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RP rules/orders

RP rules/orders

Just a quick question regarding pitcher priority from the bullpen.

My SP got yanked after 1 inning and 31 pitches, which obviously threw a wrench into the pen. All my RP were used (I assume it was the rested ones) and then in the 9th inning it brought in a SP who was not assigned a spot either as a SP or a RP. Basically, I forgot to drop him or move him to the minors, which is my problem.

He gave up a 6 spot to blow the game apart. My 3rd RP was then brough in to get the final out of the inning - I assume he needed rest, which is why he wasn't used until then.

But my question is this. I also had a guy in the pen in the Long Reliever spot, but he was never used, even though his stats are far superior to the guy who came in and got lit up.

So the game will use a "non assigned pitcher" before using a Long Reliever in this scenario?

Thanks for a great game. I'm simply trying to understand how the game operates a bit more.

Re: RP rules/orders

Any chance your long relief guy had been used in the past 3 games and was resting too?

Re: Re: RP rules/orders

Order is
1. Rested RPs
2. Rested SPs (even if they are part of your rotation)
3. tired RPs

That last RP wont ever leave the game.

Re: Re: RP rules/orders

No, the Long RP hadn't pitched in awhile.

So the sim will use a SP late in the game before using the RP designated as Long Relief?

Re: RP rules/orders

The SIM does ask "latest inning to bring in Long Reliever", however seeing how your starter didn't make it out of the 2nd inning that couldn't be it either.

Your Long Reliever HAD to have either been Soto or Millwood- BOTH had pitched 4 innings two games before the game shown so they were not rested and as such not brought in.

Re: Re: RP rules/orders

The more I look the more I think Soto must have needed rest, I agree.

But my bottom line question is more along the lines of:

How does the sim treat a P who hasn't been assigned a role? Hendricks didn't have a spot in the rotation, he wasn't a listed RP, and wasn't my long reliever. He was more or less just there because I forgot to demote or drop him. Oops.

He must be viewed as any other RP - used before "tired" RP's.

Re: RP rules/orders

After rested RPs it will go to rested SP not in rotation (Hendricks), then rested SP in rotation (you had none) then tired RP. Long RP would have been first but they needed rest.