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Dwar vs Fielding %

Dwar vs Fielding %

As I have read on the forums here and am trying to refine my game, I read that to play a player at his secondary position you lose .050 off the players fielding % but dwar stays the same.
With that being said, why is dwar held in higher regard than the %.? I constantly see that dwar is the stat held in high esteem. So which is more important? And if dwar stays the same playing someone at secondary position and only fielding % is affected, wouldn't it be the % stat?

Re: Dwar vs Fielding %

Best thing to do is Google the stats to get a handle on how they're calculated (like why they are/aren't percentages).

I'd say dWAR is thrown around a lot more because most baseball players, especially when so many leagues are geared towards only having the best players available to use, have dWAR that varies so much more than fielding percentage. There's very few incompetent fielders in pro baseball simulation stats, but there is a huge variety of dWAR players at every position.

For example, if all the Short Stops you have available to you are .975 or better fielders, it's more advantageous to look for a player with range (high dWAR) that can snag that extra out, steal a would-be hit occasionally, which ads up over the course of a season.

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Fielding % is considered in DWAR.

So basically, lets say

Derek .Jeter has a .980 fld pct and a +0,25 DWAR,

Omar Vizquel has a .965 fld pct and a + 2.80 DWAR

Omar Vizquel will make more errors than Jeter...


Omar Vizquel covers more ground than Jeter, turns more double plays, etc...

Omar Vizquel defense will provide more wins to your team than Jeter's defense, because is range vastly compensate for Jeter's better fielding %

So basically, DWAR erases fielding%...

Sometimes, you can see outfielders with 0,995 fielding% with a -0,2DWAR, vs an outfielder with a 0.970 fielding % and a +2,5 DWAR...
Basically this would mean that all about the sure glove of the 0,995% fielder is worthless vs the better DWAR player but lower fielding PCT...

Re: Dwar vs Fielding %

Thanks for the input.

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Ppl did a good job of hashing it out. Unless a FLD% is horrendous, go with the DWAR. Its most imperative to have at SS, CF, 2B..

The opposite (great FLD%, lousy dWAR) is a 'stay away from or DH if he's got a ridiculous bat otherwise' situation. OF has say .994 FLD%, but a -1.4 dWAR...He's going to find ways to hurt you defensively.

While say a .971 FLD% OF, has a +2.25 DWAR, the net 'takeaways' still rule in your favor...

Say, .994 FLD%, -1.47 dWAR gives you 1 error all year, but -15 misplays, thats a net 'takeaways' of -16.

.971 FLD%, +2.25 dWAR gives you 5 errors for the season, but saves 18 hits. Thats still a net takeaway of 13.

13 hits taken away or -16 hits given away.. Its pretty easy.

Even if a guy has a killer bat but a terrible glove, unless I can surely DH slot him, I'll take a player even a tier lower if hes still decent offensively, but has solid defensive makeup. The more well-rounded a team defense is, the more they help their pitching staff.

Were you around for when Team aggregate Range Factor determined team defense?
This is different. Individualized in design (we love that aspect), but its still rooted in the same principle. Stack some dWAR into your starting 9 (8 pos players) and you'll have a better chance at success than a club w 9 SLG machine/ HR hitters and terrible defense guys..

Re: Dwar vs Fielding %

Is there a default fielding % for a DH at their secondary position if they have nothing listed? Basically a DH who had zero chances in the field that particular year.