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Platoon Advantage

Platoon Advantage

I know I've seen Guy mention the topic before, but I can't for the life of me remember if there is ACTUAL platoon advantage in the code.

For those unfamiliar with the term, platoon advantage is whenever same handed batters and pitchers DON'T face each other. The advantage goes to hitters vs. opposite handed pitchers. So, LHB vs. LHP, and RHB vs. RHP would be a disadvantage for hitters and an advantage for the pitcher. This would mimic real-life baseball, as the numbers throughout the course of baseball history show a same handed advantage for pitchers. Hitters tend to hit the opposite handed pitcher for a higher batting average.

So is there a advantage/disadvantage plugged into the coding ?

Because for the life of me, there are so many times where I find myself checking splits once there's a decent sample size, and I'll see LHH hitting LHP better than RHP. Now I understand a hitter has a higher likelihood of regressing to the mean, the more AB's he sees, but in playing this game for awhile now, and getting fairly good at it, I still find myself looking for a definitive platoon advantage. And I just don't see it.

So am I hallucinating there being mention of it in the coding ? Guy? Yankee ?

Re: Platoon Advantage

This is straight from the tips page:

Platoon L/R when you have two equal players
There is a tiny advantage for a RH hitter facing a LH pitcher, and vice versa. (Likewise, there's a tiny advantage for a RH pitcher facing a RH batter, and vice versa.) But, the advantage is not significant enough to drastically change your VR and VL lineups, UNLESS you have two players at the same position who are about equal.

Re: Platoon Advantage

It’s more than tiny though. Very often my lefties hit 300 against righties but 200 against lefties.

Re: Re: Platoon Advantage

The statistics also don't differentiate how GOOD the opposing Pitcher might be either- in other words, if I have a LH Batter vs a LH Pitcher and the Pitcher is say a 42 rank, my batters are going to perform better against them even though they have a disadvantage batting against a lefty compared to hitting against say, an 88 Righty, the 88 righty is going to be tough on everyone.

I see the same kind of breakdowns that Yankebb mentioned some times and if you do a bit of research ( WELL MORE THAN A BIT) by going over Box scores, I have found that many times my guys made hay against bad pitching so the actual advantage can be skewed a bit, especially if you have a platoon situation, the Left handed hitter will be in there a LOT more than the Right handed hitter simply because there are less lefties.