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RP Usage Out of Whack

RP Usage Out of Whack

Custom League.

Team leading 12-0, but top RP brought in instead of lowest slotted RP, burned top RP for next game.

Multiple RPs slotted lower in order were available to pitch, for sure.


Re: RP Usage Out of Whack

When there are baserunners it still pulls from top. In a 12-0 game it sucks, but it's for those 6-8 run games that you dont want crappy RP giving up grand slam and suddenly it's a game.

Re: Re: RP Usage Out of Whack

Fair enough.

My manager is like Alex Cora: Manage every game as if it is the last of the season. And, like Cora, my manager played in the MLB for 14 seasons and amassed 1151 total bases, for an average of about 83 total bases per year.

But, my manager is not yet a World Series Champion.