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Slump Buster for pitchers

Slump Buster for pitchers

Hi guys,
I think slump buster for pitchers should be based on WHIP instead of ERA.. (Ex: Whip over 1.40)

It's more representative of how a pitcher struggle.

Making sense?

Re: Slump Buster for pitchers

Let me rephrase this- I simply would like to limit the parameters of when you are eligible to be Slump Busted.

Slump Buster could use an overhaul regardless

Guys whose normal BA's are less than .220 should not be slump buster eligible, they are not slumping -their hitting their normal pace and should not be rewarded for just having a low BA.

Then guys with a .320 AVG have to be .90 points under their normal average to qualify for Slump Buster.

Maybe 25% below their average would be reasonable?

Re: Re: Slump Buster for pitchers

Almost everyone is 25% or more below their AVG, unless you are in a custom league with levels adjusted. No one should worry that a guy who hit 200 in real life but 150 on PC is getting slump busted. It’s more for the low to decent AVG power hitters who are constantly in the low 200s, but they still get their HRs. The bigger issue is all the 300 hitters who need it (I’ve had to slump bust 390 George Brett), but PC has always favored pitching.