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Improving Fave Team drafting-Copy/Paste

Improving Fave Team drafting-Copy/Paste

With this influx of new blood and leagues filling faster than many can keep up. A HUGE help to many owners in Fave Team Autos would be the ability to copy existing rosters from current teams in other FT-Autos, not just at time of drafting, as we can currently do, but during the season, in order to paste them onto a team that still needs to draft.

It's getting aggravating joining a league and being booted in a 4-5 hr span. Some of us still have jobs, and cant be glued to the internet. Most of us already have our predetermined rosters/years mapped out, just cant get to loading the players fast enough. The rosterfill feature still requires removing and adding players.

If there was a way to import a FT-Auto roster to one needing to be drafted, it'd be very helful. Perhaps a way to avoid having Supp picks or players traded for included would be noting and weeding out years outside the common 4 used within the saved roster ?

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Tools like Slater suggests should only be a perk for Current Donors, if that is possible.

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I appreciate the sentiment, but I don't want to get into a donor vs. non-donor feature set.... the point is the same for donors and non-donors: there's only so much wishlist stuff that can be done. I have to focus on the most widely impactful, beneficial, and of course time-reasonable requests...

I get the issue here, but I also think it's pretty niche... if you know the team you want to build, why does it take longer than five hours? I assume the real issue here is that Jay is securing his spot and wants to ultimately draft later when he has time, but gets booted before he can.

I'll put some thought to this... maybe there would be a way for someone to create a new Fav Teams if none are open thus giving them more time. I am not sure copying an existing roster works due to potential trades, free agents etc. I am not going to put that sort of effort in for this. It's possible I could allow the saving of more rosters than just one per format.

Re: Improving Fave Team drafting-Co

Saving of more than one is a very reasonable compromise.