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PC Wishlist for 2021

PC Wishlist for 2021

1) adjustment for- BIG disadvantage Parks, 20% Easier to Tag up
Adjustment for Mild Disadvantage Parks 10% easier to Tag up

Inverse for Boosted Parks

2) ability for runners to advance more than 2 bases on a 2 Base error - or 2 bases on a 1 base error, especially with 2 outs

Re: PC Wishlist for 2021

I wish the route to offer a trade required less clicks. For example, if on player page from another team, and you'd like to make an offer for them, clicking a 'make offer' button brings you to the offer page, with the team and the player prepopulated.

Re: PC Wishlist for 2021

First let me preface this by saying, I assume every change is hard, I love this game as is, I have zero expectations any idea I list is adopted. I view this as creating a repository of ideas for Guy to do with as he sees fit.

Without further ado:

A Negro Leage Greats auto league using Negro league stats from

Rename ATG as MLB All Time Greats

Create a true ATG player pool auto league that combines the best from Japan, Negro, and MLB

Have a Best of the 1960s auto league and a Best of the 1950s

A Random Player type of league where the player pool is random like now, but managers can switch to any season of a player. I enjoy how random forces us to use players we normally don’t and allows different players to shine, but I also love the strategy season switching brings.

Using WAR-oWAR to get dWAR without the positional adjustment included, since PC adjusts for position by giving more chances up the middle.

Re: Re: PC Wishlist for 2021

I love that tag up adjustment idea SCM. Adds realism.