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Endurance & Schedules

Endurance & Schedules

Curious how Endurance ratings are calculated for this sim? Also, what is 'normal' for number of days off in leagues? We play a 132-game season (12 teams, play each other 12 times in balanced schedule). Thanks for your input.

Re: Endurance & Schedules


Endurance is based off how many games the player played in real life. Based on that, the EN number then equals how many games in a row someone can play without needing a day off. Let's say a player missed 16 games, his EN will be around 10 because he'll need a day off every 10 games. (assuming it was a normal 162 game season that the stats are based on - if the season was shorter, the EN number adjusts).

"200" is the highest and basically means the player didn't miss a game. The 200 means he can play a full season + post season without needing rest.