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Entering a keepers league

Entering a keepers league

For everyone who thinks there is no chance of being compeitive entering a keepers league dead last...

It's even better when you try to beat the odds,


Re: Entering a keepers league

I enjoy the challenge of coming into a keeper league the first year. You can be competitive if you play smart.

Re: Re: Entering a keepers league

i agree with Ze to me its like real that way you come into the league and work your way up you fill way better about your team after i win it all i look back at past teams how i got there and the players i keep but you can win your 1st year too even more fun

Re: Entering a keepers league

I don't just enter keeper leagues - I close them as the 12th man in!! I've had great success doing this - sometimes you actually get some players at the end of the quick draft that you wouldn't expect to get.

- The Sheik