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Custom league question

Custom league question

I was wondering if anyone had ever played in, or run a custom league with no good pitchers in it?

I was thinking it might be funny if all the pitchers ranked over 71 were removed. The scores would be like NFL games, I think.. LOL

Your thoughts?

Re: Custom league question

i like having not the best pitchers in the game

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The Bad News Bears League requires all Pitchers to have a Whip of 1.40 or Higher, so even the GOOD pitchers, are really not that good.

However Batters are also required to have a BA of no more than .275 and combined BA +OPS has to be less than 1000 with a MAX speed of 7

I would be interested in a format that had the same basic settings - but did (edit NOT)use DWar just fielding percentage. I don't think that's an option though

Re: Custom league question

If you meant did not use dWar, then that is an option. There is a way to quickly drop all players to 0 dWar.

The bad pitching / great hitting league would be fun. Easy to do, too. But, any great custom league should have a strategic element to it or it would be like everyone just lined up and rolled dice.

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Keep in mind, there will always be players ranked 100 - 0 because rank is based on the player pool of the league itself. But yeah if all pitchers had lousy WHIPs then hitters would tend to be better overall.

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If you eliminated DWar there still would be differentiating factors between teams - Some teams might have Higher Power hitters with lower Fielding percentages and they would be slower.

Other teams might eschew Power somewhat for AVG, OBP, and Speed -

If a pitcher has a 1.40 Whip and allows 7.0 Hits per Nine, then he also would allow 5.0 BB per 9 - but DWar can reduce that 7.0 so he is no longer actually a 1.40 Whip, some games it does not matter, other times I see 3-4 hits saved

There also should be a DWar reduction for playing your secondary position, if I take a SS and stick him at 1B I can get a 2 Plus Dwar at 1B and hardly suffer at all defensively, yes his fielding percentage drops but that added Dwar when MOST 1B are negative Dwar more than makes up for it especially if you have a big Disadvantage park

Perhaps a Baseline of Hits allowed per 9 could be established instead of their actual which already includes all the Dwar plays they got the advantage of in compiling those numbers- Batters get no such edge - that's a good reason why pitching dominates, the table is tilted in the pitchers favor.

I also don't like Fire, because if the other team gets a guy on Fire and your team doesn't that game it's a killer - A LOT and I know it's been said that there is Nothing in the code, But Too many times you get 2 outs and then a Hit, next guy gets HBP or walks and up steps Mr. On Fire who jacks a 3 run Bomb- happens constantly, and it's forced offense and really frustrating, because as it happens you know what's coming.

Everyone knows good pitching wins and it should but pitchers get such a huge edge over batters due to Dwar that it's kinda unfair

I think the game also ignores Speed - I have been told that a plus arm catcher will throw out about 60% of base stealers - so he throws out 60 percent of 10 speeds as well as 6 speeds? and the effect of having a base runner seeming makes no difference to pitchers and it should, they have to pitch from the stretch.

But all this is just my opinion and not sour grapes or anything, I love the game and nothings perfect.

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My main computer croaked, then my backup croaked...
So I had to get a new computer. I feel nekked only having a laptop and desktop!

I'm going to check the settings in the leagues and see what I can do to enact the WHIP and dWar settings. I suspect I'll end up importing the whole pool, then manually deleting the really good ones. No big deal there at all. I thought it would be fun to make a"Slugfest League" as it were.

I used to gripe at poor Gbacci about not having the Dead Ball players in the ATG pool.. Then one day I realized I could create a custom league and be nice to Guy instead. So I did, and now I have a handful! hehehe!

Nevertheless, I digress!
There are teams that regularly make it to the playoffs in my potpourri player based leagues that are built specifically for hitting average and stealing bases. Think hundreds of bases stolen a season.. w00t!

So, if you want to see what speed can do, check out any of my current custom leagues. Daily draft, quick draft, various sized divisions, etc.