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Stats used... any weight to # ABs?

Stats used... any weight to # ABs?

I'm in an auto league and trying to figure out why my team stinks. I'm sure it's not the management. :)

I was mostly looking at ranks when I picked up players on waivers and FA's, trusting whatever methodology that uses as opposed to anything I came up with on my own.

(1) I thought I read that endurance isn't factored into this one-season auto leagues. But I can't find that anywhere now that I'm looking for it. Is that correct? And if it matters, what is "endurance" for hitters?

(2) For pitchers, I'm assuming "stamina" is "pitch count" though I don't think I read that explicitly anywhere.

(3) And then my main question... as an example in my 2018 league, Melky Cabrera and Carlos Gonzalez are both ranked 74. But Melky had 250 AB's compared to CarGo's 463 AB's. Does that matter at all in this game? Or taken to an extreme, if someone had 100 ABs in a year and had the same AVE/OBP/SLG as a player with 500 ABs, would they fare about the same in the simulator?

Thank you for the help! I'd like to say I'm in a re-building year, but I don't know how to "build" yet!

Re: Stats used... any weight to # ABs?

AB and IP total don’t matter as far as stats go except that they lead to the Endurance and Stamina numbers. So a guy who batted .300 in 100 AB is the same as a guy who did it in 500 AB. But the guy with more games played (and likely more AB) will have higher EN. In auto leagues, it only slightly affects chance of injury and isn’t something you need to pay attention to. In custom leagues using endurance, it’s the number of games they can play before needing a day off.

Yes, stamina is pitch count.

Rank doesn’t take all factors into account (especially for hitters) so don’t base everything on that.

Re: Re: Stats used... any weight to # A

Thank you for the reply and the info.

So I can ignore Endurance in auto leagues, and number of ABs doesn't matter as much as the stats, or "average stats." That sounds good - I can work with that.

And then the custom leagues are a little more realistic where the platoon player can't just ride his high percentages (short sample) to better production... since he'll get tired.

All sounds good. Thank you!

Re: Stats used... any weight to # A

No Ritz, in Custom Leagues just DH him the day he needs to " Rest"

It's allowed, now I disagree, they should HAVE to sit, if they enter as a late inning defensive replacement or Pinch hit, that's fine, the day off counts - but otherwise a 5 EN player can play all 162 games if you take advantage of the DH rule

Re: Stats used... any weight to # ABs?

Thats what mlb teams do to rest their starters, DH them, so it never bothered me.

Re: Re: Stats used... any weight to # A

True, but in Real Life there are way more off days than in PC - which is why I don't like the current set up, most Custom leagues give a game off like once every 15-18 - that's what makes it less than optimal to allow a DH day to be considered a rest day, your bench guys only ever play due to injury, and I know they aren't the best players and you want to use them less, but their basically useless in this format