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Use Slump Buster for fielding

Use Slump Buster for fielding

Be able to use Slump Buster for fielding

Slump Buster is only used for batting and pitching slumps so how about being to use it for fielding slump .

like being to practice throwing runners out as C especially if Catcher is getting run on by alot .

improving someones fielding if they are having errors that are costly the team wins.

someone suggested this in this thread = https://www.pennantchase.com/home/m..

Re: Use Slump Buster for fielding

This is a good idea

Re: Re: Use Slump Buster for fielding

So how would you qualify for Slump Buster for Fielding? It can't be equated to fielding % because Slump Buster is a set number- either batting .220 or less with 50 At bats or an ERA of 5.00+ with 25 innings pitched.

Those are attainable goals, and in my opinion more designed to help lower average hitters and weaker pitchers contend in the game, I used to HATE both, but accept them because they are part of the game and when Guy ( NOT GUS) reduced the length to 30 days it helped, I still think it should be no more than 10 days for hitters, and 15 days for pitchers, but that's just my opinion.

Frankly if people are stealing too many bases on you than you might consider taking a couple of speedy guys instead of all slow footed sluggers and leaving the Stolen Base threats out there, which is more than likely why so many bases are being stolen against you.

And in fairness, most bases are stolen off the pitcher, not the catcher, too big a jump and the catcher basically has no chance, add in the fact that the catcher never makes a throwing error and neither does the fielder make an catching error on stolen base attempts in PC, to give someone a bonus throwing arm seems a non starter, instead,try stealing some bases, it's obviously working against you or you wouldn't mention it.