crisis..... some veteran users making some drama shows... some people wanting to re-educate other kids that aren't theirs....
what is going on!

And Now today, A Forbes chronicle turning into a debacle...

shake it off, put your acts together and elevate your game you people...

This site is a gem, and it will be as good as people will make it good... You are the one having control. Guy leaves people all kind of latitude around here.... and around this board... why users are getting this board out of control everyday?????????

at one point he may have no choice but to shut it down... Is it what we are looking for!!!!!!!!

Because he has confidence in us, he let us post without too much moderation... but it is also on us to make this board valuable...

I also think It should be about pennant chase and baseball. So we actually avoid any of this crap show...

Propose things , send some whishlist, start threads about baseball, baseball history, share some funny stuff going on in your leagues... get involve in a positive way, there is so much all of us can bring in to this board....

why not sticking to baseball and pennant chase around here...

Also stop being offended everytime somebody is not on your side, it's not good for blood pressure...

I spend so much time spoiling my money on amazon, buying useless stuff day in and day out, so I don't need to know how rich is mr Bezos. He can buy an island, a country, a planet, make a team with Bill Gates and try to buy Mr. Musk... they can do whatever they wan't.... As long as I have Alexa spending some quality time with me at home, opening my tv, putting on my music, opening my fireplace... I am fine! Hope she can start cooking soon !

Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

I never intended to start an argument or controversy

Re: Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

Honestly I see nothing “out of control” but the that long rant.

Re: Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

I completely understand Sincity... and it was in deed fairly inoffensive.

Most of your interventions are great anyway, and add a lot to this board usually.

I surely like to argue
with you on this board, either if I agree or when I disagree with you!

But with all the crap that wen't on in the last couple weeks on this board,

I think we should all stick to pennant chase and baseball topics. It will help everybody and make this board a lot more fun.

Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

When I said we should all know what is triggering, I definitely didn't have Powerball and the fact that Bezos is rich in that category.

I do often say stick to sports, but there can be *some* random chatter. If it's overwhelming and repetitive topics that are not about sports that could be become a problem, but this seemed pretty benign.

If anyone wants to share their Powerball winnings with me, I promise ALL your PC suggestions will go to the top of the list. LOL!

Re: Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

Hell yes !!!!

Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

My latest MM winnings will be going to my renewing when that time comes...does that count?

Re: Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

If I win I will pay $20 for every commish on the site! lol

Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

Forget pb and mm , find a way to mine the psyche 16 asteroid made of gold !!! Enough to make everyone on earth a millionaire. This is not a joke. Discovered by Annibelle De Gasparis in 1852 , scheduled for exploration 2026. Snarky mocking comments to follow

Re: Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

I hear it may have a creamy nougat center.

Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

As I said... , meanwhile in the real world, this does exist .

Re: Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

Since you want to talk about real world:

If everyone has a cave full of gold, gold becomes worthless. Simple economic fact. Want a bagel to go with your coffee? That will be 200 pounds of gold, thank you, Sorry no change.

Re: PowerBall and MegaMillions

Good Point Dempsey, if you flood the market with any commodity it decreases it's value