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Reason to Change Stat Year

Reason to Change Stat Year

When you draft a player does the comp give you their best statistical year already?

If so, why do people here talk about changing the stat year frequently? Sorry if this is a repeat question. Thanks in advance!

Re: Reason to Change Stat Year

In Auto Leagues say like a " Best of 1990" The SIM usually selects the BEST Offensive Stat years for players and disregards Defense.

You might draft a player who had a slightly better offensive, but a worse defensive year, so depending on your Team need you might chose to change a players year to a better Defense one to meet your teams need.

For an Example (and these stats are 100% made up)

Ozzie Smith .255 BA, .324 OBP .548 OPS 1.62 DWar

Ozzie Smith .237 BA, .322 OBP .541 OPS 4.15 DWar

The second year would carry a lower Rank, but his defensive prowess should FAR exceed his Offensive value to his team in the 1st year

In the 1st instance Ozzie would have about a 5% chance to turn a Hit into an out

In the 2nd instance Ozzie would have about a 14% chance to turn a hit into an out.

When you consider how many ground balls between 3rd and SS, line drive past the diving SS hits, plus bloopers over the SS occur in a season a 14% chance to change those into outs is WAY more valuable in my opinion than his slightly better BA especially seeing how the vast majority of his hits are singles anyway.

He might also be a better Base stealer in the higher DWar season so that would be an added bonus.

It CAN make a difference.

Other more experienced owners might have added input about this, I might be wrong about the percentages

Re: Re: Reason to Change Stat Year

Défense is one of the reason, and Well explained.

There can also be an offensive reason To it. A player can carry a season with higher power numbers, à higher fire number,etc that overshadow a slightly better bat AVG or obp...

A payer may have a lesser offensive
season but plays a different position that fits your team better.

some pitchers may have a great w-l and era but in fact there is a season in there where they have a losing record but à greater whip,h9,k9, so that season is more advise To be used.

Re: Reason to Change Stat Year

From what I have seen, there are several players one could call "Easter eggs", where if you change what season they played, from the one the computer chose, they improve. Some quite a bit, some just a hair.
I'd encourage you to experiment with the Change Stats option, but be sure to take note of what year you begin with, or you could spend extra time finding where you started! Been there, done that!
Generally though, the vast majority of players are listed by their best year, but it doesn't hurt to double-check!