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New HR feature for pitchers

New HR feature for pitchers

Anyone using it? Any feedback or too soon?

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Around mid-March auto league will start ending that are the first to use it, so we'll have some decent data to examine at that point on the Auto League side of things. I am guessing most custom leagues are not diving into using it right away.

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Thanks. I have seen one I am in switch to it. We'll see. I love the idea. Hope it pans out.

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Curious, when your custom team switched was it voted on by the league or did the commissioner just make the decision? Also, my league is in its 6h season so all of the previous draft class pitchers have 0 HR allowed. Did your league face that? Wondering if it’s feasible (or even fair) to go back to edit those pitchers

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Always been a firm believer that if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

Plus your questions point up more reasons to go with what you currently have.

Re: New HR feature for pitchers

Fair point, Dempsey. Probably would cause more issues than it would fix. Better to start off a league with the stat than change an established league

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Yeah, any established league with contracts, projections, etc... I'd be careful about changing. People signed contracts under one set of rules...I'd be cautious about rocking the boat.

The sim has always used H/9 and BB/9... but earned runs and home runs never came into play.

As a Nats fan, I've been intrigued by Scherzer/DeGrom comparisons over the years. Scherzer always seems to give up a ton of HRs. (He lead the NL in HR allowed in 2016, when he won the CY.)

2018 is an interesting comparison. In the old PC stat world, Scherzer was probably the marginally better pitcher.

Scherzer: 0.911 WHIP, 6.1 H/9, 2.1 BB/9.
DeGrom: 0.912 WHIP, 6.3 H/9, 1.9 BB/9.

All else being equal, you'd expect DeGrom to give up a few more hits per season... which would be a few more 1Bs, 2Bs, 3Bs, HRs...

But their Real Stats ERAs in 2018 were 2.53 and 1.70, respectively.... mostly because the HRs allowed were 0.9 HR/9 and 0.4 HR/9, respectively.

DeGrom won the CY that year, and rightfully so. He was the better pitcher.
And I think this change will tweak him into clearly better pitcher in PC for 2018 as well.

Re: New HR feature for pitchers

No it was not voted on. We are voting on it now for 2 seasons from now in the league I run.

When Gbacci sent the notice to commissioners that this feature was an option he said it shouldn't affect the stats by a lot.

I don know about the 0 HR allowed for pitchers. In all the leagues I am in the pitcher have some number there. Never zero. It is there but has to be activated to really mean anything by the commish.

My league is voting on it now but I want to wait one more season to see how it starts to pan out site wide

Personally, I am for anything that makes the sim more realistic. I think it will help the dead era pitchers and pre 1990's starters who didn't allow many homers and had low K/9 stats. We'll see