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Changing Positions

Changing Positions

I am a commissioner of a deadball league. We just finished our 1st season and will begin our 2nd later this week. This past season we used both SP and RP. Before we have our draft later this week we would like to eliminate the RP position and just use SP in both SP and RP roles. We're trying to keep our league as authentic as possible as RP really wasn't a recognized position until decades later. How can I reset our list of draftable pitchers to reflect this change?

Re: Changing Positions

As a custom league, if you make everyone a SP, your owners won’t be able to set priority of those players in the bullpen, just so you are aware. Auto League Deadball leagues are the only type of leagues that allow SPs in the bullpen.

The only way to convert the RPs in your league is to edit each RP and change his role from RP to SP.

If you really want to do this, reach out to me, because I can do this a lot faster for you directly in the database.

Re: Re: Changing Positions

Thank you for your response. I will contact my fellow owners in the league and wait to hear back and see if they all want to pursue this change. Thanks again.